MRCOOL® GeoCool® Inverter Series Now Available!

  • September 28, 2023
  • By MR COOL

There’s nothing nicer than relaxing at home and basking in the comfort of your air conditioning and heating system. There is a cost to this comfort, however, and it’s not just the number on your electric bill. Heating and cooling systems account for one-fifth of American energy usage and emit a wealth of greenhouse gasses in the process, endangering both the electrical infrastructure we’ve created as well as the planet itself.

While HVAC systems as a whole are becoming more and more efficient to alleviate these and similar issues, we at MRCOOL® wanted to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of innovation. That’s why our new GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump Series is one of the most important product lines we’ve ever released. Reaching an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of up to 70, it manages to outdo air-source heat pump systems by a wide margin, and it even manages to surpass many other geothermal systems.

Our GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump systems utilize the power of the earth to keep you cool all summer and warm all winter without compromising the ecosystem we share.

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

The process of keeping comfortable with a heat pump involves the transfer of heat from one place to another, typically through the air. Because of this, most heat pumps you see are called “air-source systems.” While this method of heating and cooling has been somewhat standardized by its wide usage, it’s not the most efficient. This is because the temperature of the air fluctuates, forcing the system to work harder to maintain your preferred temperature.

Geothermal systems, on the other hand, use the ground to transfer heat, enabling the systems to be more efficient than any other type of HVAC system. Called “ground source systems,” geothermal heat pumps utilize long liquid-filled loops of piping in the ground for heat transfer because the temperature hovers around a consistent 55º Fahrenheit past 30 feet. This lets the system maintain your preferred temperature more easily and allows you to save energy all year long.

What’s Special About GeoCool®?

Geothermal HVAC products have long been at the top of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Because of their reliance on renewable resources and natural energy, they are able to cut the amount of electricity they use to heat and cool your space. While this is true for all geothermal systems, our GeoCool® products have an edge over the competition. 

Like most geothermal systems, our GeoCool® Heat Pump is available as either a closed loop or an open loop system. Each type of system has its own benefits, but the open loop option boasts up to 70 EER, making it our highest efficiency system and beating most competing products. This impressively high Energy Efficiency Ratio comes from a combination of innovative design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, as well as a clever utilization of natural resources.

As the name implies, the GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump uses a DC inverter compressor and motor. This allows the system to continuously regulate and adjust the temperature of your home, which keeps your electric bills lower than a typical system would. Most HVAC systems are single-stage, meaning they are at either full capacity or off, which wastes energy every time it powers on. With a DC inverter compressor and a variable speed motor, the GeoCool® Geothermal system can modulate its performance as needed, reserving full capacity only for when it’s needed most, like extremely hot or cold days.

One of the most unique features of our system is its ability to use special GeoCool® No-Vac® Quick Connect® Pre-Charged Line Sets during installation. Installing any geothermal system is usually a lengthy process, so we wanted to expedite it in any way we could. This relatively simplified installation makes it so that you save both time and money on your journey toward eco-friendly, energy efficient comfort.

Alongside impressive efficiency rates and a simplified installation, our new GeoCool® geothermal system has a wealth of built-in safeties and protections to ensure your comfort stays perfect throughout its whole lifespan. Anti-freezing protection, for example, employs a smart defrost function to keep your house as comfortable as possible for as long as possible when typical HVAC systems would freeze over.

There’s no shortage of high quality features or parts that make the GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump so great, but there’s much more to love about it.

A Simplified Install

As it’s been previously mentioned, installation is probably the most intimidating part of deciding on a geothermal system. We’ve done our best to alleviate this stress by making the design of this system work for you.

The first choice to make is between an open loop and a closed loop system. An open loop system is a great option for those with a nearby pond or well, as it will utilize water from this source to help heat and cool. A closed loop system uses lengths of piping buried underground to utilize the consistent temperature of the earth, making it perfect for those without a well or pond but with a yard. Our system supports either with corresponding accessories.

The GeoCool® geothermal system can come in a variety of configurations to best customize itself to your specific needs. For example, it’s got three vertical upflow options to accommodate most ductwork, as well as two horizontal upflow options. The system has this multi-positional variability thanks to the optional addition of a return air box.

A simplified installation using the GeoCool® No-Vac® line set ensures you can get the comfort you want much sooner for a lower installation cost. The amount of time an HVAC professional spends installing your system could be cut significantly, which directly translates into saved cash! However, the system can also be installed traditionally.

What Else Should I Know?

You deserve comfort and peace of mind no matter what. That’s why the GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump Series has one of the best warranties we’ve ever offered for a product. You won’t have to worry about a thing in the unlikely circumstance that the GeoCool® system malfunctions.

We’ve given GeoCool® products a built-in 10 year parts and compressor warranty and a 5 year labor warranty! You don’t even have to register your heat pump, so you can be assured that you’re protected as soon as this system is installed. The labor warranty will take 90 days to kick in, but beyond that, you’re taken care of. This worry-free warranty is one of the best that we offer for any of our products, so you can rest easy after investing in brand-new, relaxing, eco-friendly, and efficient comfort.

There’s one other thing you should keep in mind. Since geothermal systems are so efficient, the government has created a number of incentives to purchase and install them, through rebates and tax credits! This means that you’ll be paying a lot less for a system that could very well change the way you experience comfort.

The Energy Star-rated GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump qualifies for a tax credit through the Inflation Reduction Act that will pay back 30% of the total cost you pay to purchase and install this system. For a geothermal system, which can be a bit of an investment, this is a substantial portion of the cost that you don’t have to worry about!

There are also two special grants available in Canada for ground-source heat pumps that take the financial stress off of committing to eco-friendly comfort.

Further rebates for the United States should be announced eventually through the Home Energy Rebates program, so you’ll want to keep checking into our Rebate Center to see if you qualify, and to see what’s available!

Where Can I Get the New GeoCool® System?

For those of you who want to be more conscious of the way you use the energy in your home, 

GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump could be the perfect long-term solution. Getting a geothermal system can offset the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions as planting 750 trees, and it can cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 70%. It’s a feel-good way to keep your home right at the temperature you want all year long.

Our GeoCool® Geothermal system is one that we’ve been working on and perfecting for a while now – and it’s finally ready. You’ll soon be able to find these systems at any of the retailers found on our Where to Purchase page!

There are a plethora of changes you can make to be more environmentally friendly, but switching out the item that consumes the most electricity in your home is a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint. The GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump is the best system for this, as it’s one of the most efficient systems on the market.

You deserve to feel good about feeling good. Contact us today for more information on our exciting, green, eco-friendly GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump!

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  1. I need to replace a 28 year old Waterfurnace and it looks like this new Geocool unit is my best choice for a replacement. One question is how do I hook up the hot water pre-heat circuit that goes to my home water heating tank?

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