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Heat Pumps, Star Wars, & Death Star HVAC

Death Star HVAC

If┬áStar Wars were real, the Death Star would have been an amazing engineering feat. It’s a man-made moon for crying out loud! However, from an HVAC perspective, properly heating and cooling the thing would have been a daunting prospect. Would our modern HVAC technology be up to that challenge. And, if so, what system(s) would…
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Air Conditioning The Martian

air conditioning the martian

I am super excited about The Martian coming out this weekend. It looks awesome! I could gush a few thousand words for the movie, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll share some speculation. I was reading about the hard science aspects of the movie, and I got to wondering whether or not it will delve into…
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You, Your Dog, and Your Air Conditioner


You’ve got a dog, right? Of course, you do, because they’re adorable and really good at moving sticks around the yard. You’ve also got an air conditioner. These two things probably don’t seem related. What would a dog have to do with an air conditioner anyway? However, the two can affect each other more than…
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HVAC Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin

HVAC Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin

While all America’s Founding Fathers were remarkable individuals, few were as noteworthy as Benjamin Franklin. Or maybe we should start calling him HVAC Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. Not only did he help create the United States, Franklin’s scientific research into rapid evaporation created the foundation upon which the modern heating and air industry is built….
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Do You Ductless Mini-Split DIY?

ductless mini-split DIY

Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s just people getting more careful about how they spend. In any case, do-it-yourself home projects are all the rage. Hit YouTube and you’ll find DIY videos on everything from air conditioners to zeppelins. Okay, maybe not zeppelins, but I couldn’t think of any other good z-words. Ductless Mini-Split DIY…
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MrCool, What Does Ductless Heat Pump Mean?

ductless heat pump mean

People often say, “Hey, MrCool! What does ductless heat pump mean?” I always answer, because I’m a danged nice guy. The only time I really don’t like talking about MrCool products and technology is in the sauna. Everyone should know that you don’t ask a man a question while he’s busy trying to sweat out…
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Quality of Life

MrCool Quality

Quality of life is a phrase marketing companies like to throw around a lot. What does it really mean? A quick Wikipedia search can answer that question. Quality and Air Conditioning Modern humans have a better quality of life than any other civilization that ever existed in the history of our entire planet. We live…
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Financial Literacy Month?

Real Financial Literacy

Yes, it’s weird, but April is actually National Financial Literacy Month in the United States. Wait, what the heck does that even mean? Basically, the US government thinks it’s a good idea for US citizens to be informed about healthy financial habits. Stuff like don’t spend more than you make, don’t overuse credit cards, never…
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