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We work hard. But, most of all, we work smart to bring you innovative and reliable products... And we've come a long way.

The Beginnings...

Once upon a time, heating and cooling was one size fits all. All the big name brands had stopped innovating. If you needed more or less heat or A/C, different installation options, or features, you were out of luck.

Not anymore.

MRCOOL Never Stop Dreaming


Flexible factories, computer-controlled logistics, and global transport infrastructure has, quite literally, opened up a world of possibilities to consumers across the globe.

Allow us to present MRCOOL®.

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MRCOOL® Heating and Cooling Solutions are the cutting edge of what modern, flexible fabrication can produce. These systems rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced design to deliver high efficiency air comfort anywhere you need it.

And so we innovate and grow...

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We innovated Do-It-Yourself for heating and cooling.

MRCOOL® DIY® ductless mini-splits are the only true DIY® HVAC on the market.

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With three different ways to install, including No-Vac® Quick Connect®, the MRCOOL® Universal® Series can replace just about any Central System on the market with an innovative new DC Inverter Heat Pump that can operate more efficiently at much lower temperatures.

MRCOOL Universal Infographic


We expanded with wireless and smartphone technology, allowing you to control your MRCOOL® ductless mini-splits from anywhere.

But, that wasn't enough. And we improved the MRCOOL® SmartHVAC Controller® module and smartphone app, and made our mini-splits compatible with Google Assistant® and Amazon Alexa®.

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MRCOOL® GeoCool® Geothermal Systems are the Best in their Class for High End Performance and Efficiency. GeoCool® Geothermal Package Units are an unmatched Eco-Friendly HVAC Solution.

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The Future...

Smart Thermostats, Bladeless Fans, Affordable Warehouse-Sized Fans, Tankless Water Heaters...

We have some big ideas here at MRCOOL®. We never stop innovating... Never stop dreaming.

MRCOOL Never Stop Dreaming

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