Benefits & Features

Pure Water On Demand

MRCOOL® Filtered & Jug Water Dispensers

Touch Panel Icon

Touch Panel

Easy & Elegant Controls

Pure - cold, hot or ambient water at your fingertip.

Separate Reservoirs Icon

Separate Reservoirs

Hot, Cold & Ambient Ready to Go

So you don't have to wait - there are 3 tanks - a 5 liter tank for Ambient, a 2 liter tank for Hot, and a 4 liter tank for Cold.
 Filter Notifications Icon

Filter Notifications

Know That Your Water is Pure

Filter replacement reminders will help you keep your system clean and your water pure.

Auto Flush Icon

Auto Flush

No Stagnant Water

The water you want, at the temperature you want, when you want it.

Multi-Filter Purification Icon

Multi-Stage Purification

3 or 4 Filtered Stages + UV

Sediment filter, Block Carbon Filter, Post Carbon Filter and optional Reverse Osmosis (RO) filter with an internal UV lamp to prevent microbe growth.

High Flow Icon

100GPD High Flow

100 Gallons a Day Fresh & Pure

As much as you want, when you want it - our filtered systems don't leave you with a trickle.

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Water Dispenser Filtration System & Jug Options & Features Water Dispenser Filtration System & Jug Options & Features Overlay
4-Stage Filtration System with LED UV
PP Sediment Fiber Step 1 Filter

PP Sediment Fiber

Remove large particles suspended in water. (replace every 3-6 months)

Block Carbon Cartridge Step 2 Filter

Block Carbon Cartridge

Remove organics, chlorine, odor and turbidity. (replace every 6-12 months)

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Step 3 Filter

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Further remove large particles suspended in water. (replace every 6-12 months)

Post Carbon Cartridge Step 4 Filter

Post Carbon Cartridge

Remove bacteria, heavy metals, dissolved matter and salinity. (replace every 12-24 months)

Hot Water Red Lit Ring

Hot Water

Ambient Water Green Lit Ring

Ambient Water

Cold Water Blue Lit Ring

Cold Water

NOTICE: MRCOOL® products must be installed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations.   Unless explicitly stated otherwise, installation must be completed by a licensed / certified HVAC technician.   ALL electrical connections to a power source must be performed by a licensed electrician and comply with local, state and federal electrical codes and regulations.