GeoCool Limited Labor Warranty

You Can Rely On Us

Ten year all parts warranty when registered

Ten (10) Years on All Parts to the original end-user

Five year all parts warranty when not registered

Five (5) Years Limited labor warranty

 Covered Equipment

Covered Equipment – GCSHPM060IN, GCSCAM060GN, GCSBLM014, GCSHPM048IN, GCSCAM048GN, GCSBLM013

Proper unit installation

Proper installation – Limited warranty applies only to systems that are installed by a state certified or
licensed HVAC contractor, under applicable local and state law in accordance with all applicable building
codes and permits; MRCOOL installation and operation instructions and good trade practices.

Original installation location

Warranty applies only to products remaining in their original installation location.

Return defective parts to the distributor through a registered servicing dealer for credit

Defective parts must be returned to the distributor through a registered servicing dealer for credit.

MRCOOL IS NOT responsible for any of the following:
  1. Damage or repairs required as a consequence of faulty installation or application.
  2. Damage as a result of floods, fires, winds, lightning, accidents, corrosive atmosphere or other conditions beyond the control of MRCOOL.
  3. Damage or repairs required as a result of the use of components or accessories not compatible with this
  4. Units installed outside the United States or its territories, or Canada.
  5. Normal maintenance as described in the installation and operating manual, such as cleaning of the coils, filter cleaning and/or replacement, and lubrication.
  6. Parts or accessories not supplied or designated by MRCOOL.
  7. Damage or repairs required as a result of any improper use, maintenance, operation or servicing.
  8. Damage or failure to start due to interruption and/or inadequate electrical service.
  9. Any damage caused by frozen or broken water pipes in the event of equipment failure.
  10. Changes in the appearance of the unit that do not affect its performance.
  11. Replacement of fuses and replacement or resetting of circuit breakers.
  12. Units operated in incomplete structures.
  13. Damage or repairs required as a result of the use of used or recycled refrigerant.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state
or province to province. For warranty service or repair, contact your installing contractor. You may find the
installer’s name on the equipment or in your Owner’s packet.

GeoCool Limited Labor Warranty
GeoCool limited warranty

GeoCool distributor (hereinafter “Company”) warrants this product against failure due to defect in materials or workmanship under normal use and maintenance as follows.

This non-transferable warranty provides a 5 year limited labor warranty and 10 year parts warranty. This warranty applies to all units installed in owner-occupied residences, multi-family residences, and limited commercial applications. The unit models listed above are warranted by "MRCOOL" against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and maintenance, as provided below:

  • This warranty DOES NOT continue after the unit is removed from the location where it was originally installed. If the unit IS removed from the location it was originally installed, the WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.
  • This warranty DOES NOT apply to, and no warranty is offered by MRCOOL on any unit that IS NOT purchased from an authorized dealer. If this unit IS purchased from an unauthorized dealer, the WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.
  • This warranty DOES NOT apply to, and no warranty is offered by MRCOOL on any unit installation that DOES NOT obey all applicable federal, state, and local codes, and any policies and licensing requirements. If this unit IS installed WITHOUT complying with all codes and any policies and licensing requirements, the WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.
  • The warranty period DOES NOT apply to any unit that is installed with used, incompatible, and/or unapproved parts. If a used, incompatible, and/or unapproved part IS used, the WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED.

The parts and compressor warranty period begins on the date of the original installation. The labor warranty starts on the ninety first (91) day following the date of original installation. If that date cannot be verified, the warranty period begins three (3) months after the month of purchase. As its only responsibility, and your only remedy, MRCOOL will furnish a replacement part, without charge for the part, to replace any part that is found to be defective due to workmanship or materials under normal use and maintenance. If its found and verified that the defective part is due to a manufacturing defect, and it occurs while the unit is within the 5 year limited labor warranty, the labor cost associated with replacement of the part will be covered by the limited labor warranty.

For warranty credit, a state or province certified or licensed contractor must return the defective part to a MRCOOL heating and air conditioning products distributor. Any part replaced pursuant to this warranty is warranted only for the unexpired portion of the warranty term of the original part.

This warranty DOES NOT apply to freight, maintenance, or system diagnostics, or any other cost associated with the operation of the unit. MRCOOL will not pay for electricity or fuel costs, or increases in electricity or fuel costs, for any reason, including additional or unusual use of supplemental electric heat.

Limit of Liability

Under this limited warranty, all claims for labor costs for repairs of the product, when added together, shall not exceed the purchase price of the product less taxes. If the labor repair estimate exceeds the purchase price of the product, less taxes, then MRCOOL could choose either 1) to replace the product with a new, rebuilt, or refurbished product with equivalent or similar features and functionality ("replacement product") OR 2) to require the customer to pay the cost of repairs exceeding the purchase price of the product, less taxes. The limited warranty shall only cover 1) up to the cost of the purchased product or 2) one replacement product per original owner for the total warranty period. For more details on Limit of Liability, please call (844) 518-2040

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