Benefits & Features

Affordable & Efficient

MRCOOL® U-Shaped Window A/C
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Painless Installation

Snap it in

The new bracket included with this system snaps together, and can be installed in only a few steps.
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Powerful Airflow

Keeps the whole room cool

This unit creates a powerful current of cold air, which can be felt up to 20 feet away.
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Smart control

Enhanced Control from Anywhere

Control your MRCOOL® U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner anywhere with your iOS or Android smart device and an internet connection.
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Incredibly quiet

As low as 42 dBA

The ability to close the window the unit operates in, allows the sound of the compressor to remain outside and separate from the inside of your home.
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Inverter Effciency

Save on energy

The technology used in our inverter has shown it can create up to 35% in energy savings, when placed against a traditional A/C unit.
Compared to Federal Minimum Requirement


1-Year Compressor

The U-Shaped Window A/C comes with a 1-year limited warranty for the original registered owner.

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