MRCOOL Signature Series 80% Gas Furnace MGM80 MGD80
MRCOOL Signature Series MGM80/MGD80 Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnace (80% AFUE)
2nd Generation Signature Series

MRCOOL Split System 80% Gas Furnace
Benefits of life in comfort
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
UP to 16 SEER

Factory installed TXV. Some models feature an ECM motor granting up to 16 SEER efficiency ratings.


Designed for convenience and flexibility, the MRCOOL MAHM air handlers can be for upflow, horizontal-right, and horizontal-left applications.

Upflow/Horizontal and Dedicated Downflow
Air Flow Options
Upflow/Horizontal & Downflow

MRCOOL Signature series 80% AFUE gas furnaces are available in two airflow configurations: upflow/horizontal(MGM80), and dedicated downflow(MGD80).

Liquid Propane Conversion Kit
LP Conversion Kit
Natural Gas to Liquid Propane

Conversion kits are available to convert your MRCOOL gas pack from natural gas to liquid propane.

Back-up Emergency Heat
Supplementary Heat
Heat Kit with Breaker

Optional auxiliary heat kits, with circuit breaker, are available in 5kW, 7.5kW, 10kW, 15kW, and 20kW.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
R410A Refrigerant
Environmentally Friendly

The MAHM Signature series air handlers are made to operate using the ozone safe R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Air conditioner for the whole family

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20 Year* Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty Warranty Protection

20 year limited warranty

on heat exchanger**

**Warranty provides for a total of 20 years of limited warranty coverage when installed in a residential application. Warranty must be registered online within 60 days of installation to qualify for 20-year coverage. When installed in a nonresidential application this warranty defaults to 10-year coverage.

20 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty**
Investment Protection

Signature series heat exchangers are covered by a 20 year warranty for residential applications and 10 year warranty for nonresidential applications. Adding to the peace of mind provided by the heavy duty fully louvered galvanized steel frame coated in a weather resistant baked polyester finish to the CoolGuard™ corrosion resistant proprietary aluminum blend coil. Even the drain pan is guarded with antimicrobial properties ensuring that your investment is well protected for years to come.

10 Year Heat Exchanger Warranty
10 Year Parts Warranty*
We’ve Got You Covered

MRCOOL provides a 5 year base limited parts warranty right out of the box. Register here, at, to receive an additional 5 years of warranty coverage. We stand by our equipment that has been masterfully designed and crafted to provide you with the best of affordable worry-free comfort.

10 Year Parts Warranty
The Story of MRCOOL Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Our Story
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