Go Green with MRCOOL® For Earth Day

  • April 22, 2023
  • By MR COOL

Happy Earth Day! 

Today we recognize the role that we have in keeping the Earth green, vibrant, and clean. We at MRCOOL® take pride in intentionally developing products to ensure ecologically sustainable operation while providing total comfort. We only have one Earth, and we know that the products we put out have an active effect on the environment. We’ve decided to try our best to make that effect a positive one! 

Prioritizing energy efficiency not only creates a green product that’s better for the environment, it also creates an effective system that’s great for your wallet! One of the primary benefits of energy efficient products is that they use less electricity, which lowers your electric bill as well as your overall grid dependence, which is better for everyone!

Read on to find out more information about our variety of eco-friendly products!

4th Gen DIY® Ductless Mini-Split

The 4th Generation MRCOOL® DIY® Ductless Mini-Split is one of our flagship products for good reason. This system is an energy efficient comfort solution that a homeowner can install on their own! 

The system’s patented pre-charged Quick Connect® Line Sets ensure that the installation process is quick and easy. This cuts down on overall installation costs, making the DIY® Ductless Mini-Split a more appealing choice from the start. 

Throughout your usage of the DIY® Ductless Mini-Split, you’ll enjoy high levels of efficiency, which ensure lower electricity bills. The 12k BTU DIY® Ductless Mini-Split, which can cover around 500 square feet, achieves a SEER2 rating of 22.5. This extremely impressive specification is a signifier of innovative development and high-quality construction. Some customers even combine the energy-saving operation of the DIY® Ductless Mini-Split with alternative energy sources, like solar power, to keep completely off the grid.

Choosing the right system might sound like a challenge, but now it’s easier to select an environmentally friendly solution due to rebates and tax credits. Because the 12k BTU, 18k BTU, and 24k BTU DIY® Ductless Mini-Split systems are Energy Star certified, they are eligible for up to a $2,000 rebate until December 2023, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

Universal® DC Inverter Central Heat Pump Split System

While the DIY® Ductless Mini-Split is a great option for comfort and can even handle multiple rooms with its multi-zone options, you may need a central system that’s connected to your ductwork. The perfect solution would be the Universal® DC Inverter Central Heat Pump Split System.

This system is a great innovation in central HVAC, because it can also use pre-charged No-Vac® line sets for a faster and easier installation process. The simpler installation process means that you’ll get to enjoy comfort and better savings faster.

Purchasing the Universal provides many benefits other than a simplified installation. Because the system is so efficient, with the 2 ton setting on the 2-3 ton system achieving a SEER2 rating of 17, you’ll see savings rise and energy usage drop. 

The Universal can also operate in an impressive range of temperatures, with a 100% heating capacity in -5ºF temperatures and a 78% heating capacity in -22ºF temperatures. As for cooling, it can operate in temps as high as 115ºF with 100% cooling capacity, and 130ºF with 78% cooling capacity. This expansive range of operable temperatures makes the Universal a great, green choice for any home anywhere, even northern states where conventional heat pumps might miss the mark.

GeoCool® Geothermal Systems

It’s a well-known fact within the HVAC industry that when it comes to efficiency, geothermal can’t be beat. The GeoCool® Geothermal Package Heat Pump system can achieve up to 36.5 EER, which signifies its ability to move more than 3 units of heat energy for every unit of electrical energy used to power the system. 

Geothermal technology uses the power of the earth to keep you comfortable, so while it may have a higher initial price tag, it’s one of the most cost-effective HVAC options, potentially reducing utility costs by over 50% when compared to conventional systems. While there are a number of different installation options, from upflow to downflow and closed-loop to open-loop, geothermal systems typically have a much longer lifespan than most other HVAC, easily reaching at least 30 years of operation. With utility costs reduced significantly for such a span of time, you’re looking at massive savings throughout the system’s operation. 

Since the GeoCool® is such a green and environmentally-friendly machine, it is eligible for a tax credit, as it is Energy Star certified. Currently, if you purchase a GeoCool geothermal system between now and January 1, 2033, you can apply to get 30% of your project cost back. This makes going green a much easier choice.

Every Effort Counts

Did you know that heating and cooling costs take up around 53% of the electric bill in an average home? Imagine how much energy you’d save by switching to a more eco-friendly option, especially if your current system is not very efficient or is pretty old to begin with. Saving the environment starts with the choices you make at home, and minimizing your carbon footprint by changing out the biggest consumer of energy in your home for something more efficient is a great place to start. 

While we only talked about three series here, we have a variety of other efficient, eco-friendly products to meet your heating and cooling needs. Give us a call at 270-366-0457 so we can help you make the most environmentally-sound decision for your home!

Choosing a new HVAC system can be a pretty big decision, but the benefits of saving energy, saving money, and saving the planet can make the choice a little easier. 

4 thoughts on “Go Green with MRCOOL® For Earth Day”

  1. We built a 1000 sq ft cabin in Louisville, Ky with a 600ft loft. I’m thinking a large mini split unit for the main house and a small unit for the bed/bath. Would it be possible to email you a drawing that I marked up for and advise you might have. We’ll be ready to order within a month. Thanks and regards, Walt

  2. Hello I just purchased a MRCOOL MWUC10T115 U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner – 10,000 BTU, 115V
    Item numberItem #: 584WUC10T115
    MFR #: MWUC10T115

    Effi iency Vermont tells me this does not qualify for an energy star rebate.

    Would you please let me know if there is a way to get a rebate? It is a great product but a little expensive for me. Thanks!

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