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Tiny Home Cooling Works Best with MRCOOL

tiny home cooling

Tiny home cooling and heating is, obviously, an important consideration. If you’re thinking about joining this growing movement, let us explain to you exactly why a MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pump is your best option.

Tiny Home Cooling & You!

Good planning is a critical step when transitioning from a conventional house to a tiny home. Make sure you don’t forget how you’re going to stay warm or cool! The compact requirements of a tiny home mean you can’t rely on conventional central air conditioners or furnaces. If you tried, one of those units would take up a huge chunk of your livable space.

Which is bad.

You don’t have a lot of space as it is. The last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning and crawl over the furnace to get out of bed.

You need an air conditioning and heating system perfectly designed for non-traditional living.

MRCOOL Ductless Mini-Split Technology

Okay, so we didn’t actually design our MRCOOL mini-split heat pumps for tiny homes, but they work great anyway! Ductless technology has a ton of natural advantages compared to old fashioned window units or portable systems.

The biggest advantage is that, of course, a ductless unit is designed to work without air ducts for ventilation. Your tiny home is not going to use air ducts, so you need that sort of system.

Secondly, the only part of a mini-split that needs to be inside your tiny home is the air handler. This will not take up any of your valuable floor real estate. You can mount the air handler high up on an interior wall to stay out of your way in your tiny space.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pumps are designed for energy efficient and eco-safe operation. We manufacture some of the most efficient ductless units on the market, and all of our products rely on R-410A refrigerant. R-410A is a non-ozone depleting, chlorine-free substitute for last generation’s Freon. Tiny home living is about shrinking your footprint, and that should include your energy bill and your ozone impact.

Remember, with a MRCOOL ductless heat pump, you can live the tiny life you want without the sweat you don’t.

Heat Pumps, Star Wars, & Death Star HVAC

Death Star HVAC

If Star Wars were real, the Death Star would have been an amazing engineering feat. It’s a man-made moon for crying out loud! However, from an HVAC perspective, properly heating and cooling the thing would have been a daunting prospect. Would our modern HVAC technology be up to that challenge. And, if so, what system(s) would work best? I’ve got my own ideas, so let’s talk Death Star HVAC.

For science.

Death Star HVAC – Definitely Mostly Made Up Science Speculation

How did we get here?

Star Wars movies are a big deal. A new one is coming out in December, and the Internet is all abuzz. Which got me thinking about Star Wars. You’ve got princesses and space ships and laser swords and, of course, the Death Star. Being an HVAC guy, I couldn’t help but wonder how anyone would manage air quality and comfort for something that dang big. Any installation would have to overcome a couple of major difficulties to say the very least.

Now, let’s start with a few caveats. The Empire must have the technology to create artificial atmosphere to make something like the Death Star work in the first place. They also generated their own gravity, since we don’t see people floating around like drunken cosmonauts. These are good things for us, since both mean a relatively mundane HVAC unit can operate on the Death Star without a lot of hassle.

That being the case, I am going to argue an energy efficient heat pump, MrCool brand or otherwise, would be the best way for the Empire to condition Death Star air.

Death Star HVAC for a Million of the Empire’s Finest

The Internet informs me that there were a few million Imperial servicemen on the Death Star. That’s a lot. While I’m sure the evil Emperor was not too worried about creature comforts, all those troopers have to stay at least sort of alive.

Why would heat pumps be exactly what the Empire was looking for when it came to comfort for those guys and gals?

An energy efficient heat pump can heat, cool, and dehumidify. The latter is just as important as the former two for Death Star HVAC, because a few million people breathe out a lot of water vapor every single day. Our own atmosphere deals with that easily, but the Death Star doesn’t have a natural atmospheric cycle. Artificial systems would be required to manage the problem. Heat pumps could dehumidify as they conditioned the air, and combining solutions like that is always a good way to simplify.

Size Matters and Causes Problems

The Death Star is a space station in the same way that a toy car is an automobile – only technically. It’s more accurate to say that the Death Star is an artificial planet. Unless you’re using space magic, the Death Star would not, could not, have had a centralized heat pump system. It would be impossible to build an HVAC system big enough to push conditioned air through a space roughly the size of our moon. The engineers wouldn’t even try.

Nor would they need to do so. Large portions of the Death Star must have been unmanned, mechanical spaces. Those you wouldn’t have to worry about so much. From a designer’s perspective, you really only need to heat and cool the places where all those aforementioned people are going to be living and working.

Which still ain’t easy.

Since you can’t build an HVAC system large enough for the entire station, your obvious solution is to use multiple, smaller-scale systems. We know from practical experience than energy efficient heat pumps work well in exactly those sorts of applications.

How Many Heat Pumps Would You Need?

Short answer: a lot.

Long answer: hundreds of thousands at a minimum. All the interior compartments necessary to house the crew, support staff, and troopers would sprawl over thousands of miles. Even if we ignore those mechanical spaces, we’re still left with city-sized areas requiring human-survivable, conditioned air. As I discussed above, you couldn’t use a single system. Instead, the Empire would install individual heat pumps in the necessary sections. This would mean Death Star HVAC would be a decentralized web as opposed to a single, communicating network.

The ease with which modern heat pumps can be installed would be a real boon to those harried Death Star HVAC technicians working to keep everyone from freezing to death in such a huge system.

But Could a Heat Pump Heat in Space?

A heat pump would not work if forced to interact with the void of space. A heat pump provides heat by drawing it out of the Earth’s atmosphere. Space doesn’t exactly have that, but heat pumps on the Death Star would have an alternate environment with which to work.

The Death Star would have to have an absolutely huge nuclear reactor, maybe a couple, providing power. Why nuclear? Nuclear provides a lot of energy, lasts a long time, and it means you don’t need gigantic fuel tanks which would be a pain to refill. Nuclear radiation also provides heat.

Dangerous, murderous heat, but whatever. It’s not like the Empire cares.

The heat pumps the Empire would use to keep individual compartments hot or cold could work in conjunction with the artificial interior atmosphere kept at a relatively stable temperature by the Death Star’s nuclear reactor heart. Sure, you would have to filter out the radiation in some way, a problem for us on Earth, but the Empire built a giant space station that can move faster than light. I’m fairly certain they can handle a little problem like stopping deadly radiation.

What that radioactive heat means for my theory is you would then have a source for all those compartmentalized heat pumps to draw on. Which means those heat pumps would actually function. Which is important.

Energy Efficiency & Low-Temp Heating

There are reasons other than capability and installation-ease to choose heat pumps for the Death Star.

First, there’s energy efficiency.

Yes, the Death Star has a big reactor, but it’s also got to make sure there’s enough juice to fire the super laser at unruly planets. This means that the subsystems, like HVAC, are going to be optimized for efficiency. Hey, we don’t call them energy efficient heat pumps for nothing! These HVAC systems would cut down on overall power consumption even while they keep things comfortable in Darth Vader’s personal sauna.

Second, low-temp heating.

Air-source heat pumps used to be problematic when it came to providing heat when outside temperatures dropped too low. At first glance you might think this would be a black mark against heat pumps for use in a giant space station with, most likely, fluctuating interior temperature levels. Not so fast! The latest generation of heat pumps like our own MrCool Advantage can keep heating down to -10 degrees below zero. It’s safe to assume Imperial-brand heat pumps could do something similar.

Death Star HVAC Certified Heat Pumps

Are you a REAL Star Wars fan? If so, you owe it to yourself to invest in the only modern HVAC system that could fit the needs of a galaxy-roaming, planet-killing symbol of Imperial power. Heat pumps – they’re just that good.

13 SEER Heat Pumps Are Going Away!

13 SEER heat pumps are going away

Looking for a great deal on a MrCool 13 SEER heat pump? You better act fast, because 13 SEER heat pumps are going away forever very, very soon.

13 SEER Heat Pumps Are Going Away, But Why?

Because we hate them.

Okay, not really. American homeowners have gotten great air comfort mileage out of 13 SEER heat pumps for a lot of years, but those days are done. This is the last year you have a good chance of purchasing and installing a 13 SEER heat pump packaged or split system for your home.

We’ll happily explain why.

2015 Federal Regional Standards for Heating and Cooling Products

You’re lucky. The federal restrictions on certain HVAC products were supposed to go into effect in May of 2013, but some industrial wrangling pushed that date out to January 1st, 2015. What the means is that all air conditioners and heat pumps manufactured after December 31st, 2014 must conform to Federal Regional Standards. That date is long gone, so how is it we can still sell 13 SEER units?

The key there is “manufacturing.” MrCool and other HVAC companies have 13 SEER heat pumps and A/C units left over from last years production cycles. We can still sell these, but we can’t make any more of them. So when we say that 13 SEER heat pumps are going away forever, we’re being very literal. Once they’re gone, no HVAC manufacturer is going to build anymore.

Theoretically, I guess they could, but they won’t be for sale in the United States.

How do I get one of the last 13 SEER heat pumps?

Right now we still have some in inventory, and so do some of our distribution partners. You can probably even still get one through your local HVAC company. Now, that being said, I doubt very much this state of affairs will last through the end of the year much less into the summer of 2016. If you try to buy a 13 SEER heat pump or air conditioner next May or June, you won’t find one unless you’re very, very lucky.

Don’t count on being very, very lucky. If you need a 13 SEER heat pump split system or packaged unit, buy it now in 2015.

It’s the only way to be sure.

MrCool, What Does Ductless Heat Pump Mean?

ductless heat pump mean

People often say, “Hey, MrCool! What does ductless heat pump mean?”

I always answer, because I’m a danged nice guy.

The only time I really don’t like talking about MrCool products and technology is in the sauna. Everyone should know that you don’t ask a man a question while he’s busy trying to sweat out all his brunch booze. You keep your eyes above the waist and straight ahead.

I’m talking to you, Igor. You know what you did.

Anyway, let’s get back to ductless heat pumps.

So, What Does Ductless Heat Pump Mean?

Let’s start at the beginning.

Heat pumps are just like air conditioners with one big exception. An air conditioner can only cool, but a heat pump can cool and reverse cycle to heat too. They’re a great tool for moderate climate heating. Plus, the latest generation of energy efficient heat pumps can really help a frustrated homeowner get their utility bill under control.

So, where does ‘ductless’ fit in all that?

Ductless Technology and You!

Any modern home built in the United States is going to have air ducts as part of a central heating and air conditioning system. Imagine ducts as the blood vessels of the system, but, obviously, they don’t carry blood.

They shouldn’t anyway, unless you happen to live in the hotel from The Shining. If you do, you really should move.

Anyway, ducts are used to move conditioned air. They transport heat in winter and cold in summer. They’re pretty straightforward, and very effective at what they do.

What happens when you live in an older home built before central air systems were common?

Ductless Systems for Ductless Homes

A ductless heat pump can heat and cool without air ducts. They deliver air comfort in any room you want when space is at a premium. This means you can get great air comfort without suffering the expense of retrofitting an old house with brand new air ducts.

And that’s your answer to the question, “What does ductless heat pump mean?”

If you still don’t get it, tell me into the comments. I’ll clarify as much as possible.

After all, I’m a super nice guy.

Quality of Life

MrCool Quality

Quality of life is a phrase marketing companies like to throw around a lot. What does it really mean?

A quick Wikipedia search can answer that question.

Quality and Air Conditioning

Modern humans have a better quality of life than any other civilization that ever existed in the history of our entire planet. We live longer, we eat better, we work less, and we play more. Plus, we’re smarter, healthier, and a lot more comfortable day-to-day. We didn’t evolve these advances; we built them using tools and technologies developed over thousands of years.

So, where does MrCool come in?

Modern heating and air conditioning technology plays a major role in our everyday quality of life. Sweating while playing dodgeball is okay. Sweating because it’s just darned hot outside is not. A crisp autumn wind can feel refreshing. An icy winter gale does not. Fortunately, our ability to control interior temperature means you don’t have to suffer through the seasons like your ancestors did.

Lucky you.

This does not mean that all air conditioners are made equal. An improperly sized system will either fail to adequately heat and cool or leave your house feeling clammy. A unit that improperly dehumidifies can lead to the growth of interior pollutants like mold and fungus. An old, energy inefficient system might do the job when it comes to air comfort, but will cost you an arm and a leg to keep running.

And that’s why you should rely on MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps. Our systems are energy efficient, easy to install, and affordable. They heat, cool, and dehumidify. Many can even help you with your laundry and get the kids out of bed in the morning.

Okay, strictly speaking, those last two may not be entirely true. The bottom line here is that a MrCool ductless mini-split is going to deliver the quality of life you want at a price you can afford.

Pancake Day, You Filthy Heathen

Pancakes and faith.

Religion has a whole lot of rules. Most of them I don’t remember, but I have never forgotten the bright and shining glory that is Pancake Day. It’s actually supposed to be called Shrove Tuesday. Sounds kind of like a gardening holiday to me. Pancake Day is a lot happier sounding, and nothing says “confess your sins” like eating a pancake.

Except maybe a priest literally saying, “Confess your sins, you bloody badger!” So there’s that.

Pancake Day is For Everyone

Fortunately, you don’t have to be religious to enjoy Pancake Day. Choking down loads pancakes and syrup transcends cultural, religious, and international boundaries. Well, unless, of course, your religion forbids you from eating sugary delicious egg and flour cakes with lots of butter. If it does, you should seriously consider getting a new religion. No good comes from denying a man a pancake, no good at all.

That’s in the Bible, probably.

But, and this is the important question, are you enjoying your delicious pancake breakfast in the most comfortable interior environment possible? Yes/No/Maybe? Look, you can’t really love a good pancake if you’re uncomfortable. That’s why you need to invest in a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump. I’ve got three models for you: the DIY, the Oasis, and the Premier. One of these amazing, stupendous, energy saving, and eco-safe machines is going to change your life, and boost your maximum pancake enjoyment threshold. That’s a real thing, look it up.


Great question, glad you asked it. A MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump makes everyday, not just Pancake Day, better! One of our heat pumps will give you exacting control over your interior air comfort and deliver real energy efficiency. So, if you’re just kind of muddling through Pancake Day without getting the most you can be out of your home air conditioner, consider upgrading to a MrCool. You’ll be glad you did, and so will I.

Yellow Snow is Not For Eating (Because It’s Pee)

Seeking Yellow Snow Deposit Area

Go outside in winter, and you’re going to see some yellow snow. You might wonder, “What is that?” or, “Should I eat it?” The answer is an easy and unequivocal, “No.” You should never eat yellow snow, because yellow snow is pee. An unfortunate truth I learned much too late in life after browsing the Interwebs one fine evening.

The Cold Truth About Yellow Snow

Now, what does yellow snow have to do with heating and air conditioning of which I, MrCool, am an expert? I’m glad you asked. A lot of people have dogs, and these dogs, except in the weird cases, go to the bathroom outside. This might change someday, but for right now no one has figured out how to train a dog to operate a flush toilet. When that happens they’ll probably take over the world alongside elephants who paint and gorillas that speak sign language.

But, I’m getting far afield from what I wanted to talk about: dogs and heat pumps and going potty.

You might think dogs don’t mind going outside when it is really cold, because they have fur and stuff. You would be wrong. Dogs can dislike the cold as much as humans, and chances are none of us would want to run out into the yard whenever internal gastrointestinal conditions required it. No, sir! We stay inside where ductless mini-split heat pumps keep us nice and cozy while we do our business.

Don’t you think your dog wants the same thing?

I do, and that’s why tomorrow I am going to talk to my engineers about creating a truly portable ductless mini-split heat pump designed to keep your dog warm while he goes #1 or #2 outside. I don’t know exactly how it’s going to work, but that’s why I have engineers! I’m thinking it will have to be some kind of hovercraft with Intelligent Eye sensors to follow the dog as he does his business. Of course, the real question is do I let consumers operate it on regular electricity or do we go real science and install a compact thorium reactor?

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Eradicate Winter Snow Using 3 Simple Rules!!!

Eradicate snow instantly.

Snow is awesome in December. It’s now so awesome in February. If you want to eradicate snow, I am here to help. If you don’t, maybe this is more your speed, but don’t come crying to me when dark sorcery brings the snowman to life to feed upon the flesh of the living.


I bet you think because this is the MrCool blog that I’m going to tell you a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump will eradicate snow don’t you? Well, you would be wrong. Yes, a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump like the DIY, the Oasis, or the Premier is a great way to stay warm in cold weather, but it can’t eradicate snow. It’s not designed to anyway. I guess if you set it up outside it would eventually melt the snow around your house, but that would take ages.

Fortunately for you I have an even better idea.

Tools to Eradicate and Destroy Snow

First! It is important to clearly delineate the snow are you want to ‘reduce’. You don’t want to get too far out of bounds when it comes to aggressive snow elimination. After all, your neighbors aren’t paying you to clear their lawns, so make sure you don’t. If they want to pony up some cash for your hard work, fine. Otherwise, they can stay shrouded in winter’s manifest misery.

Second, be sure you inform the proper authorities that you’re going to engaging in some healthy snow destruction. The best methods used to eradicate frozen condensate may…alarm some observers. No one wants that, so get ahead of the issue with a quick phone call to the city council, local media, and/or state and county law enforcement.

Third, buy a flamethrower from the international arms market and fill it with jellied gasoline. And…well, you know what? I bet you can figure it out from there. I would explain further, but the company attorney just had a seizure when I told him what I was writing. Good luck on getting rid of your snow. Also, buy a heat pump.