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MRCOOL® 2nd Generation Signature Evaporator Coils

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Energy Efficient

Up to 16 Seer

Signature series coils, when appropriately paired with a MRCOOL Signature series condenser and gas furnace or modular blower, can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER.

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Cool Guard™

Advanced Corrosion Resistance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unparalleled corrosion resistance thanks to the CoolGuard™ – our advanced proprietary aluminum blend coil.

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Air Flow Options

Upflow / Horizontal / Downflow

MRCOOL® Signature series cased evaporator coils are available in three airflow configurations: dedicated upflow(MCVP), dedicated horizontal(MCHP), and dedicated downflow(MCDP).

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High Static

Mobile Home Approved

Signature series coils, when matched with appropriate Signature series modular blowers, are made to accommodate the high static requirements for manufactured and modular homes.

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Ease of Installation

Two dual drains are located on front of the coil for installation of drain lines and utility connections around the furnace. Counterflow models have external cabinet mounted distributor body designed for easy changing of orifice sizes and fast TXV connections. On horizontal models the drain pan is built into the side for flexible installation. Superior service access to components, with tubing located at door split and foil-face insulation.

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R410A Refrigerant

Environmentally Friendly

The condensers are pre-charged at the factory with R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant to accommodate 15 feet of line-set.



5-year Parts or 10-year Registered Parts

The MCVP/MCHP/MCDP units come with a standard 5-year limited parts warranty or a 10-year registered parts warranty for the original registered owner.

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NOTICE: MRCOOL® products must be installed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal codes and regulations.   Unless explicitly stated otherwise, installation must be completed by a licensed / certified HVAC technician.   ALL electrical connections to a power source must be performed by a licensed electrician and comply with local, state and federal electrical codes and regulations.

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