MRCOOL Signature Series Evaporator Coils MCVP MCHP MCDP
MRCOOL Signature Series MCVP MCHP MCDP Coils

Evaporator Coils
2nd Generation Signature Series

Benefits of life in comfort
Energy Efficient
Energy Efficient
Up to 16 SEER

Signature series coils, when appropriately paired with a MRCOOL Signature series condenser and gas furnace or modular blower, can achieve efficiency ratings of up to 16 SEER.

Dedicated Upflow, Horizontal and Downflow
Air Flow Options

MRCOOL Signature series cased evaporator coils are available in three airflow configurations: dedicated upflow(MCVP), dedicated horizontal(MCHP), and dedicated downflow(MCDP).

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant
R410A Refrigerant
Environmentally Friendly

The Signature series evaporator coils (MCVP, MCHP & MCDP) are made to operate using the ozone safe R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant. Keeping your home efficiently comfortable with MRCOOL also means keeping the environment safe and the climate comfortable for generations to come.

CoolGuard™ Corrosion Protection
Advanced Corrosion Resistance

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with unparalleled corrosion resistance thanks to the CoolGuard™ – our advanced proprietary aluminum blend coil.

Mobile Home Approved
High Static
Mobile Home Approved

Signature series coils, when matched with appropriate Signature series modular blowers, are made to accommodate the high static requirements for manufactured and modular homes.

Easy Installation
Ease of Installation

Two dual drains are located on front of the coil for installation of drain lines and utility connections around the furnace. Counterflow models have external cabinet mounted distributor body designed for easy changing of orifice sizes and fast TXV connections. On horizontal models the drain pan is built into the side for flexible installation. Superior service access to components, with tubing located at door split and foil-face insulation.

Air conditioner for the whole family

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10 Year* Limited Warranty Warranty Protection

10 year limited warranty

on compressor & all parts*

*Warranty provides for a total of 10 years of limited warranty coverage (Standard 5-year limited parts warranty plus an additional 5-year limited extended parts warranty). Warranty must be registered online within 60 days of installation to qualify for 10-year coverage. Unregistered equipment defaults to 5-year coverage.

Up to 16 SEER
Efficient Money Saving Operation

MRCOOL signature series evaporator coils offer a wide range of options that perfectly balance efficiency and affordability. Getting more from less is the most efficient way to conserve energy and the environment. Designed to operate at a higher efficiency rating than the previous generation split air conditioning complete systems at a price point below competitively rated equivalent HVAC systems. Meaning you save money up front and for years to come, all while enjoying superior comfort.

High Efficiency
10 Year Parts Warranty*
We’ve Got You Covered

MRCOOL provides a 5 year base limited parts warranty right out of the box. Register here, at, to receive an additional 5 years of warranty coverage. We stand by our equipment that has been masterfully designed and crafted to provide you with the best of affordable worry-free comfort.

10 Year Parts Warranty
Luxury in every home
Signature series coils in every home
The Story of MRCOOL Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Our Story
Every great technology has a great story behind it, and MRCOOL is no different. Learn more about how MRCOOL systems are setting the ductless mini-split standard in the HVAC industry.
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