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Do You Ductless Mini-Split DIY?

ductless mini-split DIY

Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s just people getting more careful about how they spend. In any case, do-it-yourself home projects are all the rage. Hit YouTube and you’ll find DIY videos on everything from air conditioners to zeppelins.

Okay, maybe not zeppelins, but I couldn’t think of any other good z-words.

Ductless Mini-Split DIY & You!

Ductless mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners are a good way for you to get specific, targeted heating and air exactly where you want it. They’re great for sun rooms, new additions to an existing home, or for making a garage bearable in hot summer weather.

You’ve decided you want and/or need a ductless mini-split. What about installation? Should you hire a professional or should you do it yourself?

Good question.

To DIY or Not?

The typical ductless mini-split heat pump is a complicated machine. If you are not a certified heating and air technician, you should definitely NOT try to install one of these by yourself. Aside from the potential damage you might do to yourself or the system, amateur installation voids the warranty terms for most ductless or conventional HVAC units.

There is one glaring exception to this rule.

The MrCool DIY ductless mini-split heat pump is specifically designed for amateur, non-professional installation. You don’t have to know anything about electrical wiring, refrigerant lines, or HVAC technology to put in your own MrCool DIY simply and easily.

Before you get ductless mini-split DIY crazy with MrCool, here are some skills you should master:

  • Modern hammer swinging.
  • Screws, nut, and bolt usage and taste.
  • Self-immolation avoidance behavior.
  • Semi-functional fingers.
  • Pants (optional).

More seriously, as long as you can wield a few basic tools and handle a measuring tape, you can install your own MrCool DIY unit.

And if you ever get stuck, you can always refer to our helpful YouTube videos:


So, don’t worry, and start DIY.

9 thoughts on “Do You Ductless Mini-Split DIY?”

  1. Where can I find the DIY’s unit specifications? I can not find anything worthy of submittal to a qualified county inspector, and the county installation permit process.

    Other manufacturers have at least a one page PDF with all the information for an installation permit listed in a table. Most also have more detailed specifications of interest to the User, listed in the installation manuals. (Example: Number of Fan Speeds, SEER Rating, Total Ampacity, etc).

    I’m interested in a 12000 BTU 115 VAC DIY model, and I’ve studied the Installation and Owners Guides, and Brochure offerings.

    Some information is available, but scattered throughout the document. Some information important to me appears to be missing (running Hi / Med / Lo Noise levels, number of fans speeds.), and some critical (SEER rating) appears to be missing.

    Bottomline: I cannot find the specs page, where all this useful data should be listed. Where is the specs page?


  2. looking to select a unit. I have the ability and tools to charge the system, but I am wondering about exactly which one to get at my local Lowe’s. They don’t stock the units and the salespeople are not knowledgeable on mini split systems. How may I contact your company to speak to someone about this?

  3. Hello and hope all is well. I am looking at 24k DIY unit and was wondering what are the differences in performance between DIY unit and the other professionally installed units? Thank you.

    1. In terms of performance, the units are very similar. The main difference is that the DIY comes with pre-charged line sets and the others do not.

  4. Why is it that some condensers have a 5 year warranty and the DIY enhanced models only have a 2 year warranty?

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