The Rundown On Geothermal

  • August 29, 2023
  • By MR COOL

Green is the way to go when it comes to saving money, energy, and ultimately, the environment. This may sound too good to be true, but making ecological choices starts at home, and one of the biggest changes you can make is your HVAC system. 

We’re proud to announce the release of one of the most eco-friendly systems on the market: the GeoCool® Inverter Geothermal Series, available this fall. These products allow us to push the boundaries of clean, green energy. The GeoCool Geothermal Split System has an EER rating of up to 70, making it one of the most efficient products we’ve ever released. This means huge savings for you at nearly no cost to the environment.

What Is a Geothermal System, Exactly?

Geothermal systems can sound intimidating because they’re fairly different from other, more common HVAC systems, like air-source heat pumps, but the initial concept is relatively simple. In short, geothermal systems use the power of the earth to heat and cool your space.

Geothermal systems are similar to traditional heat pumps in that they transfer heat from one location to another, either indoors or outdoors depending on operation mode. The difference is that instead of the system absorbing and transferring heat from the air like most heat pumps, it transfers heat from the ground via long loops of liquid-filled piping buried either in the ground, in a well, or another body of water. Because of this, they are called ground-source systems.

There are two main types of geothermal systems: open loop and closed loop. If your system is closed loop, it will circulate a liquid called propylene glycol within the pipes and through the heat pump as long as you have the geothermal system, ideally. In an open loop system, water is drawn from a nearby water source, like a well or a pond, and expelled back into that water source when it has run through the heat pump. Both types have different advantages. Open loop systems are highly efficient, but do require a substantial source of water, which may be unavailable to many homeowners. Closed loop systems can be installed in a wider range of applications and climates, as the loops can be placed either horizontally or vertically in the ground.

While digging up your yard to install these loops of piping sounds like a lot of effort, it’s well worth it when it comes to the benefits of the units. Geothermal technology takes advantage of the consistent 50º Fahrenheit temperature of the earth, meaning, for example, that it expends much less energy on trying to keep your home warm in the cold winter air, as it’s drawing from a naturally regulated source of heat.

While this method of heating and cooling requires a considerable amount of initial work and space to bury the pipes, geothermal ends up being the most efficient way to keep your home comfortable.

Why Should I Get a Geothermal System?

While geothermal heating and cooling may not be the best fit for everyone because it is a substantial investment, it’s one of the best comfort solutions for many people for a variety of reasons.

The first reason is that a geothermal heat pump can reduce heating and cooling costs by 30-70%. HVAC systems make up most of any home’s electrical bill, meaning that up to a 70% reduction would result in instant savings. This also reduces your reliance on the electric grid, which ultimately benefits your area in the long run.

A second reason is that a geothermal system doesn’t need a fan to move air through its compressor coils, like most air-source heat pumps require. This results in quieter, smoother operation, and allows the entire system to be installed inside, rather than having to allocate exterior space to place a condenser.

On top of a geothermal system potentially cutting a home’s energy consumption by over half, another effect of moving the heat transfer process underground is that it cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. Depending on where you’re located and how large your system is, installing a geothermal HVAC system can offset the same amount of emissions as roughly 750 trees. Since these can be installed in many more places than 750 trees can be planted, it’s a convenient way to save the environment in your own neighborhood while enjoying perfect comfort.

The fourth of many more reasons why you should consider a geothermal heat pump system is that the Inflation Reduction Act, passed in 2022, helps greatly reduce the overall cost of installation. While typical air-source heat pumps that qualify for the tax credit offered by the Inflation Reduction Act have a cap, tax credits for geothermal systems give back 30% of the total cost paid by the consumer on projects constructed by January 1st, 2033. This includes installation costs as well as the cost of the system itself. Geothermal systems are given these incentives because nearly every home in America needs a way to regulate temperature, and all of those HVAC systems add up in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and electrical use. To solve this issue, geothermal installations are encouraged, as they are by far one of the most eco-friendly ways to temper this issue, so those that qualify can receive 30% of their investment back.

Where Can I Find a Geothermal Heat Pump?

We will be releasing our GeoCool® DC Inverter Geothermal Heat Pump system this autumn. It carries the title of our most efficient product, and it also boasts a simplified installation when compared to other geothermal systems. The reasonable price point and the available tax credits work together to make the GeoCool Geothermal Heat Pump a great comfort solution for nearly everyone.

Give us a call at 270-366-0457 or send us an email via our Contact page to learn more about this powerful, environmentally friendly system.

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