How Do Ceiling Cassettes Work?

  • September 21, 2023
  • By MR COOL

Summer and winter can be brutal if you lack effective heating and cooling. You want to be comfortable in your home or office, and saving money on energy bills is a plus. Thankfully, there are many options available today. 

Ceiling cassettes are an increasingly popular solution for home and business owners. These powerful units can efficiently heat and cool small or large spaces. They’re easy to install, as they are conveniently tucked in the ceiling. Learn more about ceiling cassettes to determine if you should purchase one.

What Is a Ceiling Cassette?

Ceiling cassettes are split HVAC systems with indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is on the ceiling, and a hidden conduit connects it to the outdoor unit. Ceiling cassettes require no ductwork, which makes them ideal for places like garages.

They can provide heating and air conditioning for a large area without taking up too much space. Their sleek design makes them unobtrusive in commercial and private settings. And, since they are ceiling-mounted, you can install them in different rooms.

Consider these benefits of ceiling cassettes. 

  • Compact: The air handler sits flush with your ceiling without occupying wall space.
  • Energy efficient: Cassette air handlers work quickly, allowing you to conserve energy.
  • Even air distribution: These units distribute air evenly in every direction to cool the room more efficiently.
  • Smooth and professional look: You probably won’t notice your ceiling cassette because it’s out of the way. Its discreet design blends with your ceiling.
  • Silent operations: Ceiling cassettes operate without making any noise.
  • Programmable thermostat: A programmable thermostat allows you to conveniently control the temperature.
  • Versatility: You can install these units in small or large spaces. If you install it in a large space, ensure the floor plan is open to get the most out of it.
  • Easy maintenance: Aside from an annual inspection, you must clean the filter routinely to maintain it.

Do You Need a Ceiling Cassette Mini-Split?

Like other split HVAC systems, the outdoor unit cools and pumps cold air into the indoor unit, which absorbs heat. Ceiling cassettes feature a unique design. They seamlessly integrate with your ceiling, so you won’t even notice they’re there. 

The indoor unit draws air into it, then cools or heats based on your setting. Its vent system removes excess moisture, dust, odors and pollutants from the air and replaces it with fresh, cool or warm air.

How to Install Ceiling Cassette Air Conditioners

While most ceiling cassettes require professional installation, you can install the MRCOOL DIY ceiling cassette air handler yourself. Here are 13 steps to install this ceiling cassette

  1. Decide where you’re installing the units: Its indoor unit can fit between two ceiling joists that are 16 inches apart. Once you find a good spot for the indoor unit, you can decide where to install your outdoor unit. The line set runs through an exterior wall to connect to the outdoor unit. Keep in mind that there are minimum clearances for the condenser.
  2. Cut the hole: Use the cardboard insert to cut the hole for your cassette.
  3. Mount the cassette: Mount the cassette by screwing it into the ceiling.
  4. Connect the pro cable: Access the circuit breaker box to connect the pro cable to the indoor unit.
  5. Connect the wire: Connect the numbered wires to the circuit breaker box’s corresponding ones and fasten the ground wire to the screw on the metal plate in front of the terminals. Then, secure the metal clad to the circuit breaker box.
  6. Connect the line: Drill a hole through the wall and connect the line to the outside unit.
  7. Check for leaks: Use a spray bottle with soapy water or leak detection spray to look for leaks.
  8. Install the drain pipe: Connect the drain pipe to the outside unit with clamps, then send it through the hole to the interior unit.
  9. Open the refrigerant valves: Open the refrigerant valves to release refrigerant throughout the unit.
  10. Mount the air intake grille: You’ll need to screw the air intake grille to the ceiling cassette.
  11. Connect the display unit: Connect the color-coded wires of the display board to the indoor unit’s main board. 
  12. Insert the wireless controller module: Remove the side panel and insert the wireless controller module.
  13. Hire an electrician: Hire an electrician to install the wiring, then test your air conditioner.

Ceiling Cassette FAQs

Ceiling cassette mini-split systems are an excellent choice for businesses and single-story homes. They can meet your heating and cooling needs without ductwork. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about ceiling cassettes. 

  • Are ceiling cassettes efficient? Ceiling cassette mini-split systems are energy-efficient. They evenly distribute warm or cool air throughout a room, allowing them to maintain a consistent temperature without running constantly. 
  • How much area can it cover? Cassettes are common in commercial settings because they can provide conditioned air for large spaces. They’re more powerful than wall-mounted systems and take up less space.
  • Are ceiling cassettes good? These HVAC systems are excellent for small or large spaces. If you install one in a small room, it won’t take up valuable floor space. Still, these units are powerful enough to cool large areas.
  • What are the maintenance requirements? Ceiling cassettes are easy to maintain. You must regularly clean the filter and check for strange noises or leaks. If you do this, the unit should function for many years without issues.

Check out the MRCOOL DIY® Ceiling Cassette

Our innovative products have various installation methods, features and options to better suit your needs. We use the latest cutting-edge technology in our manufacturing and design processes to produce the best, most efficient air conditioning systems. MRCOOL’s DIY® ceiling cassette offers numerous benefits.

  • Low profile: It’s flush with the ceiling, so you won’t notice it.
  • Versatility: Our system works with current and future joist standards.
  • Easy air filter access: You can access the air filter by pressing the elevation button on the remote to lower the filter panel.
  • Multiple configurations: You can condition single or multiple zones.
  • Technology integration: Your smartphone can control your unit.
  • Worry-free installation: You can install this unit between standard joists or I-joists. 
  • Warranty: All MRCOOL products come with a limited lifetime compressor, seven-year replacement and five-year parts warranty.

Contact us today to learn more about ceiling cassettes or any of our other high-quality products.

8 thoughts on “How Do Ceiling Cassettes Work?”

  1. What are the dimensions of the ceiling cassettes? Can they be installed in a Vaulted ceiling? What is the cost of the cassettes and needed installation pieces? Thank you!

    1. All three BTU capacities of the MRCOOL® DIY® OuttaSight™ Ceiling Cassette have a width of 50.31″, a height of 8.98″, and a depth of 13.19″. Costs are determined by our retailers. For installation guidance, this video will be a huge help, as well as the manual.

    1. Minimum clearance on the front of the condenser is 79″. Minimum clearance above the unit is 24″. Minimum clearance to the back of the unit is 12″ if installed on the ground, and 6″ if installed on brackets. Minimum clearance to the right side is 24″, and to the left is 12″.

  2. What is the air direction when the cassette is on?
    For example, when there is a lamp fixture in the middle of the room , and the cassette is installed in the middle closer to the wall – will the air hit the lamp?
    What about diagonally from the cassette down – will air blow there? Trying to understand how the air direction works for positioning, considering the beds/table.
    thank you

    1. It depends on the ceiling cassette you have. If it’s our OuttaSight DIY Ceiling Cassette, then the louver directs the air in one direction. The louver can be angled, but the air will still be travelling away from the grille. The Olympus’s multi-zone ceiling cassette is designed to emit air in all directions.

  3. We are planning to purchase a mrcool mini-split system with ceiling cassettes for DIY installation. I’m trying to determine where to locate the ceiling cassettes. I just read that the OuttaSight cassettes direct air only in one direction while the Olympus ceiling cassettes direct air in all directions.
    Questions: 1. In a large room with 2 cassettes, where is best placement of OuttaSight cassettes vs. Olympus ceiling cassettes?
    2. Can I purchase Olympus ceiling cassettes for DIY installation?

    1. An Outtasight ceiling cassette is best placed nearer to the edge of the ceiling, so that it can cover the greatest amount of space. It must also meet the standards listed on page 20 of the manual. The Olympus ceiling cassette would best be placed in the middle of the room, where all air outlets are unobstructed.

      The Olympus is not compatible with DIY systems, so you cannot install the air handler yourself. If you want to install a system yourself, then we recommend the Outtasight cassette and DIY condenser.

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