MRCOOL® Freeze Frame Video Contest: Win $4,000!

  • October 2, 2023
  • By MR COOL

It’s already pretty cool sitting back and relaxing in the comfort of your MRCOOL® system. It would be even cooler to do all that with $4,000, wouldn’t it?

We want to give our loyal customers, that’s YOU, a chance to show how much you love your MRCOOL® system and reward you for it!

How Do I Enter?

It’s as simple as making a video, posting it to Facebook, tagging us, and using the hashtag #mrcoolfreezeframe! We’d like these videos to be creative, clean, positive, and, most of all, FUN!

Entries will be accepted from Monday, October 2nd, 2023, to November 24th, 2023. That’s nearly two months, so make the best of the time you have! Any person with any MRCOOL® product qualifies, and the system must make an appearance in the video. The video can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 180 seconds (three minutes) long, and should NOT use any copyrighted materials. While the song libraries on apps are certainly convenient, we see this as a way to be as creative as possible! The videos must stay up for the full submission window, and they must be shareable. We’d love to see a video that takes the whole Internet by storm!

For the full set of contest rules, visit

You Said $4,000?

Yep! Once the contest closes on November 24th, an internal panel of judges will meet, decide on five total finalists, and announce them the week of December 8th. The winner will be announced the week of December 24th!

The winner of this contest will then win $4,000! The other four finalists will receive $200 each.

Finalists will need to send us a copy of their video, because we’ll post it to our social media to congratulate and announce finalists and winners.

I’ve Already Got Some Ideas!

That’s wonderful! We appreciate you being a MRCOOL® customer, and we’re so excited to see the videos you put together!

8 thoughts on “MRCOOL® Freeze Frame Video Contest: Win $4,000!”

  1. Mr Cool has changed everything for our house where we used to use wood and a swamp cooler now just set our temperature and enjoy going to purchase another one in the near future to complete our whole home installing was easy and it was all done in one day

  2. I’ve successfully posted my contest entry on #mrcoolfreezeframe, but I’m having trouble tagging the @MRCOOL Facebook page. It appears FB only allows tagging friends. I noticed other entrants having the same issue. Using Android. Do you have some guidance,

    1. Hi Chuck,

      Since we have received this same comment from a number of contest entrants, we will be loosening the rules in this regard. To enter, you will not need to tag us. Just post the video to Facebook and use the hashtag #mrcoolfreezeframe.

      Thank you!

  3. I made a video to post on FB. It is not very long but the 80MB was too big for FB. It appears they only accept up 20MB. Now what

  4. Mr. Cool Do It Yourself (DIY) products have to be by far the best value for home improvement providers that are not licensed hvac installers. The pre-charged lines eliminate the need for special tools and skills you need a licensed hvac installer for and the DIY installation saves you thousands and thousands of dollars… and still gives you a great manufacturer warranty. I highly recommend using the MR. Cool DIY products if spending wisely is a priority of yours.

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