Introducing the MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Heat Pump

  • December 6, 2019
  • By MR COOL

MRCOOL is proud to introduce the innovative and advanced MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Central Heating & Air Split System. This sophisticated inverter split system includes the Universal condenser, air handler, and support components necessary to maximize your home air comfort.

What is the MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter?

MRCOOL DC inverter technology is designed with an inverter compressor and DC motor, together creating a comfortable and energy-saving experience to heat and cool your home. This system controls compressor motor speed and regulates temperature at the same time to avoid any rapid fluctuations in temperature and energy usage. Compared to previous generation technology, this system has many innovative features that provide more energy efficiency and save you more money each month on your energy bills. 

This system has many benefits including:

  • 1. increased efficiency
  • 2. rapid heating and cooling 
  • 3. quiet operation
  • 4. reduced operating cost
  • 5. reduced energy waste
  • 6. compatible with most third party thermostats including WiFi/NEST

Traditional condensers are heavy and take up a lot of space due to their wide and boxy nature. The new MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter System’s slim design takes up a fraction of the space traditional condensers need. This makes it ideal for installation in various locations outside your home — even tight spaces. The exterior has two fans and displays the MRCOOL logo with a modern white finish, capable of blending into any home’s design. It’s compact and ideal for zero lot line homes, strict sound restrictions, conventional installations and unit replacements. 


Do you rely on expensive propane or fuel oil? No gas furnace is required for the outdoor condenser to operate and reach its maximum performance. Tradionally, air-source heat pumps generate ineffective heating capacity in severe cold. The MRCOOL Universal is different. This next generation all-electric heater can operate in below freezing and below zero temperature conditions that would literally freeze regular heat pumps. Plus, the MRCOOL Universal has intelligent defrosting technology so you do not have to worry about unit safety and capability in the winter months.

The exterior is made to withstand harsh elements. It will stop damaging debris from entering inside the unit and causing damage. Therefore, ensuring that your outdoor condenser unit will last for a long time.

Air Handling

The Universal indoor air handler’s modern and flexible design provides the versatility for installation in a variety of places and in multiple positions. This system adopts 24V non-communication control technology between condenser and evaporator. Because of this feature, the system can be adopted to any third-party 24V air handler or thermostat other than the included air handler. This allows for flexibility in choices and makes the indoor unit easy to replace if ever required. Plus, should you wish to take advantage of all the benefits that the Universal condenser can provide without replacing your existing air handler, the non-communicating capability ensures that is possible. 

As an additional accessory, this system can accommodate an auxiliary heat strip. 

The MRCOOL DC Inverter System takes a new approach to heating and cooling by offering an ultra-wide operating temperature range. This heating and cooling system adopts two-stage enhanced enthalpy technology to ensure strong heating capacity even at extremely low temperatures. This maintains stable system operation and heating performance at extreme temperatures. It can heat at 100% capacity at – 5 degrees Fahrenheit, even with outdoor temperatures as low as -22 degrees Fahrenheit. It can cool in outdoor temperatures as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows your home to maintain an optimal temperature without extreme energy usage causing high energy bills. 

To enhance the safety features of this system, the MRCOOL DC Inverter System incorporates many intelligent protection functions. 

Installing the MRCOOL Universal

An HVAC pro needs only conventional HVAC tools to install the MRCOOL Universal. However, we added special fittings that make possible installation with MRCOOL No-Vac Quick Connect lines. By using the Quick Connect lineset and fitting, there is no need to do vacuuming while installing your system. This makes the installation process fast, easy, and at a lower cost. 

The MRCOOL DC Inverter System comes in two models — a 36k model and a 60k model. Each system comes with a condensing unit, air handler and necessary parts for installation. The 36k model can cover a 24k to 36k BTU capacity range and has a SEER rating of 20. The 60k model can cover between 48k and 60k BTU capacity range and has a SEER rating of 17.5 to 18. Both models are heat pump systems that can produce cool air and heat for year round usage. Additionally, both models use environmentally-safe R410A refrigerant, which is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer, and are ETL and AHRI certified. 

MRCOOL is dedicated to providing high quality and affordable HVAC products to North America. The MRCOOL Universal is an excellent example of that commitment. The MRCOOL DC Inverter System has an extended life and requires lower operating costs compared to traditional HVAC systems. You will also find that it will require little servicing and maintenance during its lifespan. We are proud that this system works hard to offer you optimal comfort while keeping energy costs to a minimum.

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156 thoughts on “Introducing the MRCOOL Universal DC Inverter Heat Pump”

  1. My universal unit that I just received does not match the specs on your web site.
    It’s the 2-3 ton system and the outdoor unit is
    MCA is 29
    MOP is 50
    This is more than is listed on the specs on your web site.

    Web site has MCA 24 and MOP 40
    What would be the cause of this?

  2. I have a 2 1/2 ton 13 seer air handler. Will the difference in seer rating between the Mr. Cool universal outdoor unit (18-20 seer) and my current 13 seer indoor unit effect the longevity of the Mr. Cool compressor? Also, what is the best setting on the Mr. Cool condenser unit to pair with my current 2 1/2 ton indoor unit, 2 or 3 ton mode?

    1. If the rest of the system is compatible (TXV, not contaminated with R22 refrigerant oil, etc), then it should not affect longevity. It will affect the overall efficiency (lower) and it would be best to use the 2 ton setting for the condenser.

  3. Regarding the 2-3 universal heat pump installation instructions. The guide states on page 18 that a 410 txv “bioflow” valve must be installed on the air handler. What is a “bioflow” txv valve. Is this a typo? Did the guide intend to say “biflow” instead of “bioflow.”

    1. Yes, that is a typo. The TXV must be a BI-FLOW- it must have a bypass to allow refrigerant to flow in either direction for heat pump applications.

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