Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat

Finally, a Smart Thermostat for Ductless Tech

  • January 3, 2020
  • By MR COOL

Max out on comfort, affordability, and energy savings with the new Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat for MRCOOL ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. You’ll have the ability to lower your energy bills, get cleaner air, and customize the comfort of each heating and cooling zone in your home or office from anywhere, any time. 

This easy-to-use comfort tool seamlessly links up with your smart device of choice. It gives you the luxury of taking complete control over each room’s temperature, humidity, mode, fan speed, and swing position from any location, inside or outside, via simple touchscreen controls.

An Affordable Smart Thermostat for Ductless

Comfort and convenience doesn’t have to come at a high cost. Priced to fit your budget and paired with a free application available for both Apple and Android devices, this updated tool integrates with your smartphone and/or other smart home devices for managing the heating and cooling of your home or office is designed with affordability in mind. 

Combine the amazing features of the free smartphone app with your energy savings, and you’ll have a real bargain that can make a difference each year. 

Simple & Easy to Use

The MRCOOL Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat turns your already smart MRCOOL ductless air conditioner or heat pump into an even smarter and more versatile comfort tool that is easily adjusted and tracked throughout the day using the smartphone app. Thanks to a 5V adapter in the Wi-Fi smart controller box, you can power up this thermostat from any location inside your home or office. In order to get the most accurate reading of your room temperature, make sure to set up your Mini-Stat within a line of sight of the unit, to ensure it maintains an infrared connection.

The MRCOOL Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat has a simple menu of options to choose from in order to fully customize your heating and cooling settings. Since the Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat is linked through your smartphone, that means you can adjust temperatures not only from inside, but also while you’re traveling or located anywhere else outside of your home or office. This global control feature ensures that you can change your heat and air conditioning settings from any location around the world. 

Simplify Your Comfort Schedule

With the customization options available through smart scheduling, you can set your temperature dependent on your personal preferences and daily routine. Keep your bedroom cool while you sleep and warm by the time you wake up. Adjust your heating and cooling settings only once and your routine will be set.

If you’d rather keep temperature scheduling to a minimum, geo-fencing makes it possible to automatically adjust your thermostat when you leave the premises and again as soon as you arrive. Like daily scheduling, the geo-fencing feature is a one-time process. Make your customization at the beginning of set up and there’s no need to revisit unless your preferences change. 

Cleaner, Customized Air Conditioning and Heating Control

There’s a good chance you’re not the only person who has a hard time remembering to change the air filter in your home or office. Neglecting your air filter leads to increased dust, allergens, and impurities in your air. With a simple tap on your smartphone, you can monitor the status of your air filter and dramatically improve your air quality without the need for reminders and eliminate the consequences of forgetting.

Keep Your Thermostat’s Heating and Cooling in the Zone

The Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat offers temperature customization not only by your schedule but also from room to room. With each zone having its specific heating and cooling ranges set, you can ensure that those cooking in the kitchen stay cool, while those lounging in the living room keep cozy. Throughout your home or office, you can manage all your home air comfort requirements with a single touch, ensuring everyone in every room stays comfortable. 

Monitor Your Energy Usage and Save

If you aren’t sure about what temperature settings are the most optimal and cost-effective for your home or office, with the MRCOOL Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat app, you can track your energy usage patterns and statistics in order to keep an eye on any energy “leaks” in your heating and cooling usage. Check out your timeline of actions feature and take note of who is using your system, at what settings and when. You can then use this information to manage how you set up your heating and cooling schedule throughout each season of the year. 

Some engineers estimate that a smart HVAC thermostat control system can lower your energy bills by as much as 25%. Over time, MRCOOL’s innovative smart system will create a difference you can feel in both your home and your wallet.  

What You Get with the Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat Wi-Fi AC Controller from MRCOOL 

When you purchase a Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat, you’ll receive a one year limited warranty. Each box comes with a table stand, wall mounting kit, a 5V DC USB adapter, a micro USB cable, and a user manual for DIY setup instructions.The Mini-Stat does not, however, include the required Wi-Fi router and a working internet connection. Please be sure to have that prior to purchase. 

If using a smart device, the free MRCOOL Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat app will walk you through the setup process and help you get the most out of your various settings and options. If you aren’t using a smart device, don’t worry, the user manual can do that, too.

Get One for Yourself!

Now is the time to max out on your energy savings and the comfort of your home with the new Smart HVAC Ductless Mini-Stat from MRCOOL. Once you make the switch, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to take advantage of this simple way to keep your home at the perfect temperature from anywhere at any time.

48 thoughts on “Finally, a Smart Thermostat for Ductless Tech”

  1. We have one of your Wifi DIY mini splits. Our one complaint is that it continually says it is offline, thereby not allowing me to control it remotely. If I purchase and install this thermostat, will that eliminate the problem or will I again get the recurring “OFFLINE” message?

  2. I seem to have a temperature variation issue on my Mr Cool. I have my unit mounted about 18-24″ from a 10′ ceiling. The problem I have is when I set the cool tempeture to 75′ it will cool my room off to about 69 or 70 degrees. There seems to be a 5-6 degree difference. Would a wall thermostat help with this issue?

          1. Maybe we are seeing a trend here ? I came here after doing a google search on MRcool thermostat not working.. I purchased the 12k unit from you guys for the master bedroom.. I set it to 76 cool low fan setting…. It will cool down to 66 degrees and never shut off..
            I do not mind buying an after market and or better thermostat for this unit if the large swings.. otherwise very very happy overall.. Please let me know.. I tried calling and could no get through.. ended call after 30min.

          2. Sorry you couldn’t reach us. We’re looking into the thermostat issue, but having trouble replicating it. Could your unit accidentally have been set to Dry Mode?

    1. I’m having the exact same issue.. It’s rather annoying. I’ll set it to 74 and it cools my room to around 68 and then doesn’t turn back on until around 75. Way too much of a swing. I’ve tried calling several times and wasn’t able to get much help. Can someone please help me with this?

      1. I had the same thing happening. For the last couple of days I’ve been using the Follow Me function on the remote, and this seems to level out the temperature swings.

        1. I had no idea what the follow me function was until “Jimmy” above mentioned it.. Im so very glad he did… This seemed to have helped my issue quite a bit.. Did not fix it completely , but makes it a heck of a lot better..

      1. Pressing the temp buton down did not change a thing on my display (12k unit) . However, the actual button on the remote labeled “LED” does turn the display on the unit on and off.

  3. I have a question on temperature range. I see that the DIY 3rd Gen remote lists an operation setting range for the remote of 62F to 86F. From looking at the specs, it seems as if the DIY 3rd Gen could heat at lower temps. The setting range for the Mini Stat is 40F to 90F. Does the Mini Stat allow the DIY 3rd Gen to operate in this 40F to 90F range? Or is it still restricted to 62F to 86F? I want to install a DIY 3rd Gen in my garage but keeping it at 62F all winter would be overkill. Being able to set it within 40F to 50F range would be much better.

    1. The Mini Stat does not change the set temperature. However, for your garage you can use the Freeze Protection setting to keep the temperature low, but safely above freezing to protect your property.

  4. I am having the same issue as several people mentioned above with a lack of temperature control. I called Mr cool, asked IWAE where I bought the unit nobody has been able to help. I have a 12k DIY Mr Cool Mini split. The issue is I will set the unit anywhere between 76-78 degrees and it always cools the room down to 69 or colder. I have tried trimming the plastic tube over the temperature sensor, using the follow me function on the remote, adjusting the temperature calibration, and none of those has helped. Can I add this mini stat to fix my issue?

    Thank You!

    1. Hi, Mike. We’re not sure the Mini Stat would help with this issue. We have had a few reports about this kind of activity, and we are currently investigating the cause. A tech team member will be reaching out to you soon.

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