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  • September 23, 2014
  • By MR COOL

Hello there and welcome to the MrCool blog. It should go without saying, but I’m the man himself, Magnus Cool.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Who is MrCool? Why is he writing a blog?”

First, I’m the big brain behind my company, MrCool. We develop and sell MrCool brand ductless mini-split heat pumps.

These compact machines are designed to deliver air comfort anywhere you need it. They’re lightweight, easy to install, built for energy efficiency, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

A lot of you are probably wondering what, exactly, a ductless mini-split heat pump actually is. That’s an easy one.

Simply, a heat pump is a heating and cooling machine. It works exactly like the conventional air conditioner you’re probably quite familiar with. Unlike an air conditioner, a heat pump can reverse its operating cycle to pump heat into the home instead of just cooling it. The name kind of says it all.

The ductless mini-split part of ductless mini-split heat pump refers to the fact that these units do not need air ducts to operate. A traditional central heating and air system pushes conditioned air through ventilation ducts to different areas of the home.

This is great, if you have air ducts, not so great when you don’t. A ductless mini-split does not need them, so homes without can still get cooled or heated air.

The mini part of the name just means these systems are small. They’re still powerful, just a lot easier to place and install. They can go, well, just about anywhere you want.

MrCool offers you various mini-split options to suit your specific heating and cooling needs in single or multi-zones with the DIY, Advantage, and Olympus series.

Watch this video to learn more about the MrCool ductless mini-split systems.

27 thoughts on “I’m MrCool”

  1. Love my new mrcool mini split diy 24k in my 900 square foot home cooling very nicely looking forward to see how it heats in winter have used heat at outside temperure at 50 degrees work very well going to put electric heat back up in living room and kitchen looking at hydrolic heaters they use same power but think they won’t smell and be more comfortable don’t think electric heaters will kick on very much going to set them at 65 degrees because I keep my heat between 68 to 72. Will also be a back up if heat pump was to go down I really like my mrcool unit very much just that the direction could use a add information to it like remote is your thermostat use nylon ties to connect water drain line use 4 1/2 in line covers I bought 3 1/2 was very hard to work with also that the unit takes a little time to respond to heat or ac mini splits just work a little slow at times to respond to your commands it’s not a bad thing just have to get use to it I love this unit it is smarter then me and I think it has Ben design very will and simple look forward to see my electric bill and heating in winter

  2. I need a diy unit. I need triple zone because I have 3 areas. Is this possible. What is the difference in the diy and other unit

    1. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a multi-zone DIY unit.

      The difference between a MRCOOL DIY and a conventional ductless mini-split, multi-zone or otherwise, mainly involves how the refrigerant lines are connected. The DIY uses special connectors that do not require flaring. The unit also does not need to be vacuumed or charged. Basically, it is ready to go right out of the box with lines that just plug in. A typical mini-split requires flaring, vacuuming, and charging. These processes require special tools and training.

  3. What is the difference between the DIY and the Olympus series? Is the installation pretty much the same?

    1. The installation of the DIY and Olympus is very different. The DIY is designed for quick, simple hook-up. The Olympus is a more complicated, contractor-grade product that requires specialized tools and training.

      1. Let me ask the question a different way. Once installed and functioning, what is the difference between a DIY and the Olympus? To go one step further, what is the difference between the Advantage and the Olympus?

        1. Once installed, both the DIY and Olympus would provide similar performance. So too between the Advantage and the Olympus. Though the Olympus Hyper Heat will definitely provide better heating in lower temperatures than any of our other mini-splits.

  4. I picked up an Air Plus 36k mini split and can’t seem to find the company “Air Plus”.
    However, it looks identical to your units and I was wondering if it was one of your products under a different name? Even the name plate location and sticker looks similar. Needing some help with some instructions and parts.

    1. We are not familiar with Air Plus, so it’s a safe bet that MrCool units differ from theirs. We suggest contacting them directly for help with your unit.

    1. The Advantage has a range of different configurations with options of 115V or 208/230V and with the availability of up to 36,000 BTU or 3 Tons. These models are not Energy Star Certified nor will they heat down to the lower temperature distance of what the Olympus Hyper Heat can.

      The Olympus Energy Star are more limited as far as configurations with a set 208/230V minimum and with the availability of up to 24,000 BTU or 2 Tons. But the Olympus Energy Star, is Energy Star Certified. Which makes the estimated national average annual operating cooling cost cheaper than your average Mini-Split saving you money.
      Olympus Energy Star

      The Olympus Hyper Heat are also more limited as far as configurations with a set 208/230V minimum and with the availability of up to 24,000 BTU or 2 Tons. But will provide better heating in lower temperatures than any of our other mini-splits.
      Olympus Hyper Heat

  5. According to The Home Depot website the decibel rating on the Olympus Energy Star is 46 dBA but the DIY is rated at 32 dBA. Is the DIY really quieter or is this just an error by The Home Depot?
    Also, can the Olympus be ordered with a shorter line set than 25 feet? Doesn’t appear to be an option at The Home Depot.

    1. Jim, I’m not sure which Olympus and DIY models you’re referring to, so I’m not sure. Olympus lines are typically available in 16′, 25′, and 50′ increments.

  6. I purchased a 2700btu DYI MRCool with 3 9k internal air handlers. My question is: one of the units needs to be installed on an interior wall with the closest exterior wall in the front of the house. Since the drain line must slope down and my plan is to run the coolant lines up and over to a side wall but could drill a small hole in the front wall for the drain. The install instructions shows all the lines run together. Is there a problem separating then and running the drain separate.

    1. There shouldn’t be a problem with running the drain line separately. You could also use a condensate pump to remove the condensate so you wouldn’t have to separate the lines.

  7. Can I use a Advantage /Olympus air handler w/ standard non charged lineset with a diy condenser ? Will the non charged lineset hookup to the diy condenser ?

  8. Looking for ceiling mounted cassettes for existing home installation. Most cassettes are too deep for existing building standard ceiling-between-joists applications due to coil/fan allowance design. Does MrCool have any plans for developing low-profile cassettes by any chance?

  9. I bought a Mr Cool Advantage last month, due to working and weather, I was just now getting around to installing the unit. The air handler says “Mr Cool Advantage” on it, but the condenser box says “Mr Cool Olympus” on it. Is this going to be an issue? Also, there was nothing in the condenser except the condenser. There were no lines, no wall sleeve, no drain hose, no feet for the unit. Are these things sold separately?

  10. Will the DUCT-09HP-230 work with a diy compressor? And if not will there be a small diy air handler in the future?

    1. This is an Olympus series air handler, and it is not compatible with a DIY series condenser. While we are always interested in expanding our DIY series, meaning it’s a possibility in the future, we currently have no immediate plans to release a smaller DIY air handler.

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