Oasis For Sale

  • November 6, 2014
  • By MR COOL

Attention world, I am selling the MrCool Oasis. No, I am not selling my lush, oasis palace outside Abu Dhabi. The Sheikh and I play cards every second Tuesday of the month, and I host about half of those games. Yes, before you ask, the Sheikh is amazing at Go Fish. I’ve lost a lot of private jets to that guy.

But, back to the MrCool Oasis.

The MrCool Oasis is one more of our ductless mini-split heat pump product lines. It is, as the marketing department has instructed me to tell you, a simple comfort in modern life. I wanted them to go with something else, but, again, I was overruled. Apparently the phrase “breathing freshness into your undergarments like an Arctic wind” might be offensive to some people. I do not understand marketing.

What makes the MrCool Oasis such an amazing heating and air system?

I personally like the ‘Follow Me’ feature, since I don’t go anywhere without a full entourage. Follow Me is easy to use. Basically, the MrCool Oasis communicates with the remote you use to control it. Keep the remote close by, and the MrCool Oasis will track the air temperature directly around you. If you start getting too hot, the MrCool Oasis can adjust to deliver maximum air comfort.

A lot of the engineers here at the company are particularly excited about the system protections we built into the MrCool Oasis. The unit will automatically monitor internal coolant levels, and alert you to the problem. I thought it would be cool if we gave the Oasis a speaker. When coolant dropped too low, it could just start yelling at you.

I was overruled on this one too.

Take note of that, folks. Even if you run your own company, you don’t always get your own way. Sometimes even when the idea is super good. No-Pants Thursdays for example. Human Resources shot that one down.

There’s no pleasing some people.

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