Energy Star Lists MRCOOL® GeoCool® Geothermal DC Inverter Heat Pump as Most Efficient 2024.

  • January 30, 2024
  • By MR COOL

When MRCOOL® announced the release of the anticipated GeoCool® Geothermal Inverter Series on September 28th, 2023, managing member Jason Ingram said that it is the “future of ground-source HVAC technology.” This claim was validated by the addition of the GeoCool® Geothermal Heat Pump to the top of the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 list.

“The GeoCool® Geothermal Inverter Series is the first of its kind in terms of efficiency, and we’re honored that ENERGY STAR has recognized the effort we’ve put into designing the system,” Jason says. “We’ve optimized geothermal technology by utilizing DC inverter compressors in our new series, allowing the systems to modulate performance as needed, which increases efficiency exponentially. The 49 EER system can reach up to 70 EER, making it one of the most efficient HVAC systems on the market.”

The release of this product is concurrent with new geothermal tax credits and rebates. These government incentives were created as a part of the Inflation Reduction Act to grant homeowners better access to highly efficient appliances such as heat pumps, reducing reliance on fossil fuels nationwide. Homeowners are able to receive a 30% tax credit of the total project cost when they install a geothermal system from December 31, 2021 to December 31st, 2032. 

“We believe that the GeoCool® DC Inverter Geothermal Series is not just another line of geothermal products, but that it pushes the boundaries of ground-source HVAC further than ever before,” says Bonnie Clymer, Director of Marketing and Research and Development. “Not only is the efficiency of the system essentially unprecedented, but this system is more accessible than any other geothermal system on the market. The reasonable price point in addition to the numerous governmental incentives relieve a homeowner of a generous portion of the cost, all in an effort to make homes run more efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint.”

While the aforementioned tax credit covers a significant portion of the cost associated with geothermal installation, more information about additional rebates and credits, both federal and state, are due to be released in the coming months. Matthew Seabaugh, Business Development Director, says “these [rebates and tax credits] will help low-income homeowners in particular. Hyper-efficient HVAC options will be available to more people than ever before.”

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