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HVAC Fire Prevention & You!

HVAC fire prevention

HVAC fire prevention is something you should pay attention to. Yes, modern heat pumps and air conditioners are safer than they’ve ever been, but they’re not the main culprit. There is a far more nefarious agent at play that can lead to a disaster like your house burning down. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

HVAC Fire Prevention

Do you know what heating and air system is most likely to burn your house down without a second thought? It’s the entirely too common space heater. Space heaters cause more fires than anything else. An air-source heat pump or conventional furnace is about a billion times safer than a space heater. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but they’re a lot safer.

In short, the number one thing you can do for HVAC fire prevention is to avoid using a space heater. Just don’t do it.

I do realize that answer might be a bit unsatisfying for some of you.

How to Safely Use a Space Heater if You Absolutely Must

First, make sure you keep plenty of open ‘space’ around the space heater. Three-feet or more is a good rule of thumb. Dropping flammable objects like books, newspapers (do people still read these?), magazines, or whatever within that three-foot safe zone is a bad idea. It’s a bad idea, because flammable things tend to catch on fire.

Second, never ever use a space heater with an extension cord. Yes, they can be convenient. Yes, they can allow you to stay warm even on the other side of a room. Yes, they may burst into flame without a moment’s notice. Trust me, extension cords and space heaters are a bad idea.

Third, do not put a space heater on any surface where it might tip over. A space heater that has fallen over is a space heater about to burst into home-consuming flames. You want flat, stable surfaces and ONLY flat, stable surfaces. Everything else is wrong and bad and explosive.

Fourth, shut off the space heater before you go to sleep. Are you worried you’ll get cold at night? That is why humanity invented blankets and dogs. Both of those things will keep you way safer and warmer than a space heater running while you sleep.

Remember, HVAC Fire Prevention is Space Heater Fire Prevention

Safety is not very hard folks. Keep the area clear, avoid extension cords, mount the space heater on a stable surface, and don’t run it while you sleep. If you do those four things, you will be an HVAC fire prevention master. Plus, you’ll keep your house from burning down.

Which is nice.

Eradicate Winter Snow Using 3 Simple Rules!!!

Eradicate snow instantly.

Snow is awesome in December. It’s now so awesome in February. If you want to eradicate snow, I am here to help. If you don’t, maybe this is more your speed, but don’t come crying to me when dark sorcery brings the snowman to life to feed upon the flesh of the living.


I bet you think because this is the MrCool blog that I’m going to tell you a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump will eradicate snow don’t you? Well, you would be wrong. Yes, a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump like the DIY, the Oasis, or the Premier is a great way to stay warm in cold weather, but it can’t eradicate snow. It’s not designed to anyway. I guess if you set it up outside it would eventually melt the snow around your house, but that would take ages.

Fortunately for you I have an even better idea.

Tools to Eradicate and Destroy Snow

First! It is important to clearly delineate the snow are you want to ‘reduce’. You don’t want to get too far out of bounds when it comes to aggressive snow elimination. After all, your neighbors aren’t paying you to clear their lawns, so make sure you don’t. If they want to pony up some cash for your hard work, fine. Otherwise, they can stay shrouded in winter’s manifest misery.

Second, be sure you inform the proper authorities that you’re going to engaging in some healthy snow destruction. The best methods used to eradicate frozen condensate may…alarm some observers. No one wants that, so get ahead of the issue with a quick phone call to the city council, local media, and/or state and county law enforcement.

Third, buy a flamethrower from the international arms market and fill it with jellied gasoline. And…well, you know what? I bet you can figure it out from there. I would explain further, but the company attorney just had a seizure when I told him what I was writing. Good luck on getting rid of your snow. Also, buy a heat pump.

Snow, Snow, Snow and Why It Is Bad


Snow. It’s everywhere in winter. Unless you’re one of those lucky souls who live in a particularly southern clime, and you don’t get much. Of course, when you do get anything, your world ends. Remember the last time it snowed in Atlanta? They got zombies from snow. Yeah, sounds weird, but I watched a documentary about it on AMC.


The point I’m trying to make is that snow, while bad, is just a symptom. The real disease is winter and cold. These are bad things. Which is why we all have heaters and furnaces and cats and stockings and other things to not be cold. There’s a whole industry around not being cold, and, you know, I’m pretty happy about that. If humans liked being cold, a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump would not be as useful. It would be crazy efficient in winter though. Of course, you could also just open and door and let the snow in too.

I’m getting off track. What I want to talk about is the heating capacity of one of our awesome anti-snow heat pumps.

You see a heat pump is like an air conditioner, but it doesn’t just do one thing. You use an air conditioner in summer, and that’s it. A heat pump can do more. As the name implies, it can generate heat, and that is great. You got one one unit in your house that you use in summer and winter. It would be sort of like if your toaster oven could make ice. Wait, that’s a really good idea. I need to talk to some engineers about that one.

But until my toaster-ice machine is on the market, you should check out MrCool.com to learn more about my amazing ductless mini-split heat pumps. They heat, they cool, they dehumidify, they’re great. Don’t just take my word for it. On MrCool.com, you can read everything my marketing professionals have to say about MrCool products. And you can trust them, because they’re honest.

They told me they were, and I believe them. Remember, snow is bad and MrCool heat pumps are good.