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HVAC Vacation Preparation

HVAC vacation

HVAC vacation preparation is important and easy to do!

Oh, what’s that? You don’t do anything to your HVAC before you go away for two weeks? Well, let me tell you why you’re wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. And probably just a bad person too.

HVAC Vacation Prep is Essential

Everybody loves going on vacation. If they didn’t, we would call it going to work. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to properly prepare your home and your HVAC system before you head to Disney Island or whatever. You definitely need to do that, so make sure you follow these simple HVAC vacation preparation steps.

Adjust the Thermostat

You’re going to be out of town, so you turned your thermostat up right? No? Who are you trying to keep nice and cool while you’re away? I assure you the mice don’t care too much. Click your thermostat up to about 80 degrees or so. Yes, your house will be uncomfortable. No, you won’t be there to worry about. Yes, that will save money while you’re gone.

Change the Filter

One thing you don’t need to do before you leave is turn your air conditioner off. You want to keep it running every now and again to pull the humidity out of your home. Since it’s going to be running, make sure you check the air filter before you head out. It will be impossible to change it while you’re 1000 miles away on a beach drinking from a coconut.

Schedule Maintenance

If you’re the kind of people who leave town all summer, you need to go a little above and beyond in your HVAC vacation prep. Contact your HVAC technician a month or two before you’re going to be out of town. Arrange for them to give your home system a good once over before you leave, because if it breaks down when you’re away, who would know?

Security Precautions

It sounds ridiculous, but stealing air conditioners and heat pumps out of somebody’s backyard is becoming a more common crime. Your exterior condenser probably has a lot of copper in it. Thieves can make a quick buck selling that copper to a salvage yard.

If you’re worried about somebody absconding with your system, take reasonable precautions before you leave. This might be as simple as rigging a motion activated spotlight on your unit or going a little more extreme with something like razor-wire.

Or whatever. I don’t you.