2nd Gen Ductless Mini-Split Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Sophistication simplified.

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DIY ® comfort for the whole family
Benefits of life in comfort
True do-it-yourself installation
Quick Connect®
Easy DIY® Installation
Precharged 410 Quick Connect® Lineset

The included 25′ pre-charged lineset allows you to install this innovative ductless system without special tools, equipment, or training.

Follow Me®
Personalized Performance

Keep the remote close by, and MRCOOL DIY® will track the air temperature around you to ensure you receive maximum comfort.

cooling all year
Low Ambient Cooling
Cooling down to 5°F

This feature makes the MRCOOL DIY® the ideal system for server rooms, greenhouses, and any other application that requires cooling all year.

auto restart operation
auto restart
Never Lift a Finger

Power outage? Don’t worry, the MRCOOL DIY® auto restart will have the unit running again in no time at all.

Gold Fin® Condenser
Corrosion Resistant

Live on the coast? Don’t worry, our condenser is built to resist long term corrosion.

MRCOOL Remote App
Smartphone App [new]
Enhanced Control from Anywhere

Control your MRCOOL DIY® anywhere with your Apple or Android smart device and an internet connection.

automatic leak detection
Leakage Detection
Protecting Your Investment

When the MRCOOL DIY® detects low coolant an alarm will sound to alert you to the problem. This will prevent damage to the compressor while you maintain high air comfort.

programmable sleep mode
sleep mode
24-Hour Comfort

We made Sleep Mode easy to program to save money, and let you sleep a little easier.

air flow position memory
Louver Position Memory
Remembers So You Don’t Have To

Horizontal louver will automatically move to the same position as you set last time the unit was turned on.

air flow position memory
Digital Assistant Ready
Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

The new MRCOOL Smart Controller Module and App fully supports Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa out of the box.

Air conditioner for the whole family

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easy to install

Do It Yourself Installation

This system is made with do-it-yourselfers, and your wallet, in mind.

No special tools, no special equipment, no special training, no problem.

Do it yourself installation
Quick, easy installation

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Just a few simple tools
No special tools

This intelligent on-off technology enables MRCOOL products to automatically enter energy-saving mode when on standby, cut energy consumption from the normal 5W to 1W, which amounts to saving 80%.

The Story of MRCOOL Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Our Story
Every great technology has a great story behind it, and MRCOOL is no different. Learn more about how MRCOOL systems are setting the ductless mini-split standard in the HVAC industry.
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