MRCOOL 13 SEER R22 Central Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Superior efficiency & low decibel operation

MRCOOL R22 Central Heating and Air Conditioning Units
MRCOOL 13 SEER R22 Features
ahri listed
easy-access gauge ports
unlimited technical support
service valves with sweat connections
aluminium micro channel heat exchanger
totally enclosed, permanently lubricated condenser fan motor
etl certification
10-year compressor and parts warranty
high-efficiency mrcool-approved compressor
built for easy installation and maintenance
10 Year Compressor and Parts Warranty

This newly designed high efficiency household air conditioner works hard saving consumers’ money from the very beginning. With its competitive purchase price to cost – saving 13 SEER efficiency, this unit can be installed in many different applications: single family homes, villas, office buildings, hotels, etc.

Low Decibel Operation

MRCOOL 13 SEER air conditioners are built for superior efficiency and low decibel operation. That means they’re quiet and will save you money.

MRCOOL 13 SEER in every home
The Story of MRCOOL Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Our Story

Every great technology has a great story behind it, and MRCOOL is no different. Learn more about how MRCOOL systems are setting the ductless mini-split standard in the HVAC industry.

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