Why I, MrCool, Am the Best

  • December 15, 2014
  • By MR COOL

In case you don’t know, I’m Magnus Cool, owner, founder, and fearless leader of MrCool.com. I want to tell you why my company, MrCool, manufactures the best ductless mini-split heat pumps on the market.

I don’t want to go on too long, so I just made you a quick list.

  • MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps have both heating AND cooling capabilities.
  • They are built for energy efficiency, saving you money.
  • They are eco-safe thanks to R-410A refrigerant.
  • All mini-split units are packed with cool features like MrCool smart controller, sleep mode, low ambient cooling, multiple system protections, and more.
  • MrCool manufactures the only true do-it-yourself ductless mini-split with amateur installers in mind, thanks to its pre-charged refrigerant lines.
  • The MrCool min-split line has a unit for all your home’s needs, from single zone to multi-zone heating and cooling.

For more information about MrCool ductless mini-splits and all of their “cool” features, be sure to check out our video gallery here.

15 thoughts on “Why I, MrCool, Am the Best”

  1. My name is George Di Flora i purchased a 4 ton unit from Ingream heating and cooling almost 12 months ago and I have had nothing but trouble with it, ingreams will not return my calls I have spent thousands of dollars and hsve gone through 4 geo hvac cominey trying to get someone to make this unit run , can you send a repair person that can trouble shout this unit. I am in South East ohio my number is 5134052565

      1. Yes hello I install two of your products they are both split systems 2ton 2.5 ton both of them I have to go back to I got a high pressure switch lockout and both of them how to do a reset and it’s been called a couple times
        Why am I get that high pressure switch fault I have installed to hear a ductless systems no problem at all there !
        Williams HVAC

  2. I’ve installed to your products 2 ton and 2 1/2 ton both were split systems I was just change out always got to go back because I got
    High pressure switch for what’s going on with that

    Williams HVAC INC

  3. It would be great if Mr Cool would come up with a 4 and 5 zone ceiling cassette unit. I love that its here in USA.

  4. I bought a diy 36000 btu mini split about 3 years ago, worked great until I got a F0 code 2weeks ago sent a email twice with no response. Called and left a message finally got a call back and when I answered no one on the other end. Tried to call back all I got was user busy this happened twice. All I can say is your customer service sucks. I will never buy any of your products in the future and will give your company bad reviews wherever I can. Your welcome.

    1. We apologize for this. Our phone lines were acting faulty last week, so that may be the reason that the calls dropped if you were contacted in the last week. I can have someone reach out to you via email.

  5. Mr. Cool,
    Seeking your help and advice.
    We are a small 200 year old single room church 30×40 with11’6” ceiling and 8 windows and 3 doors. There is no insulation in the walls, floor or ceiling. The church has been rewired.
    What type of system should we be looking at?
    Thank you.
    Dean Breest

    1. Ductless mini-splits generally work well in historic buildings, since those buildings were not designed with ductwork in mind. We would recommend you take a look at a multi-zone ductless heat pump system.

  6. Hi, I am building a 21ft x 21ft sunroom in Atlanta Georgia. Vaulted ceiling, Lots of windows on three of the walls and a couple of skylight. All will be will insulated and double pane windows have low E glass.
    I am looking at your 12,000btu mini split but wondering if I should go 18,000btu.
    Please advise if you can.
    Much appreciated!

    1. Based on square footage, a 12k might be a good fit for this space, especially since your room and windows will be well-insulated. A 12k BTU system will typically cover around 500 square feet. One thing to consider, though, is that it can get extremely warm in Atlanta, as I’m sure you’re aware. Since climate can affect the size you need, it might be a good idea to size up to an 18k BTU mini-split, which can typically cover spaces around 750 square feet.

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