MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Central Heating and Air Conditioning Systems


MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Central Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
MRCOOL 18 SEER R410A Features
ahri listed
etl certification
high-efficiency inverter compressor & heat exchanger
improved reliability & superior versatility
comprehensive protection
built-in filter rack
mrcool’s personal guarantee of coolness
r-410a eco-friendly refrigerant
galvanized steel construction
power supply on top; low-voltage entry on top or side
quiet design & comfortable airflow
High Efficiency Inverter Compressor

Our DC inverter compressor is designed to maximize cooling effectiveness and minimize power consumption. When activated, the system ramps up performance to meet the set temperature as quickly as possible, then it dials down capacity to save power while maintaining the interior comfort you want. This cycle reduces start-stop compressor operation to save energy while prolonging compressor service life.

Saves Money

These air handlers are durable, efficient, and easy to install in an upflow or horizontal application. Thanks to the high-efficiency exchanger with long-life rifled tubes and aluminum fin refrigerant coils, this air handler will save you money.

The Story of MRCOOL Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Systems
Our Story

Every great technology has a great story behind it, and MRCOOL is no different. Learn more about how MRCOOL systems are setting the ductless mini-split standard in the HVAC industry.

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