MRCOOL Signature Series
10 Year Parts Warranty


14 SEER 81% AFUE
Package Gas & Elec

Our Signature Package Air Conditioner & Gas Unit is a fully self-contained combination gas heating/electric cooling unit designed for outdoor installation, either on a rooftop or on a cement slab. This unit has return and discharge openings for both horizontal and downflow configurations. It is factory-shipped with all downflow duct openings covered. Features include a high efficiency compressor designed to operate smoothly, quietly, and consistently.


  • 14 SEER
  • 81% AFUE

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14 SEER 81% AFUE R410A Gas Pack
AHRI Listed
ahri listed
AHRI Certified
Quiet Performance
Quiet performance (as low as 73 dBA)
Adaptable Installation
Adaptable to rooftop and ground level installation
Heavy Duty Construction
Corrosion resistant heavy duty design
10-Year Parts Limited Warranty
10-Year parts limited warranty with registration
20-Year Heat Exchanger Limited Warranty
20-Year heat exchanger limited warranty with registration
Efficient multi-speed blower
Efficient multi-speed ECM blower motor
Corrosion-resistant heat exchanger
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger
Versatile installation & convenient service
Designed for versatile installation & convenient service
Reliable single-stage gas valve & direct spark ignition
System protection
System protecting high- and low-pressure switches
Cooling capacity 2-5 ton
Cooling capacity 2-5 ton
Heating capacity 60,000-115,000 BTU
Heating capacity 60,000-115,000 BTU

14 SEER 81% AFUE
Package Gas & Elec

MRCOOL Signature 14 SEER 81% AFUE Package Gas & Electric Documentation

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