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Wearable Body Cooling System


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Fast Cooling

Get Cool Faster

Feel the heat dissipate as soon as you put it on.

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Ergonomically & Comfortable

Take A Hike!

Our lightweight cooling system can be worn under your regular clothing, uniforms during athletic training, motorsport gear, hiking equipment, and much more.
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Uniform Cooling Distribution

Even Cool All Over

The water bladder will circulate cold through the entire shirt to cool you rapidly when properly connected to the included 5V lithium battery.

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Controllable Temperature

Keeping Your Cool

Continuous water flow helps you safely regulate your body’s natural temperature despite intense activity or ambient heat.

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Simple Operation

Easy To Use

You don’t have to mess with fussy cables or complicated straps. Anyone can use this cooling system.

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Safe And Reliable

It Works Hard So You Can Work Harder

Thanks to its long operating time, you don’t have to worry about losing your cool halfway through a sweaty hike or a tough job.

Keep Cool No Matter What

  • Wear it under clothing or uniforms and use it during activities like athletic training, motorsports, hiking, industrial work, and more.

  • Our water cooling technology has proven to be three times more effective at reducing the human body's core temperature compared to other cooling methods.

  • The MRCOOL® backpack holds a special water bladder similar to those found in hydration backpacks.

  • When connected and powered by the included 5V lithium battery, the cold water stored in the bladder circulates through the shirt piping and cools the wearer for hours.
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Constant Cooling

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