zero degree heating

Zero Degree Heating

  • October 14, 2015
  • By MR COOL

Everybody knows there’s no such thing as zero degree heating when it comes to a heat pump. An energy efficient heat pump might work for mild temperatures, but they rapidly lose efficiency as the temperature drops. Everybody knows you need a gas furnace to stay warm in severe winter weather.


I’ve got some news for you. What everybody ‘knows’ is about to change.

Zero Degree Heating is Real

The conventional wisdom that a heat pump won’t work for really cold winter days used to be 100% right. Previous generation heat pumps simply could not function in freezing conditions. As I’m sure you know, technology does not stand still. Right now it’s entirely possible for a modern heat pump to deliver zero degree heating. In fact, some heat pumps can continue heating at 100% efficiency past -10 degrees.

Okay, so that’s great. Heat pumps can heat better, terrific. What, however, does it mean for the average American homeowner?

Expanding Regional Utility

Not too very many years ago keeping your house heated with just a heat pump was not a great idea for most people. Heat pumps were unable to heat effectively at low temperatures, so only people in very mild winter climates could reasonably rely on one. If you didn’t live in South Florida or Hawaii, you were probably not going to use a heat pump for zero degree heating.

This is no longer the case.

Being able to heat effectively down to -10 degrees means using a heat pump for summer cooling and winter heating is a real option for many more homeowners than it used to be. If you live in Alaska and routinely experience temperatures around -40, you’re still going to need a furnace. On the other hand, if you live in a region, the American South for example, where zero degree days are not too common, you can now depend on an energy efficient heat pump for all your air comfort needs.

Like I said before – what everybody ‘knows’ just changed.

34 thoughts on “Zero Degree Heating”

  1. Will the new MR COOL DIY Multizone such as the DIY-MULTI4-36HP230 heat in even cooler temperatures compared to previous models?

  2. Is there a submittal sheet for the DIY units showing minimum modulation and capacity at 47/17 degrees etc? Thanks

  3. I live here in Crestview FL and the coldest it gets here is 15* in winter. I built a 18’x20′ hydroponic greenhouse for growing tropical fruit trees year round and knowing tropical fruit trees are easily killed at temperatures below 40*. I want to use a heat pump to help protect my trees during our NW Florida winters. Will the Mr. Cool heat pump keep my greenhouse warm enough to keep my tropical fruit trees from freezing even when we experience hard freezes? Please let me know. Thanks

  4. I live in Colorado, where we will have prolonged days of freezing/sub freezing temps and will get to below 0 at times. Will the Hyper heat single zone work in these conditions?

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