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Your Loud, Annoying, Noisy Air Conditioner

noisy air conditioner

It’s summer. It’s hot. Air conditioning is great. Unless…you can’t even get a good night’s sleep thanks to your noisy air conditioner.

You can’t go without A/C, so what do you do? Is that noise even normal? Should you call someone?

Don’t worry. MrCool is here to help.

Diagnosing a Noisy Air Conditioner

There is one big question you should ask about a noisy air conditioner: “Is the noise normal or the sign of a problem?”

Depending on your air conditioner’s age, the noise might be normal. Older units lack the insulation and noise-reducing technology many new units have as standard features. What you want to do is listen for a few key indicators:

  • Grinding: Grinding is bad. If you hear it, it’s probably coming from the fan motor. The bearings in the motor can wear out after a long operating life. When they do, they start grinding. You’ll need to get the fan motor replaced, since total fan failure is probably not too far off.
  • Rattling: A rattling noise can be a big deal or a little one. Sometimes leaves and twigs can get caught in the vents, and sound really bad when you hear them. They’re not a big deal. Clean them out and you’re good. Rattling inside the compressor itself is a problem. It means operating wear and tear is starting to build up, and your compressor may be on its last legs.
  • Hissing: If you hear a sharp hissing noise coming from the unit itself, that means one thing: refrigerant leak. Modern refrigerants are rarely dangerous to humans, but replacing it is expensive. Contact an HVAC professional immediately when you hear that noise.

Those are the major problem sounds you need to listen for when it comes to worrying about a noisy air conditioner.

And, remember, if the unit’s just loud, it’s probably just old. The only way to permanently solve that is with a new air conditioner that, purely by coincidence, we would be happy to sell you.

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