Tiny House Heating and Cooling Solutions

  • July 10, 2023
  • By MR COOL

Tiny homes provide prospective homeowners with a more affordable living solution and rarely exceed 500 square feet, while the median size of a new, single-family home is about 2,273 square feet. 

Since tiny homes are small, central heating and cooling systems might be too big and powerful. You need a flexible and compact system to meet your tiny home heating and cooling needs. Learn more about the different tiny house air conditioning and heating units below.

Tiny House Heating and Cooling Options

The best way to heat and cool a tiny house is with a nontraditional HVAC system, and combining the heating and cooling into one unit is often the easiest and most affordable way. Here are three system types that can increase your home’s comfort:

1. Mini-Split Systems

Mini-split systems are perfect for tiny houses because they consist of ductless units that control individual temperatures. Because of the size of tiny homes, you should only need one unit. These systems have the design flexibility for you to install them on your wall, suspended from your ceiling or flush with a drop ceiling. Either way, they don’t take up valuable floor space. 

Other benefits of mini-split systems include:

  • Easy installation: MRCOOL® ductless DIY® mini-split system is easy to install by yourself or with a friend.
  • Low ambient cooling: The DIY® 4th Generation E-Star mini-split system can cool the area to 5 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Smart control: You can use your Android or iOS smart device, or Google Assistant to control your unit.
  • Energy efficient: MRCOOL® 4th Generation Enhanced DIY® is Energy Star Certified for maintaining efficiency at optimum performance levels.
  • Quiet: Mini-split systems aren’t loud during operation because the compressor is outside.

2. Heat Pumps

A heat pump is just like an air conditioner with the added ability to heat a room. Ductless heat pumps may be an excellent choice for tiny houses because you don’t have to install ductwork, and they don’t take up floor space. 

Heat pumps are ground, water or air sourced, meaning they absorb heat from the ground, water or air and release it indoors to warm a home. They absorb the indoor heat and release it outside to cool a home. A heat pump can work in cold temperatures but typically performs better in warmer climates. 

Some advantages of heat pumps include: 

  • Energy efficient: Heat pumps are more efficient than other heating systems, so they typically cost less to operate.
  • Total system: Unlike a traditional HVAC system, heat pumps don’t have a separate air conditioning unit.
  • Improved air quality: They don’t dry out the air or use a combustion system to heat it.

3. Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) Units

This AC unit is great for tiny houses because you install it through the wall and place it under a window. PTACs contain the necessary components to heat and cool a room. Since they allow for individual temperature control, you can often find them in hotels, college dormitories and apartment buildings. If you choose to install a PTAC unit in your tiny home, here are some of the benefits you can enjoy: 

  • Quiet operation: PTACs operate quietly so they won’t disrupt your sleep or work.
  • Affordable: These units are more affordable than other heating and cooling systems.
  • Ductless: Ductless heating and cooling solutions are often best for tiny homes because they save you the expense of ductwork.
  • Improves air quality: They may improve indoor air quality by filtering the air.

Tiny House Heating Options

You may want something other than an HVAC system for various reasons, including your home’s size, the unit’s cost and your climate. Here are some products you can use to heat your home:

  • Wood-burning stove: Wood-burning stoves can create a cozy, rustic atmosphere in your home. You can use it as a heat source if you ever lose power. 
  • Space heaters: These heaters are compact, affordable and effective at heating small spaces.
  • Electric heaters: Electric heaters are an affordable option for heating a small room. You can opt for a wall unit so it doesn’t take up as much space.
  • Gas or electric fireplaces: Gas and electric fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and can make your home comfortable and toasty. However, depending on how cold your winters are, you may need a different primary heat source.

Tiny House Cooling Options 

If you need to both cool and warm your home, you may wish to purchase additional singular heating and cooling products, such as:

  • Window air conditioning unit: Window air conditioning units are reliable and affordable. They work efficiently to cool your home without taking up space.
  • Fans: You don’t need a ceiling fan to cool your home. Instead, you can purchase an oscillating fan. These fans are more powerful than others, but they operate quietly and can double as an air purifier that removes odors, pollutants and allergens. Placing a bowl of water or ice in front of your fan can circulate its moisture and coldness around the room.
  • Windows: You can cool your home by keeping your curtains closed during the day to prevent sunlight from warming up the space. Dark curtains can also help block sunlight, and you can open windows during the cooler evening to enjoy the breeze.

You should also be mindful of where you place your tiny home — choose a spot that sits in some shade at least part of the day to minimize heat absorption.

Maintain the Temperature in Your Home With MRCOOL®

When choosing what units work best for your home, consider your climate, home size, personal preferences and budget. Selecting a combination unit will be more cost-effective in the long run if you live in a climate with cold winters and hot summers. The upfront costs will cancel out because you’ll receive years of lower energy bills and a comfortable indoor environment. 

If you live in a mild climate, it might be more cost-effective to buy singular units. These products have lower upfront costs and can meet your heating and cooling needs. Whichever direction you take, you can maintain your ideal home temperature with MRCOOL® heating and cooling systems. 

MRCOOL was created to address the needs of consumers. They wanted heating and cooling options with design and installation flexibility and high-tech features. Our company uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture our heating and cooling products. It should be simple and easy for you to be comfortable in your home. We ensure it is with our smart control units, ductless HVAC systems and DIY products. Find a dealer near you, or contact us today to become a reseller.

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  1. Hi I am looking into your mini split units to install in my Living Quarters horse trailer. Can you advise me on which unit would work the best? Thank for your time!

    1. It would depend on the square footage of the space you want to install the system in! Our configurator located near the middle of our home page should greatly assist with this.

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