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Tiny Home Cooling Works Best with MRCOOL

  • September 1, 2016
  • By MR COOL

Tiny home cooling and heating is, obviously, an important consideration. If you’re thinking about joining this growing movement, let us explain to you exactly why a MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pump is your best option.

Tiny Home Cooling & You!

Good planning is a critical step when transitioning from a conventional house to a tiny home. Make sure you don’t forget how you’re going to stay warm or cool! The compact requirements of a tiny home mean you can’t rely on conventional central air conditioners or furnaces. If you tried, one of those units would take up a huge chunk of your livable space.

Which is bad.

You don’t have a lot of space as it is. The last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning and crawl over the furnace to get out of bed.

You need an air conditioning and heating system perfectly designed for non-traditional living.

MRCOOL Ductless Mini-Split Technology

Okay, so we didn’t actually design our MRCOOL mini-split heat pumps for tiny homes, but they work great anyway! Ductless technology has a ton of natural advantages compared to old fashioned window units or portable systems.

The biggest advantage is that, of course, a ductless unit is designed to work without air ducts for ventilation. Your tiny home is not going to use air ducts, so you need that sort of system.

Secondly, the only part of a mini-split that needs to be inside your tiny home is the air handler. This will not take up any of your valuable floor real estate. You can mount the air handler high up on an interior wall to stay out of your way in your tiny space.

Thirdly and perhaps most importantly, MRCOOL ductless mini-split heat pumps are designed for energy efficient and eco-safe operation. We manufacture some of the most efficient ductless units on the market, and all of our products rely on R-410A refrigerant. R-410A is a non-ozone depleting, chlorine-free substitute for last generation’s Freon. Tiny home living is about shrinking your footprint, and that should include your energy bill and your ozone impact.

Remember, with a MRCOOL ductless heat pump, you can live the tiny life you want without the sweat you don’t.

10 thoughts on “Tiny Home Cooling Works Best with MRCOOL”

  1. Very confusing website: need two units for our 36′ motor home. Will be spending the summer in Ajo, Arizona where it gets HOT! What do you think is right? The units must be portable, and, above all, QUIET! Thanks, M

    1. You want a ductless unit like the MRCOOL DIY or Oasis ES. They are powerful, and compact enough to be installed in tiny and mobile homes. They’re also very, very quiet.

  2. I was thinking your DIY units are too large for many tiny home at 12,000 BTU. I thought a tiny home would have to be around 300-450 sq ft for a 12,000 BTU. My tiny home exterior is 12′ x 12′ with 8′ ceilings a 12/12 roof. Up above the ceiling is an open loft, so the tiny house interior ceiling is the roof. I was thinking a 9,000 BTU only because that is as small a mini split as I can find. I thought over sizing an HVAC was just as bad as under sizing it???

    1. Over-sizing can be a problem with previous generation mini-splits. However, most new products like our MRCOOL ductless mini-splits use a DC inverter which reduces the negative impact of oversizing. You don’t want to go crazy with a 36k unit in a space that needs 9k, but a 12k in a 9k space shouldn’t be an issue.

  3. We are thinking of buying a Mr Cool 36k unit to supplement heating and cooling in part of our home as part of our home does not have duct work in it! We live in central Missouri! It does get cold here in winters! Is this something that would work for help in cooling and heating part of the home?

  4. I calculated my total required BTU’s for our small house to be 14.1 BTU. The two bedrooms are small, 195 sq.ft and 150 sq.ft, but with high sloped ceilings. The sloped ceiling are 9′ at lowest to 15′ at highest point. The downstairs is all open plan (no doors except for the bathroom), roughly 352 sq.ft, with 9′ ceilings.
    The smallest DIY multi zone compressor unit is 27,000 BTU, and the smallest indoor air handler is 9000 BTU.
    Will a 9000 BTU air handler and a 27,000 BTU outdoor unit in such small bedrooms be crazy/inefficient.
    I am thinking of installing 27,000 BTU multi zone DIY outdoor unit, with two 9000 BTU air handlers for the bedrooms and one 12,000 BTU air handler for the downstairs.
    Any feedback would be great!

    1. Would it be crazy inefficient? Probably not. Our mini-splits have variable-speed operation, so over-sizing is not as big a problem as it would be with a conventional central air system.

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