The New Configurator is HERE!

  • March 3, 2023
  • By MR COOL

We’ve added a lot of variety to our DIY lineup. While this means you have a number of ways to better customize your system to your needs, so many choices might be a little overwhelming.

No need to fear, because the 4th Gen Configurator is now here! This tool will help you choose the right system to keep you and your family completely comfortable in every season. Essentially, the configurator will walk you through the process of choosing the correct system, the best air handlers, and the right line set lengths. Let’s configure a system!

To start, you’ll need to go to the main page of our website,, or either of the DIY system webpages. Scroll about halfway through the page, and you’ll find the phrase “Configure Your 4th Gen MRCOOL® DIY® System” in brackets. Click on it, and the following window will appear. 

Simply choose how many zones you need covered! Let’s pretend that we need a 3-zone unit. We’d click on the button that says “2-3 ZONE,” which is a 27,000 BTU condenser. For this unit, we’d need to ensure that the air handlers we select don’t exceed 34,000 BTUs, and that the air handlers aren’t under 20,000 BTUs. 

When you’re ready to select an air handler, a drop-down menu will appear detailing the air handlers that this specific condenser can accommodate. Larger condenser units will have larger air handler units available as options. For our purposes, let’s pretend the first room we need to cover is around 350 square feet. We’d select the 9k unit for our first air handler. 

If our second room is around 500 square feet, we’d need to select a 12k unit. Let’s pretend our third room is also 350 square feet. We’d choose a 9k unit for that space as well. 

This is not a perfect example of everyone’s needs, and is moreso representative of an estimate. Factors like insulation, climate, sun exposure, and even the number of people in a space can affect the BTU capacity that you need. The only way to get an accurate estimate of the BTU capacity you need for a space is to have an HVAC professional perform a Manual J load calculation. 

On the next page of the window, you’ll decide the length of the line sets you need.

The maximum line set length for any of our DIY systems, no matter if it’s single-zone or multi-zone, is 75 feet. The total maximum length for line sets for the 27k BTU DIY® multi-zone condenser is 175 square feet. This means, for example, that you could not get a 75 foot line set for each air handler for this condenser. The maximum line set length will vary depending on the size of the condenser.

Let’s say our first air handler will be about 30 feet away from the condenser. We should choose the 35 foot line set for this air handler. The next air handler will only be about 12 feet away, so we don’t need as much line set. We should choose the 16 foot line set. If the final air handler is 48 feet away, we should get the 50 foot line set. 

Once we’re done choosing our line sets, the next page will list our system, and the components that comprise it! 

On this screen, you’ll be able to check over the items in the bundle to ensure they’re correct. You can also copy the bundle number to find the system at your preferred retailer, and you can copy the list of items in order to put the bundle together yourself. 

The configurator takes the confusion out of what could be a daunting decision. Making sure you have the correct system for your home can make all the difference when it comes to comfort, and now you can confidently choose what system will work best for you. 

Happy configuratin’!

14 thoughts on “The New Configurator is HERE!”

  1. I’m looking for a 2 ton split air system that will work for a greenhouse and they sell at Home Depot. Will this model work for a 600 square ft room with 13 ft ceilings in 110 and 20 degree temperatures that will keep the room between 70 to 75 degrees year round? Thank you

    1. A 2-ton unit, or 24k BTU system, might work for the space you describe. We do have a 24k BTU DIY ductless mini-split that you can install yourself. Visit the configurator to choose your unit and get your model number!

  2. I have a house that I feel I need the 4th Gen MRCOOL that would heat 1500 (36000 BTu) for the large den/living room and a second unit for the other area of the house that’s 980 Sq ft (24000 BTu).
    Do I have to have two of the inside wall units for the 1500 Sq ft room? I have an exterior wall that is Aprox center of the area to heat, will the one unit work? I really havent another wall that he line set can feed to due to the odd design of the house. Two HVAC installers have been here and both said I only need one indoor unit, that the outdoor is what determines the coverage. Thank you for your help.

    1. One unit should work if you allow it time to disperse air throughout the room. The outdoor unit/BTU capacity of the system is what determines coverage.

  3. I have 2 rooms (Size: 500 sq. ft. insulated basement and a 700 sq. ft. living room i.e. next level above basement) which I am planning to provide additional heating/cooling via multi-zone Heat Pump. Rest of my house have existing HVAC coverage. I live in New Jersey town (hardiness rating 6b/ 7a). I am planning to install a 36,000 BTU Multi-zone Heat Pump with 2 units of 18,000 BTU each. Should I go for a 4th generation EStar, or Olympus Hyper Heat system? I will use an electrician for installation.

    1. The 4th Generation DIY® Ductless Mini-Split is the only system that you’ll be able to install on your own, unless you are an HVAC professional. You will need to hire an installer for the Olympus Hyper Heat system. The Hyper Heat is also not a multi-zone system. The DIY® Ductless Mini-Split heats well, though, but as for any of our mini-split products, you may want to supplement it with another heat source.

  4. How can we configure using the cassettes instead of the wall units? also, what length of hose comes with each handler?

    1. The DIY® Ceiling Cassettes come in three sizes: 9k (handles ~350 square feet), 12k (handles ~500 square feet), 18k (handles ~750 square feet). Essentially, the sizing functions just like a typical system, so the configurator can still be used to see the BTU capacity of what you need. Right now, the configurator does not provide options for the DIY® Ceiling Cassette yet and will not be able to give you their model numbers or bundle numbers, but we are working on updating this. The line set typically comes with the condenser, and it is typically 25′, depending on your preferred retailer.

  5. I’ve read in product literature that the condenser needs a 66% load on it to function properly.
    I have a 27K condenser and a 12K air handler. This confirguration would be a 44% load on the condenser.
    Can I install this configuration without damaging the condenser or air handler? Thanks

  6. It’s absolutely ridiculous that you don’t have a live link to the configure tool in a blog post talking about the configure tool. I’ve been all over the main page looking for the configure tool, using two different browsers, and I simply don’t see it anywhere. I hope the installation of this HVAC system is simpler than navigating your webpage.

    1. I apologize for any confusion. If you scroll down on our home page, beneath the banner saying “Our Partners Succeed” and underneath the “The Best Options In HVAC” and “Mini-Splits,” there is a banner that says “Configure Your 4th Gen MRCOOL® DIY® System.” Click on this and the configurator will open!

  7. I have a new detached 3-bay garage workshop (24×36). No walls in between the bays (yet). It has a loft. The main workshop will be 2 bays or 24×24 (576 sq. ft.). The loft space has 2 bay windows and is 12×36 (432 sq. ft.). Trying to figure out what size units to consider. Assume worst case, I need to heat/cool entire main floor (24×36 or 864 sq. ft.). Configurator suggests a 2 zone system 18K BTU for the main space and 12K BTU for the loft. I’m in the northeast US. What would you recommend?

    1. Depending on insulation quality, sun exposure, and a number of other factors, the 18k and 12k multi-zone would work, but you could shoot for a 24k instead of the 18k as well, especially if you’re in a colder climate.

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