The MRCOOL® VersaPro™ Central Ducted Heat Pump Split System

  • May 21, 2024
  • By MR COOL

In today’s world, achieving the perfect balance between comfort and affordability in our homes is a constant challenge. The search for the ideal HVAC system often feels like an uphill battle, plagued by inconsistent temperatures, high energy bills, and outdated technology. Enter the MRCOOL® VersaPro™ Central Ducted DC Inverter Heat Pump System – a true game-changer in the world of home comfort. With its innovative features, including its energy-efficient performance, versatile installation options, and affordable cost, this system sets a new standard for HVAC excellence.

The MRCOOL® Difference

MRCOOL® proudly stands as one of the leading innovators in the HVAC industry, integrating advanced technology into our systems to provide our users with the best experience possible! Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and utilizing our premium painted galvanized steel, this system is designed to withstand the test of time.

The VersaPro™ Central Ducted Heat Pump Split System delivers excellent efficiency specs with a SEER2 rating of up to 16.9 and an HSFP2-4 rating of up to 10.2. Driven by DC inverter technology, the system provides precise control over heating and cooling output by adjusting the compressor speed. By only consuming the necessary energy to maintain your desired indoor temperatures, the VersaPro™ minimizes waste and increases efficiency, resulting in long-term cost savings in your utility bills. Built to be durable, the VersaPro™ offers consistent performance over time, giving you peace of mind about your home’s comfort needs.

Hybrid HVAC Solutions

At MRCOOL®, we understand the hurdles homeowners face when installing a new HVAC system in homes of varying layouts. That’s why we designed the VersaPro™ with flexibility in mind. Whether you’re upgrading your outdated ducted system, expanding your home, or looking for an option in your garage space, this system has you covered. With the VersaPro™, you can combine the smaller-sized VersaPro™ AHU units (18K, 24K, 30K) with a DIY® multi-zone condenser, creating a Hybrid HVAC solution. This method effortlessly combines ducted and ductless systems, perfect for any home layout. With a ducted air handler ensuring cozy temperatures throughout your home and extra wall-mounted air handlers or ceiling cassettes for specific spots, you can enjoy ultimate comfort in every part of your living space.

Flexible Installation Options

In the world of HVAC installations, setting up the VersaPro™ system is a seamless experience. Whether you need an upflow, downflow, or horizontal orientation on both sides, this system is equipped to meet all your heating and cooling needs. HVAC professionals will appreciate its compatibility with MRCOOL® pre-charged line sets, which facilitate quick and hassle-free connections. Plus, if you’re looking to add a heating kit for emergency backup, it’s as simple as integrating it into the setup.  

Adding to its flexibility, the VersaPro™ stands out for its high static capabilities, making it the ideal choice for modular and manufactured homes. With its ability to handle increased airflow resistance, this system is a great fit even in environments where traditional HVAC systems may struggle. Whether outfitting a modular or manufactured home, the VersaPro™ delivers reliable heating and cooling, supplying comfort and efficiency for homeowners in any setting.

Smart Home Capabilities

Discover how the latest HVAC technology can elevate your home’s comfort with the VersaPro™ system’s seamless integration of a wired thermostat and a wireless remote, complete with the exclusive Follow Me™ function. This cutting-edge feature syncs your wireless remote to your system, acting as a customized thermostat wherever you go. The system’s temperature control automatically adapts its settings based on your location within your home, providing you with tailored comfort in every room, regardless of external conditions. Plus, its self-diagnostic capabilities add another layer of reassurance by quickly identifying and resolving any potential issues with the system. With the VersaPro™, you get personalized comfort, exceptional performance, and convenience all in one system.

Peace of Mind Maintenance and Warranty

The 5-ton MRCOOL® VersaPro™ Central Ducted Heat Pump Split System offers an extensive 10-year warranty covering both parts and the compressor. This gives homeowners an extra layer of confidence, ensuring your investment is safeguarded for the long term. Additionally, the VersaPro™ is designed for easy maintenance with its easy-access removable filter and slide-out blower. With this assurance and convenient maintenance features, you can rest assured that your home comfort is in reliable hands, backed by MRCOOL®’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The VersaPro™ is an excellent solution for anyone looking to upgrade their home’s comfort or find a hybrid solution for their space. With its affordability, efficiency, and versatile installation options, it’s clear that the VersaPro™ is not just a system—it’s a testament to MRCOOL®’s dedication to delivering unparalleled comfort and peace of mind to homeowners. The MRCOOL® VersaPro™ is available now. Don’t wait—upgrade your home’s comfort today with the VersaPro™ Central Ducted Heat Pump Split System!

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