The MRCOOL Configurator: Configurate the Right System for Your Comfort

  • June 29, 2022
  • By MR COOL

It can be an easy decision to update your old HVAC system – especially if it doesn’t work properly. If you’ve decided to get a new heating and cooling system, you know that the real problem comes after. How do you decide what system to choose in the sea of HVAC products? We might be able to help with that, thanks to our MRCOOL Configurator Tool!

This tool is the key to planning out how the DIY MRCOOL Mini-Split system works in your home. It’s able to help you decide how many zones you want to heat and cool. It’ll also show you the general sizes that various units are typically able to cover. Let’s walk through it.

When you reach the MRCOOL home page, scroll down a little. The configurator should be located about midway down the main page. You’ll see a phrase in brackets that says “Configure Your 3rd Gen MRCOOL® DIY® System.” Click on that, and a window will pop up.

The next step is easy. Just choose the number of zones you want to heat and cool. If you need something like three small bedrooms cooled and heated, select the 2-3 zone option. This selects the 27k BTU condenser. When you click this option, the window will change, and you’ll be able to select the air handlers you need.

When it comes to this specific condenser, the 27k BTU unit, you can choose air handlers that equal up to a 36k BTU capacity, but you cannot have less than 18k BTUs, because the system needs to meet a certain BTU capacity to function appropriately. You will also need to choose at least two air handlers. If you just need one air handler, then you can find sizing for the single-zone systems on the previous window.

The 27k BTU condenser is compatible with a 9k BTU air handler that typically covers around 375 square feet, a 12k BTU air handler that can handle about 350-550 square feet, and an 18k BTU air handler that’s equipped to cover around 550-800 square feet. Remember that choosing the right system might depend on a number of outside factors, including the climate you live in, the quality of your space’s insulation, and the amount of sun exposure your space receives.

Once you select the air handlers you need, it’s time to move on to choosing your line sets! The 27k BTU condenser’s maximum overall line set length is 197 feet, but the maximum line set length per air handler is 75 feet. You’ll need to choose a line set for each air handler that you have, and the lengths you can choose are 16 feet, 25 feet, 50 feet, and 75 feet. The latter two lengths are actually a combination of line sets, as the only increments of pre-charged line sets we offer are 16 feet and 25 feet! The 50 foot and 75 foot selections will include additional line sets and Quick Connect coupler kits, which allow you to link two pre-charged line set per coupler kit!

Once you’ve decided on the line sets you want, move on to the next page, and you’ll receive the model number of the system you created! This page also features the model numbers for every component in the bundle. You can copy this model number, as well as the list of items that make up the bundle, so that you can find the exact system you need!

Using the MRCOOL Configurator can be the first step in clarifying what our multi-zone DIY ductless mini-split systems can do, and it helps you decide what you need. The configurator can help you achieve complete comfort with the click of a button!

14 thoughts on “The MRCOOL Configurator: Configurate the Right System for Your Comfort”

  1. Hello is there any significant difference between the 27btu ; 24btu units
    I want to buy the gen 4th But I’m confused about the minimum but required for the 27btu condenser unit the article explains that it requires at least half the btu’s for the unit to work correctly so a 24btu condenser has to have 1one 12btu handler on which is half the but running, but what about
    The 27BTUS condenser unit,, it has to have a 12kBtu and a 9k but running constantly in order to work properly,,,a 27kBTU condenser Can’t be running just a 9kbtu unit because it requires at least half of the btu’s so at least a 12kbtu plus a 9kbtu has to be on and running at all times for the 27kbtu condenser unit to have at least half of the required btus???
    What’s the minimum btus required for th 27kbtu condenser unit?

    1. The 24k BTU DIY ductless mini-split system is NOT a multi-zone system. The only air handler that it is compatible with is a 24k BTU air handler. That is correct for the 27k BTU system. It will not function properly if just a 9k air handler is connected and operating, as that does not reach half of the condenser’s capacity. You will need to have at least 13.5k BTUs running for the 27k BTU condenser.

      1. The previous information makes no sense at all.
        First of all why does Mrcool Not have a DIY 24kBTU condenser unit that’s multy zone capable of cooling 2 rooms,,,
        A 12kBTU handler in one room an a second 12kBTu handler in another room equals 24k it does not equal 27.
        Secondly if I buy a 27kBTU MULTIZONE condenser unit with a 9kBTU handler for one room & a 18kBTU handler for a second room that equals 27kBTU…but…
        Acording to the previous statement I WONT be able to run & cool just one room with the 9kBTU handler because it does NOT have the 13.5k btu (OR HALF) that is required,,,
        And neighter would it be sufficient to run & cool just one room with the 12kBTU handler because HALF of 27k is 13.5 and there are NO 13.5kBTU available,,,only 9k, 12,k and 18k
        So the must simple solution would be to make a 24kBTU DIY multy Zone with a 12K & 12kBTU which equal 24_BTU available for sale.
        Why would I buy a 27kBTU condenser unit with a 9k and 12k (handlers) if I won’t be able to run neighter one just by them selfs..then I would have to buy a 9k & 18k (handlers) and I still run into the same problem…unable to run just the 9k due to lack of insufficient BTU’s …which is half,,,which is 13,5k…

        1. The 27k BTU DIY multi-zone mini-split system CAN accommodate two 12k BTU air handlers. We do NOT have a multi-zone 24k BTU condenser. Since our only 24k BTU condenser is a single-zone, it is only compatible with a 24k BTU air handler. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we do not make a 24k BTU multi-zone condenser.

  2. I want to buy a 36 K condenser that will be hooked up to 2 air handlers, an 18K and a 24K. As I understand the system I will be able to run the system at times with only the 18K running. Is this true?

  3. You mentioned about Mr Cool Configurator but didn’t put the link. It says somewhere around halfway of the homepage but I can’t see it anywhere.

    1. There is not a link to it, because it opens a window on the home page. On our home page, there is a bracket with the quote “Configure Your 3rd Gen MRCOOL DIY System, 4th Gen Configurator Coming Soon” just above the middle of the page if you’re scrolling down.

  4. We are looking to replace an existing 12000 BTU unit with a 4th Generation MrCool DIY unit. Service power though on existing unit is 230V rather than 115V. Is a 230V 4th Generation 12000 unit available? Recommendations?

  5. How much energy in kWh does your 2 and 3 zone unit use during operation? What are the electrical wiring requirements,

    1. It greatly depends on what air handlers you have connected to the system. The 18k BTU 2 zone condenser is a 25A, 208-230V unit, and the 27k 3 zone condenser is a 40A, 208-230V unit.

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