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Is the Smart Home Here?

smart home

Is our smart home finally here?

Futurists have promised smart home technologies and systems for a very long time. They’ve also promised flying cars, jet packs, and personal helicopters.

Some of those things (hint: it’s not the jet packs) are finally here.

Your Smart Home with Nest (and MrCool, of course)

Heard of Nest?

If not, you need to get acquainted. Nest is a company developing high-tech, smart alternatives to traditional home technologies. Their best and brightest example is the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Programmable thermostats have been around for years. In theory, they allow your central air system to work more efficiently. When you’re home, it’s running. When you’re not, it dials down to save energy and cash.

This is great, but the programming part of the programmable thermostat has always been the hard part. They were not, to put it simply, easy to figure out.

How is the Nest Learning Thermostat different?

The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself. All you have to do is teach it your schedule for a few days by turning it up or down as needed, and it will learn what you need and when. That learning really pays off when your annual heating and cooling bill drops 20%.

And that’s not all Nest has to offer.

Nest Protect

You have a smoke alarm in your home. Most people use their smoke alarm to terrify the dog every time something burns on the stove. Another great thing conventional smoke alarms do really well is wake you up in the middle of the night, because, let’s face it, that’s the only time when a smoke alarm battery could possibly gets low.

It’s like they want us to hate them.

But smoke alarms are definitely here to stay. Today, fires are more dangerous, and can completely consume a room in as little as five minutes.

Nest Protect is the alternative. Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm designed to alert you when there’s an actual threat, and it does so in an innovative way. If the Nest Protect detects a fire in the living room, it will sound an alarm and speak in a clear, human voice. It tells you, clearly, where and what the danger is. It will even send a message to your smart phone or tablet. You’ll know the moment disaster strikes whether you’re home or not.

Plus, it doesn’t beep interminably when the battery gets low. It just sends you a heads-up on your phone, so you can change the battery comfortably before you’re asleep.

And MrCool?

Of course, we aren’t going to leave ourselves out of this smart home equation. Select MrCool systems are Nest Thermostat compatible, and we go a step further. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can control our newest MrCool units from your smart phone or tablet with a fingertip.

Smart home technology doesn’t have to be hard, annoying, or complicated. It can now be easy, simple, and convenient.

We’re in the future after all.

Smartphone Controls

I was born before everybody and their camel used a smartphone, but I do not remember what those dark year were like. How did we talk to people without texting? How did we coordinate business arrangements without conference calls? How did we order pizza?!

I don’t know, and I don’t want to remember.

If you’re like me, a smartphone dependent, then you will be pleased to learn that we are developing a smartphone control app for MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps via the Nest thermostat.

What’s Nest?

Nest is one of the best innovations in the residential thermostat market in decades. Programmable thermostats are great, but no one really knows how they work. They’re complicated! Which means the average person wastes a lot more energy heating and cooling their home than they should. Nest is a smart thermostat than can do all the programming, learning, and planning for you.

We here at MrCool.com have partnered with Nest to further improve the ease with which you, the consumer, control your home HVAC system. Our Nest-integrated app will allow you to control your MrCool from your smartphone. That’s as convenient as a greased up hog on a unicycle.

If you’ve got questions about our up-and-coming smart technology, drop us a line at MrCool.com. Or you can send us a letter the old fashioned way via carrier pigeon.

I assume that’s how the post office still does it.

Nest Eggs and Thermostats

Let me tell you about thermostats. Yes, I know, a thermostat isn’t exactly the most exciting home feature, but it’s a lot more important to home energy efficiency than you may realize. A modern programmable thermostat could save the average homeowner about 20% or more every year on their utility bill. Most people don’t save this money.


The answer is pretty easy. Most modern programmable thermostats are not very user-friendly. The average homeowner doesn’t realize how much they could be saving, so they never take the time to figure out their complicated thermostat controls. Which brings me to the Nest thermostat.

Nest is amazing. The Nest thermostat has all the capability of a programmable thermostat, but is built with user-friendliness in mind. All you have to do with a Nest thermostat is use it like you do your regular thermostat. Over time, the Nest thermostat learns your habits, and programs itself to improve household energy efficiency.

This is the MrCool blog, so you might be wondering what our ductless mini-split systems have to do with the Nest thermostat. Nest isn’t just a thermostat developer, they’re interested in making our homes smarter and more energy efficient through partnerships with other companies which is why they have the Nest Developer Program. The program is designed to promote interactivity between all the systems in a modern home regardless of manufacturer, and we’re proud to say that we’re a part of this ‘cool’ initiative.

So, what’s coming up between MrCool and Nest? There are a lot of ideas on the drawing board, and, let me just say, the future is going to be a very smart place.

Unless aliens invade. No guarantees if that happens.