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Do you know how SEER rating affects your electric bill?

how SEER rating affects your electric bill

You’ve got an air conditioner, or maybe a heat pump, that you use to keep your house cool in hot summer weather. The US government and the HVAC industry rate that air conditioner or heat pump according to a metric known as SEER. You may have heard of SEER before, but do you know how the SEER rating affects your electric bill?


You need to get a handle on SEER, because it directly impacts how much YOU are going to pay each month for electricity.

How SEER Rating Affects Your Electric Bill

I’ve talked about SEER before on the blog, so I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about what it means. Briefly, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a rough estimate of how efficiently your air conditioner burns energy to produce air cooling, and higher is always better.

Let’s get back to how SEER rating affects your electric bill. That’s what you’re here for isn’t it?

You’re a clever person. You’ve probably already figured out that a higher SEER rating means you’ll use less energy to power your air conditioner. You’ll save money, because you don’t have to buy as much juice to keep your family comfortable.

Pretty straightforward.

Think Bigger

Don’t think about SEER on just a month-to-month basis. You need to think bigger. You need to think in terms of years and decades.

I like to say that a heating and air unit does not have a single price tag. The price tag everyone sees is the cost to buy it. The price most people don’t see or think about is the price they pay every month to keep that unit running.

That’s where SEER matters.

You can go bottom dollar and buy a 13 SEER unit relatively cheaply. Don’t get me wrong – these are not bad units. 13 SEER is a lot more efficient than the air conditioner our parents had when we were kids.


While you pay a lower up front cost for a lower SEER unit, you’re going to pay a higher relative cost every single month you operate that system.

Now you’re thinking about how that SEER rating affects your electric bill aren’t you? You’re thinking that a slightly more expensive system is going to cost you less every month, and you’re exactly right. The more expensive unit consumes less energy, and that means you pay your utility company less month after month, year after year. Those savings add up to a lot over the life of a typical system.

Now you know how SEER rating affects your electric bill, and, I hope, can make a more educated decision when it comes to your next HVAC purchase.

Financial Literacy Month?

Real Financial Literacy

Yes, it’s weird, but April is actually National Financial Literacy Month in the United States.

Wait, what the heck does that even mean?

Basically, the US government thinks it’s a good idea for US citizens to be informed about healthy financial habits. Stuff like don’t spend more than you make, don’t overuse credit cards, never look a gift horse in the mouth, don’t pet a burning dog, and so on.

Try not to get too excited.

Financial Literacy and MrCool

And now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Sure, I get that, but why are you, MrCool, talking about financial literacy?”

And I say, “Because saving money is just as important as earning money.”

And you say back, “Oh, you mean like saving money every month thanks to a high efficiency MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump like the Premier?”

And I say, “Exactly.” An energy efficient home heating and air conditioning system is a great way to stay ahead of your bills. After all, no one wants to sacrifice home air comfort just to save a few bucks. If they did, you’d see a lot more sweaty people. High efficiency systems, like all the systems you’ll find at MrCool.com, will let you shave dollars of your utility bill and stay totally cool at the same time.

So, how’s your financial literacy?

If it’s not as good as you would like, you need the MrCool Premier, MrCool Oasis, or the MrCool DIY. Studies that I just conducted among my office staff have shown that investing in one of these high efficiency systems will improve your own financial literacy by as much as 50%. You can’t argue with that. It’s science.

Okay, okay, maybe you could argue with that, but it is absolutely true that you can save money with a high efficiency, properly installed ductless mini-split system.

Energy-Saving Mode Saves

Every MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump needs energy to work. I realize I’m probably not breaking down any knowledge walls with that statement, but just bear with me. Now, unless you have your own home nuclear reactor, you’re going to be buying the energy from your local utility company.

That costs dollars.

We all love modern heating and cooling, but who loves paying their utility bill? Anyone? No one? Okay, so how do you get air comfort for the lowest possible price? Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you, because I’m a ‘cool’ guy.

Energy efficiency!

The most efficient HVAC systems on the market let you get the air comfort you want at a lower price point than previous generation systems. MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps are built for efficiency, so you can rest assured they can help you save. Energy-saving mode lets you stretch that energy dollar even farther.

What is energy-saving mode?

It’s an optional running mode built into most MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump systems. When you’re trying to save money, this option will let you do just that without having to manually dial down system operation every time you leave the operating zone.

Does that sound complicated? Yeah, that sounds complicated. Don’t worry. Just hit energy-saving mode, and the MrCool will do the rest.

MrCool Makes Going Green Easy

Everybody’s jumping on the ‘Go Green’ bandwagon. Ha! I was trying to Go Green way before it was cool. Back in 1986 I went to a Halloween party as the Hulk, and painted myself green. It was an awesome costume, but you should know it takes months for green spray paint to wear off which meant I was still the Hulk in the family Christmas photo.

My mother did not care for it.

The point I’m trying to make is that I and my company, MrCool, are dedicated to green living. That means energy efficiency. All our ductless mini-split heat pump units are built to operate as energy efficiently as they can while remaining affordable and high performing.

What does that mean for the consumer?

It means you should really consider going green with a MrCool heat pump. Not only is an energy efficient system better for the environment, and that’s nice, but a good unit can save you money.

Think about it this way. When it’s hot outside, the majority of the energy you buy from the local utility company goes straight into your home cooling system, air conditioner or otherwise. If you have an HVAC system that uses your energy dollars more efficiently, you aren’t going to need to spend as many of them.

In short, going green with MrCool means you still get great interior air comfort while saving money.

You’re welcome.