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MrCool Blog’s Amazing 50th Post

MrCool blog

Welcome to the MrCool blog’s 50th post.

If you want to take a moment to catch your breath, I completely understand. The mental stamina I required to create 50 different blog posts in only a few decades of life is truly remarkable to behold. I give you permission to swoon.

The MrCool Blog and the Future

What will happen in the future? I don’t know! I’m a genius marketer and industrialist not a psychic. Be reasonable.

But I can tell you what will happen in the coming days with the MrCool Blog. Is that what you were wondering? Oh, well, I accept your apology for your use of inaccurate language.

Amazing MrCool Blog Posts You May Have Missed

Before we delve into the MrCool Blog future, let’s go over some of my greatest hits.

Do you know how often you should change your A/C filter? I do. Learn more here.

Is your air conditioner loud and noisy? Wonder why? My MrCool Blog may have the answer.

Do you even know what ductless mini-splits are, bro? I do. I know things.

Are you using an energy-saving programmable thermostat like Nest for your home? You should be. I do, and I’m awesome.

The Deep, Far Future of the Next Week or Two

What is coming in the future of the MrCool blog? We have a few surprises in store. We’ve got a new product I can’t yet talk about. It’s called the MrCool Advantage and it’s amazing. We’re going to talk about how to get the most of your home air conditioner, how to maintain over the long term, and, further afield, we’ll talk about how to prepare your A/C for winter.

There’s lots of good things coming down the pike, boys and girls. Stay tuned.

I love you.

MrCool, out!

13 is the Unluckiest Number

13 is an unlucky number, or so people have said for as long as I’ve been alive. I’m not sure why 13 is unlucky, but, supposedly, it is. Many buildings omit the 13th floor on their elevators, and a lot of people take special care on the 13th day of the month, particularly if its a Friday.

This is my 13th MrCool blog post. I’m not sure if 13 is unlucky in blogs or not, but I’m going to be especially careful to make sure I don’t get cursed by a witch or something.

So, what am I going to talk to you about in this blog? Nothing dangerous, that’s for sure. I do want to reiterate that MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps are some of the best systems on the market when it comes to delivering high quality heating and cooling air comfort. Aside, from that, which seems pretty safe to say, I’m not sure how much else I’m willing to risk.

I definitely shouldn’t talk about serial killers, werewolves, unholy horses, Frankenstein’s monster, aliens, Grandpa’s haunted rocking chair, that weird old lady across the street who may or may not be a sorceress, or the infamous Nightmare Llama of Flint, Michigan.

So, I won’t.