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Summer Cooling Tips & Tricks

  • June 16, 2016
  • By MR COOL

Summer heat is great on the beach. It’s not so great at home, at the office, or when you’re mowing the backyard. Rely on MrCool’s patented (not really) summer cooling tips and tricks to beat the summer heat without breaking your bank account.

Summer Cooling Tips & Tricks

The simplest and most effective way to beat summer heat is with a MrCool air conditioner like the DIY, Advantage or Olympus I mean, obviously. If you are looking for non-mechanical ways to stay cool, we do have some suggestions.

Close the Blinds

Natural illumination is nice. It can also make your rooms a lot hotter in summer. If you want to keep cool without the a/c, close your curtains and draw the blinds. Believe it or not, blocking hot summer sunlight will help you stay comfortable.

Appreciate Your Fans

We appreciate our fans and you should too. No, we’re not talking about that weird guy at the library who always asks for your autograph. That guy is just crazy, and insanity does not reduce temperatures. We’re talking about ceiling fans and box fans. They won’t actually lower the temperature, but the air flow will make your feel a lot more comfortable. Fans, of course, use electricity, but not at the same rate as most conventional HVAC systems.

Stay Hydrated

Your body is quite efficient at cooling itself. Yeah, sweating isn’t exactly as comfortable as cool, crisp conditioned air from a MrCool Advantage, but sweat does work. The key is to stay hydrated. Not only will that help you stay cool, but it’s simply a matter of health and safety. If you get too hot and you’re not properly hydrated, you are at risk of overheating. That’s bad. Keep a glass of water handy.

16 thoughts on “Summer Cooling Tips & Tricks”

  1. Under 12K DIY unit 110 volts or 120 does the dehumidifier use less electricity than the air conditioning?
    Thank you. Frank

    1. There should be a energy consumption decrease in dehumidification mode due to the controlled fan speed, but I doubt it is significant.

    1. An F2 error code indicates a problem with the temperature sensor. It might have been wired incorrectly or the sensor could have failed. I recommend you call our tech support team at 270-366-0457.

  2. Condenser and 3 9k btu indoor units.
    Indoor unit model #O-MULTI09HP-WMAH-230
    E3 error code, the fan won’t cycle in auto or while using the remote. I checked the connector is firmly attached at the circuit board.
    — error code, what does “mode conflict” indicate?

  3. 18000 unit 240 volt with heat pump. Got it set up in a building I use for complete storage sealer up what is my most efficient operation mode? Looking to keep building dry not so much caring about temperature but not wanting it 90 degrees obviously my options dry mode or auto or cool? Midwest humidity what will save me $ there is no economy mode from what I see. Thank you

    1. If you want to maximize dehumidification, you can operate the unit in Dry mode. It will still cool in Dry mode, but at a lower pace than in Cool mode.

  4. Is there a way to set the unit so that it stops blowing air when the desired temperature is reached?

    I have model DIY-12HP-WMAH-115AE

    1. Hello, thank you for reaching out.

      No, the fan in the indoor unit will continue to spin while the unit is on. The unit operates this way for a few different reasons:
      1) It’s more energy efficient. It actually takes less power to keep the motor going than it does to start it.
      2) Less wear and tear. The life of the motor is extended by minimizing the amount of times the motor has to start and stop.
      3) Humidity control. Continually spinning the fan means continually pulling humidity out of the air.

  5. When I use Dry Mode at 65 degrees, my humidity level goes up. What temperature setting do you recommend for dry mode? Model is a-18-hp-wmah-230a.

    I’d like to get additional dehumidification from this unit, any additional tips would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Your humidity level shouldn’t go up while operating in Dry Mode. You may need to give us a call on that. 270-366-0457

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