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Single, Dual, or Total Zone Control!!!

A single MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump unit is designed to provide effective and efficient air comfort to a single zone in your home. What is a single zone? Don’t worry too much, because it’s a pretty simple concept. A single zone in the average home is just a typical room. Your kitchen? One zone. Your garage? One zone. Your living room? One zone.

I think you’ve got it.

What happens if you have multiple zones (i.e. – multiple rooms) in your home that you want heated and cooled? The answer is multi-zone installation. How does that work?

All you have to do is install a single MrCool unit in every zone you require air comfort. Not only will you get reliable performance, but you’ll be able to customize the environment in every zone to your personal desires.

For example, a kitchen can get pretty warm compared to the rest of the house when your cooking and baking. With multi-zone control, you have no worries. You can increase the cooling in the kitchen without freezing everyone elsewhere in the house.

Want to keep the bathroom warm on those cold winter mornings? Bam! Multi-zone heating will do it. Tick the heat up on the MrCool that services the bathroom, and stop freezing when you hop out of the shower.

Or just step out of the shower. I don’t know how you do it. Personally, I have myself lifted out of the shower by a butler I named Jefferson. His real name is Mitchell, but I like Jefferson better.

2 thoughts on “Single, Dual, or Total Zone Control!!!”

  1. I have a 12 unit Apartment Building that I think this will be a perfect solution for. One of my questions is the remote control. I would need to be able to get replacement remotes. I think an excellent solution would be wall mounted remotes (to reduce breakage and loosing them). I would like to talk with someone about this as a solution to my HVAC for these buildings.

    1. Replacement remotes is something we can help with. Give us a call at 270-366-0457, ask for Daniel, and help however we can.

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