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All Season Air Comfort

A lot of people have an air conditioner to keep them cool in the summer, and they have a furnace or boiler to keep them warm in winter. In spring and fall, they use one or the other depending on what the weather is like outside. Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a single HVAC system that could deliver great air comfort in every single season?

What an interestingly leading question.

Fortunately for you, a MrCool ductless mini-split can both heat and cool, because, at it’s core, it’s a heat pump. Heat pumps work exactly like modern air conditioners, except a heat pump can reverse its operating cycle to heat whenever you need it. Air conditioners can’t do that. No matter how nicely you ask your air conditioner, it won’t run backwards to heat the house.

I know, I tried.

So, if you’re interested in simplifying your home HVAC system and improving air comfort, you want a MrCool ductless mini-split heat pump. It will keep you cool in summer heat, and warm you up in winter chill. For fall and spring? Well, of course, a MrCool works just as well in those mixed-up seasons as it does in summer and winter.

Finally, you can get some air comfort simplicity in your complicated modern life. If you want to thank me personally, I accept cards, flowers, and chocolate treats.

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