MrCool Customer Reviews

Real MrCool Customer Reviews

  • June 30, 2015
  • By MR COOL

A recent visitor to our Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment, offers a customer rewards program to encourage feedback. Some of these customers purchased and installed MrCool systems, and left review videos on YouTube.

We’ve picked out a few for you to view at your leisure.

Press Play Rewards MrCool Customer Reviews Videos

The first review we want to show you comes from a customer who installed two MrCool ductless systems in their home. They even plan on buying a third unit.

The next MrCool customer review video comes from a customer who installed the equipment himself thanks to our convenient DIY package. He estimates that he saved around $2000.

Hopefully these review videos will show that we’re serious about sticking around and doing things right in the very competitive heating and air market.

If you’ve got some MrCool customer reviews or a story you’d like to share, leave us feedback in the comments or via our Previous post: ... Next post:

21 thoughts on “Real MrCool Customer Reviews”

  1. I put in an order through Home Depot for a Mr. Cool DIY 12000btu mini split system on May 29th.
    Home Depot tells me the problem with delays is from the production side. Once again, they were told my unit would ship last week.
    What is going on ? Would be nice to get the unit in before fall.

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