MrCool Customer Reviews

Real MrCool Customer Reviews

  • June 30, 2015
  • By MR COOL

A recent visitor to our Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment, offers a customer rewards program to encourage feedback. Some of these customers purchased and installed MrCool systems, and left review videos on YouTube.

We’ve picked out a few for you to view at your leisure.

Press Play Rewards MrCool Customer Reviews Videos

The first review we want to show you comes from a customer who installed two MrCool ductless systems in their home. They even plan on buying a third unit.

The next MrCool customer review video comes from a customer who installed the equipment himself thanks to our convenient DIY package. He estimates that he saved around $2000.

Hopefully these review videos will show that we’re serious about sticking around and doing things right in the very competitive heating and air market.

If you’ve got some MrCool customer reviews or a story you’d like to share, leave us feedback in the comments or via our Previous post: ... Next post:

37 thoughts on “Real MrCool Customer Reviews”

  1. I put in an order through Home Depot for a Mr. Cool DIY 12000btu mini split system on May 29th.
    Home Depot tells me the problem with delays is from the production side. Once again, they were told my unit would ship last week.
    What is going on ? Would be nice to get the unit in before fall.

  2. I really enjoyed the AC at first but then had problems with the scheduling and they took several calls in to get anyone to respond. Finially got the scheduling and they then told me that if I wanted to use scheduling I could not use the remote,but had to use my phone. I do not carry my phone all the time and if in the garage it would be nice to just pick up the remote and lower the temp.
    Next problem was about a week after getting the scheduling up and renning I started to recieve E1 error. Again it took several phone calls and no response I then emailed them and we went back and fourth during the troubleshooting process but I never recieved the next step to do. I emailed them a couple of times and did not get any reply. The first email was sent June 26. A month without AC in AZ is horrible. I can not use my garage because of the excessive heat Today is 107 and the garage is showing 110.
    I regret buying any product that the company does not stand behind their product.

    1. Tim, we definitely apologize. We’ve been overwhelmed this summer will an extraordinary amount of calls and sales. If you can give me a good contact phone number, I’ll make certain someone calls you back as soon as possible.

  3. Do you have a unit with multiple heads? We have a tiny home ( 600 sq. Ft) but it’s 4 rooms, one of which is a kitchen with a gas stove. I would like to have optimum efficiency, but my kitchen gets really hot.

  4. I ordered a Mr. Cool Advantage 12K unit in late June from Lowe’s. Their customer service department gave me a tracking number because they still haven’t received my unit. On the UPS website it says that the label has been created for the shipment but the package has yet to be given to UPS. How long should I expect to wait before I can receive my order?

  5. Dear Sir:
    I just got off the phone,I called mrcool tech and was transferred to leave a message. I ask for help with the unit I’m still getting a code(p2) I got a local air conditioner tech and said the feon was perfect set on his gauge and the 5volt was right on! Please get me help!
    Thank you

    1. A P2 error code means that the mini split has a high temperature protection of the compressor. There could be something obstructing the airflow of the unit, if you’ve confirmed that the refrigerant and power supply are fine. If you left a message with tech support, then they should get back to you as quickly as they can, but we might recommend to keep calling.

  6. I purchased a double unit mini split in april 2020 worked great for two months then shut down . Model# multi 327hp230vi displaying code f5 p4 po. Help Please we are going through a heat wave.

  7. I purchased a 18k diy e star unit. We have had it a couple weeks and is running great. Installation was pretty easy. Hopefully no future problems will crop up. At the moment, I would highly recommend the diy line for the homeowner with a budget. I am definitely going to order a second unit for another part of the house.

  8. I just wanted to verify that the copper coolant lines can be run upward above the unit and the condensate drain line can be run downward. I have a unique situation where I need the large coolant lines to go upward into the floor joists cavity.

  9. I purchased a 36k unit in September of 2018. I used the unit a few times per week during the winter to heat my shop.
    Didn’t use it at all during the summer.

    Next winter I couldn’t get the unit to turn on. The remote display was on, but nothing. So I installed a backup heat source. I had the unit looked at by a friend and he determined the batteries were dead in the remote even though the display on the remote was on. There was no low battery warning on the remote.

    So I used the unit a few times after that then in November of this year I wanted to heat my shop again and the unit came up with an E1. I called and was sent a new control board for the outdoor unit.

    When I pulled the unit apart to replace the board I found burned connections. I called and sent in a picture of the burned parts. That was the day before Thanksgiving. On the following Monday I got a shipping notice for a new $1300 condenser. I have to say that impressed me. They were supposed to call me about it, but haven’t. I don’t know if I can just disconnect the lines and put on the new unit, of need a tech to come out. I called and asked about it and was assured someone would call. So far they haven’t.

    I’m impressed with the warranty service. I am concerned about the longevity of the system. Having to replace the unit really concerns me. Time will tell i guess.

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