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Real MrCool Customer Reviews

MrCool Customer Reviews

A recent visitor to our blog was looking for independent MrCool customer reviews. We talk to our customers everyday, so we hear what they think. Unfortunately, most of our customers do not run their own review sites.

We think we’ve found a solution.

One of our distributing partners, Ingram’s Water & Air Equipment, offers a customer rewards program to encourage feedback. Some of these customers purchased and installed MrCool systems, and left review videos on YouTube.

We’ve picked out a few for you to view at your leisure.

Press Play Rewards MrCool Customer Reviews Videos

The first review we want to show you comes from a customer who installed two MrCool ductless systems in their home. They even plan on buying a third unit.

The next MrCool customer review video comes from a customer who installed the equipment himself thanks to our convenient DIY package. He estimates that he saved around $2000.

Hopefully these review videos will show that we’re serious about sticking around and doing things right in the very competitive heating and air market.

If you’ve got some MrCool customer reviews or a story you’d like to share, leave us feedback in the comments or via our website. We would love to hear from you.


21 thoughts on “Real MrCool Customer Reviews”

  1. I was a little intimidated about installing a complete AC/heating system by myself. Until I talked with Gerald Dysart at MrCool support. Gerald should write the book on customer service, if I had a question he was right there. I even sent a photo of my electrical wiring just as a precaution. His responded within a few minutes with a thumbs up. His commitment to help me and his communication with me was all it took to turn this into a very pleasant experience.
    I turned the unit on yesterday for the first time and I’m totally impressed. I couldn’t work in the shed during the summer months, now I can use it comfortably year round.

  2. Our 40+ year old central air unit went out about five years ago. Quotes back then were from six to eight thousand, so for the couple of weeks a year we really need AC I decided to skip it, us the pool, put a window air unit in the back office.

    Now we’re getting on in years and wife is working from home, so revisited this. Current quotes were $8K to $17K for a 3-4 ton system with new ducting since the old ones are, well, old and leaky. Gee, really? Uh, no.

    Found out about minisplits – have seen them in use, nothing short of amazing. Then found MrCool DIY, and Ingrams Water and Air, the distributor. Ordered out a 2-ton and installed it all myself, and it works absolutely fantastic. Heats and cools the whole house, and we can now enjoy our home even when the mercury climbs! An no over-prices HVAC professional, it truly is a DIY project.

    While there are other brands out there, some even for less, they all require HVAC tools to setup, and they state clearly they will not honor their warranty if you install it yourself. What a racket. So Ingrams Water and Air is the distributor of MrCool (Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Amazon too) and they fully back the warranty for your DIY install. It all ends up costing a couple of hundred more than a cheaper unit with a HVAC pro doing the vac, test, and turn-up.

    MrCool gets rave reviews and if there’s a problem Ingrams is there for you. It’s a can’t-lose proposition!

  3. System is installed. I need a way to extend the condensate line from the indoor unit about 15 ft. to the outdoor unit. The factory line is a corrugated plastic line, but there is no similar line available in hardware stores. Has any body else encountered this problem? I’m dead in the water until I solve it. Bad design flaw, in my opinion.

    1. Any AC supply has these lines. it does not need to go where your outside condenser unit is – it can drain anywhere convenient, or even attach to a condensate pump that empties into a sewer drain, like for your clothes washer. You can use regular pvc water pipe as well. The corrugated line is very flexible and that’s why it is primarily used. Don’t leave low spots in it or water will remain inside the line – you want it to all drain out. It does not need to follow your lineset exactly unless it is convenient.

      Mine comes down the outside wall inside a cover along with the lineset, then connects to a pvc pipe with an elbow that fills a garden watering can. The tomatoes and flowers love it. 😉

      Poor planning on installation does not constitute a design flaw. LOL
      All air conditioning units need a condensate drain, be central unit with an air handler, or a mini-split. If you pay attention you’ll occasionally see a commercial building with water exiting a drain on the side and water running across the parking lot. Now that is a design flaw.

  4. I’ve had my Mr Cool unit for approximately 9 months. I live in Texas where it can get quite hot and humid. I was concerned the unit would not adequately heat & cool my 1400 sg. ft. garage. It is now July and I must say I am tremendously happy with my purchase. I’m retired and plan to spend many hours in my garage working on my classic vehicles. This Mr Cool unit keeps my shop at a constant comfortable temperature. I highly recommend this company and their products!

  5. I bought 4 of these units one had leak Home Depot has ordered another now another one has a e1 code after running great for about 2weeks had HVAC check it out said all connections good do not want to pay another install please advise al 4 are 18000 btu

  6. How cost efficient is this unit?
    My house was built in 1940 plaster walls not much insulation. Would it be a good investment for me?

    1. Ductless mini-splits are very efficient. They’re much more efficient than portable or window air conditioners.

  7. Once the unit is all hooked up and running if you decide to move it to a different location can a do-it-yourselfer still do that by disconnecting everything the same way as hooking it up

    1. Yes, it is possible to disconnect the DIY (basically run the installation backwards) and move it. It is not recommended, but it is possible.

  8. I AM in need of a new heat pump condenser for 2100 sf home, partial 2 story with little wall insulation. I’m looking at the 3 ton 16 seer unit and wondering if thus is right? Also, I don’t know your products and Im trying to find reviews.

    1. Proper HVAC unit sizing depends on many factors. The best way to know what you need is by having a Manual J heat load calculation performed on your home. You can find reviews of MrCool products on Amazon, IWAE, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other major online retailers.

  9. Is there any way to turn DOWN the brightness on the code display window of the Mr Cool 12K DIY unit? It is so bright, it makes it hard to sleep at night.

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