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Presenting the MRCOOL Cool Blade, the Perfect Fan for Any Large Space

  • October 8, 2020
  • By MR COOL

Have you ever wondered what a humpback whale and our new Cool Blade Industrial Fans have in common? No? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. 

Tubercles! Have you ever noticed the bumps on the front of a whale’s fin? That’s a tubercle. They increase lift and reduce drag, making the whale much faster and more agile than expected, essentially helping it to cut through water. 

We applied that same principle to our fan blades using a waved design to increase aerodynamic performance, and boom! That allows the MRCOOL Cool Blade Industrial Fan to move a greater air volume than many other industrial fans and, on average, keep whatever space it’s in 10 degrees cooler as a result.

Taking Comfort for a Spin

Two big side effects of the Cool Blade’s air handling abilities are reduced humidity and the suppression of outside heat. 

For example, imagine your space is a warehouse or a factory that has wide, open doors. That’s a common design. It’s convenient for logistics, but lets in a lot of heat. Our Cool Blade helps keep that heat out. 

As large as this fan is, the Tubercle Blades™ are surprisingly silent and steady. The ridges on the front as well as the max angle of 21° help the Cool Blade to counter wingtip stall. Stall is what makes most fans noisy and shaky. Even our 24’ fan, which has the power to cover around 24,750 square feet, is so quiet that you might have to watch it spin to see if it’s on!

Even though it may just look like a larger version of a normal fan, the Cool Blade Industrial Fan is technologically advanced! It uses a Nord®️ DC motor, which lets the Cool Blade meet your exact demands. The fan is controlled via a Honeywell control box, allowing you to precisely manage the speed of the Cool Blade and maximize your energy savings.

That’s not to say that you won’t already save money with the Cool Blade from the second you install it! Our industrial fan only uses 1.5 kWh, which is less than a hair dryer uses in an hour! And you won’t have to worry about paying a technician to come by and maintain the unit very often, because inspection is recommended only every 20,000 hours of run time.

Safety is our highest priority when it comes to giant, spinning metal objects attached to the ceiling. Our Cool Blade uses reinforced fasteners, safety clips and connectors, steel wire safety cables, an anti-falling expansion sleeve, electrical overload protection, and more to ensure that you’ll be as safe as you are cool.

What If Something Happens Before Then?

Calling our technicians is the first step if you suspect that something is wrong with your Cool Blade Industrial Fan. In case the unit breaks or fails between installation and the recommended 833 days before inspection, we offer a two year warranty for the motor and a lifetime warranty for the blades.

You’ll Be a Fan of MRCOOL for Life

Perfect for any number of large locations, our industrial fan will noticeably help the indoor climate of any warehouse, gym, machine shop, barn, or other big building. When you need a huge amount of space to be cooled, nothing’s going to do it better than our MRCOOL Cool Blade Industrial Fan.

4 thoughts on “Presenting the MRCOOL Cool Blade, the Perfect Fan for Any Large Space”

  1. Good morning, my name is Luis Torres. I am from south Texas and I am interested in how to become a distributer or dealer for Mr. Cool products. If you could reach me at cell 956-878-9613 or [email protected]


    Luis torres

  2. You mention that bumps are added to the fan blade to allow it to effortlessly glide thru the air…well, that works totally against how a fan pushes air. A fan pushes air, not by GLIDING THROUGH IT, but by PUSH IT! ie. Exactly opposite of gliding thru it. There must be “resistance”…a whale isn’t trying to move water, it’s trying to glide they the water. A fan shouldn’t be trying to glide thru air…it should be trying to PUSH air. Therefore, your addition of bumps are working against what you want out of a fan.

    1. The bumps across the blades help to make the fan more aerodynamic, which reduces drag and assists in increasing the amount of air it moves, and it increases its efficiency, so you can run it longer for less. Since it moves so much better than a regular fan that just bluntly hits the air, it has more lift and its much quieter than other fans with a more basic design. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, the tubercles help to make this fan more effective and more efficient.

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