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Precharged Line Sets Are For Real, Right?

  • October 19, 2016
  • By MR COOL

Precharged line sets aren’t a new innovation in the HVAC industry, but they’re not exactly widespread either. When we tell people our MRCOOL DIY line sets do not need to be vacuumed down, plenty of installers out there, professional or otherwise, just don’t believe it. But, hey, don’t take my word for it!

Precharged Line Sets Are the Real Deal

A picture is worth a thousand words, so a YouTube video has to be worth at least a novel, right? Check out the comments in our 2nd-generation DIY install video and you’ll find plenty of folks who don’t quite believe. If you don’t want to take the time, then I’ll sum up the highlights for you.

So with this unit u don’t vacuum the line?” – Cesar Aburto

no vaccuming?” – Luigi Urbina

I just purchased one I don’t need to vacuum my line????” – EL Camaron

So, Are Precharged Line Sets Real or What?


We here at MRCOOL did not invent pre-charged line sets. They’ve been around for years, but were mainly confined to the modular and mobile home market. That might be one reason why so many people have not heard of them. Don’t worry! Pre-charged line set technology proved itself years ago.  Basically, all we’re doing is applying them in an innovative way.

Innovative How?

One or two manufacturers have used a version of pre-charged line sets on ductless mini-split units before, but we are proud to say that no one has taken it as far as we have. The MRCOOL DIY 2nd-generation Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pump is truly cutting edge technology. Our unique approach makes line sets easy and safe to handle. Best of all, any smart homeowner can put one of our DIY units up in a few hours with no specialized tools.

It’s like they’re comfort made simple or something.

486 thoughts on “Precharged Line Sets Are For Real, Right?”

  1. We installed our DIY 12k system earlier this year but our room configuration has changed and we need to move the inside unit around the corner to a different wall. (Our compressor will not need to be moved.) How easy should it be do this without having to recharge the unit?

    1. Moving the DIY air handler is possible. Special care would need to be taken to ensure all the valves were properly closed before any lines were disconnected.

  2. We had a small leak and it is now fixed but outside coils are frosting over (low Freon). We need to charge the systems but I can’t find the charge pressures anywhere in the manuals.

  3. I install mini split and LADBS inspector told me that inside unit is close to gas stove. What is standard distance of any major heating source to the unit? Length and width?

    1. We do not recommend installing a mini-split near any source of heat, steam, or combustible gas. We do not have a standard distance. We recommend installation in accordance with local codes and regulations.

  4. Will I lose any refrigerant if I use the line set couplers when putting them together prior to my final hook up to both my air handlers and condenser? I’m putting extensions on three of my air handlers back to the condenser.

    thank you,

  5. I recently bought two 24k advantage series units. My question is, can you buy the pre charged lineset and use them instead of the uncharged lineset they came with?

  6. Where can I find the proper procedure to relocating the preprimed lines version of the mr cool? I’m about to install the system but plan to move it in a few months.

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