New Universal Units Soon!

  • May 28, 2021
  • By MR COOL

Do you love the MRCOOL Universal 20 SEER DC Inverter Unitary central heating and air conditioning system? Do you wish that you could more easily fit the Universal into a split system with a furnace? Or perhaps you would like to install the Universal into a mobile or manufactured home? If so, then you’re in luck!

We are now happy to introduce to the public the addition of the Universal Cooling-Only Condenser, the Universal High ESP Air Handler, and the Universal A-Coil to the Universal Series! All these awesome units are coming to dealers near you this summer 2021!

Universal Cooling-Only Condenser

The Universal Cooling-Only Condenser has been designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. With its compact side-discharge design, this Universal condenser ideal for places where limited space is a factor. It also offers different options when it comes to installing and connecting the refrigerant piping. These include soldering, flared-screw connections, or the MRCOOL signature No-Vac, Quick-Connect Line Set, for DIY installers or those who want to simplify and shorten the installation process. The Universal Cooling-Only Condenser comes complete with multiple safeguards that protect and monitor the unit to help ensure safe and smooth operation over the life of the system. All of this in a unit that is capable of a 20 SEER rating.

Universal High ESP Air Handler

The new Universal High-ESP Air Handler has been designed for use in high static pressure applications such as a manufactured or mobile home, or in a system that has restrictions in the ductwork which would place a strain on a conventional air handler not rated for high external static pressure. This air handler is equipped with a powerful and efficient DC fan motor that includes a fan with blades that are designed for quiet operation while still providing dynamic performance. The unit is capable of reaching a maximum static pressure of 250Pa. It offers multiple installation positions (vertical, horizontal left, or horizontal right) for an easy fit into many applications. The Universal High-ESP Air Handler also uses a durable metal filter that is both easy to clean and corrosion resistant to ensure it has a long service life.

Universal A-Coil

The Universal A-Coil is a versatile and adaptable option for your home comfort. It can be paired with other Universal units or as a replacement for an outdated, ineffective A-coil in your current system. The Universal A-Coil offers quieter operation and quick installation than many competitor models. It also features a liquid pipe designed to guard against excessive condensation. That could save you from costly property damage. It is equipped with multiple safeguards including protection against, high-pressure, high-discharge temperature, overload, IPM, and PFC in order to ensure effective and efficient operation for the life of the unit.

Want to Know More?

Do you want to know more about these new and amazing Universal Series central air options? You can reach out to us via phone at 270-366-0457 or leave a question below!

31 thoughts on “New Universal Units Soon!”

  1. I have been looking at your complete system ac units at Lowes, Where is this equipment made and who manufactures it for you? Thanks , Alan

    1. Depending on model, MRCOOL products are manufactured in the United States, Canada, and locations in East Asia.

  2. I skimmed though the installation instructions on my Model MDU018048060
    Condensing Unit where I remember reading about the compressor could rotate in the wrong direction. Could that damage the compressor ? How do you Phase the wiring to prevent this from happening ?
    I haven’t been able to find that place in the instructions sense. Please direct me to that
    place in the instructions.
    Thank you for your assistance !

  3. Can I run a DIY multi unit (12k and 12k) 27K BTU ac condenser having only installed one 12k unit? I will not be able to install the 2nd unit for several weeks.

    1. No, we would not recommend operating the condenser with less than 50% of operational capacity connected.

      1. May I ask why it needs 50% capacity if it is a multi? One would think multi would be designed from a single to full capacity thus allowing less than 50% capacity.

        1. The multi-zone condenser must have sufficient coil capacity and lineset length to absorb the refrigerant flow and pressures developed by the compressor.

  4. I need a new AC and have An old gas furnace that still works. I was thinking of a universal split to work with my gas as backup. No one here in Greensboro NC sells your system. Where can I get one? What do you recommend?

  5. Hi

    I have been trying to find a Mr Cool third generation DIY with dual head from any of your suppliers in around a 3 ton model with 25 foot line sets. I have a home with 2 floors about 1000 square feet. I like model number DIYM236HPW03BK2. I have been unsuccessful in finding anyone that can sell me a product similar to this. Can you please contact me and tell me where I can order what I am looking for?

    Thank you


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