Nest Eggs and Thermostats

  • November 6, 2014
  • By MR COOL

Let me tell you about thermostats. Yes, I know, a thermostat isn’t exactly the most exciting home feature, but it’s a lot more important to home energy efficiency than you may realize. A modern programmable thermostat could save the average homeowner about 20% or more every year on their utility bill. Most people don’t save this money.


The answer is pretty easy. Most modern programmable thermostats are not very user-friendly. The average homeowner doesn’t realize how much they could be saving, so they never take the time to figure out their complicated thermostat controls. Which brings me to the Nest thermostat.

Nest is amazing. The Nest thermostat has all the capability of a programmable thermostat, but is built with user-friendliness in mind. All you have to do with a Nest thermostat is use it like you do your regular thermostat. Over time, the Nest thermostat learns your habits, and programs itself to improve household energy efficiency.

This is the MrCool blog, so you might be wondering what our ductless mini-split systems have to do with the Nest thermostat. Nest isn’t just a thermostat developer, they’re interested in making our homes smarter and more energy efficient through partnerships with other companies which is why they have the Nest Developer Program. The program is designed to promote interactivity between all the systems in a modern home regardless of manufacturer, and we’re proud to say that we’re a part of this ‘cool’ initiative.

So, what’s coming up between MrCool and Nest? There are a lot of ideas on the drawing board, and, let me just say, the future is going to be a very smart place.

Unless aliens invade. No guarantees if that happens.

14 thoughts on “Nest Eggs and Thermostats”

        1. Not yet. The new Smart Controller will enable functionality with Google Assist. Nest compatibility is supposed to be available later in 2019.

          1. Hi, still wondering if that compatibility is there yet? What about the ductless systems are not compatible with Nest, or ecobee, etc? Wouldn’t we just wire from the heat pump to the Nest unit, like a traditional HVAC system?

          2. Unfortunately, it is not. Which is why we came out with our MiniStat, a smart thermostat for our ductless units. It is fully integrated with our ductless systems and our app.

  1. Hi, was about to buy a Mr Cool system to leverage dual fuel control with my Nest and gas furnace. What is the issue preventing integration with Nest? Not sure why you guys would create a whole new thermostat instead of just working with their developer program like you literally guaranteed outside of alien invasion above?

    1. All of our conventional systems are compatible with the Nest thermostat. We were hoping to be able to make it work with our ductless systems, but haven’t been able to put that together yet.

    1. Any updates per Mike’s question?? I’m in the same boat trying to get this rebate… And have it be integrated with my oil.

  2. So, it’s now Jul 2023. Might I inquire what the best route for adding a new split unit (1 or 2 zones) to a house which mostly has functional central a/c and heat? Only need split for cooling. We have an ecobee for the central which does loads of need things with scheduling.

    Is there a way, nowadays, to do that thru the ecobee? There is an ecobee temp sensor near where the split will be put (far end of a u-shaped house with the central unit on the opposite end.

    1. It depends on how you’re trying to add zoned cooling to your home. Is this central heating and cooling? If so, we don’t make central products specifically designed for zoning. If you were to get a multi-zone DIY Ductless Mini-Split, then it would work well! The only issue is that you couldn’t use an external or wired thermostat.

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