MrCool’s Very Cool Videos

  • November 6, 2014
  • By MR COOL

Are you questioning how to install a MrCool DIY ductless mini-split because of your home’s brick exterior?

MrCool has a video for that.

Do you want to know how to connect your ductless mini-split to Amazon Alexa?

MrCool has a video for that.

Does intalling the MrCool Smart Controller intimidate you?

MrCool has a video for that, too.

In today’s competitive market, anyone who’s buying anything likes to really do their research on products before committing to a purchase. This means looking at reviews and sometimes even watching videos of the products at work. The MrCool marketing team does a great job keeping those customers in mind, spreading knowledge about the facts and features of MrCool products and taking a lot of the guesswork out of what comes with owning a MrCool heating and cooling system. From installations to product unboxing to good old-fashioned HVAC humor, MrCool has a channel full of videos for all questions and viewing needs.

Do you have a MrCool video idea that hasn’t already been done? Leave MrCool a comment below.

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