Our MRCOOL Signature Series Has Arrived

  • December 12, 2017
  • By MR COOL

The MRCOOL Signature Series is our latest line of home heating and air conditioning products. These are effective and efficient home air comfort system. They deliver economic value both before and after the purchase. So, let’s dive in.

MRCOOL Signature Series Products

Central Air Conditioner Condenser

A condenser is the heart of many home HVAC systems. Make sure your system beats on time with a MRCOOL Signature Series Central Air Conditioner Condenser. And while it’s always an ideal match for a quality MRCOOL air handling unit, this condenser also features a microtube refrigeration system, R-410A refrigerant, scroll compressor, filter drier, and 10-year warranty.

Central Heat Pump Condenser

Energy efficient heat pump condensers provide cost-effective and comfortable heating and cooling. When it comes to heat pumps, we recommend a MRCOOL Signature Series Central Heat Pump Condenser. These 14 SEER efficient systems feature aluminum micro-channel heat exchangers, high efficiency scroll compressors, eco-safe R-410A refrigerant, lifetime technical support, and a 10-Year Warranty.

Multi-Speed Gas Furnace

For winter heating power, nothing beats high efficiency gas. Make sure you stay warm and cozy with a new MRCOOL Signature Series Multi-Speed Gas Furnace. Especially valuable, this home system features multiposition installation capability, and serious, long term warranty protection. In addition, some models can reach 95% AFUE performance.

High Efficiency Air Handler

The MRCOOL Signature Series High Efficiency Air Handler matches perfectly with a comparably sized MRCOOL heat pump or air conditioner condenser. Built to impress, this low maintenance unit comes standard with long-life rifled tubes and aluminum fin coils for 14 SEER performance and R-410A refrigerant. Properly configured, there’s no better partner for a good condenser than this air handler.

Multiposition Evaporator Coil

Our MRCOOL Signature Series Multiposition Evaporator Coil is the flexible, adaptable, and versatile coil you need for your next home HVAC installation. Designed for vertical or horizontal installation flexibility, this unit uses only environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. It also features a factory-installed TXV, 14 SEER compatible performance, a 20-Year Registered Parts Warranty, and a 5-Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Heat Pump Package Unit

When it comes to ease of installation, few competitor products can match the MRCOOL Signature Series Heat Pump Package Unit. This is a superior efficiency, 14.5 SEER performer with a sophisticated compressor and aerodynamic fan blade design.  All parts are housed in a single, durable and easy to install corrosion-resistant cabinet. Consequently, for convenience and performance, this unit is a dream come true.

Central Air Conditioner & Gas Split System

The MRCOOL Signature Series Central Air Conditioner & Gas Split System is a complete solution for heating, cooling, ventilating, and dehumidifying. Because it combines a quality condenser, efficient evaporator coil, and powerful gas furnace, it provides total comfort in any season. Most important of all, it features 14 SEER, 80% AFUE, and a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

Central Air Conditioner & Gas Package Unit

Designed for horizontal or downflow configurations, the MRCOOL Signature Series Central Air Conditioner & Gas Package Unit is a powerful and easy to install home HVAC solution. It features a fully self-contained combo gas heating and electric cooling unit, high efficiency compressor, and eco-safe refrigerant. As a result, this is a great option for a lot of homeowners.


You can check out our Signature Series products online or find out more from your local dealer.

29 thoughts on “Our MRCOOL Signature Series Has Arrived”

  1. We have a 6000 SQ Foot Retail Shop which also has a separate Main Garage Bay, a back office with separated break room, and a small 1 bedroom apartment above.

    We have high ceilings in the retail space as well as a portion of the main garage bay. We have electric and gas in the building. The gas is currently hooked up to a couple old (Approximately 15 to 20 year old) shop style heaters that are very inefficient both for gas and electricity.

    We have no AC.

    The issue currently with the space we have is during the winter when the heat was on it would not heat the shop evenly and half the garage bay missed out on any of the heat.

    The apartment has a small gas fireplace also very inefficient. No AC. The office and break room have no heat or AC.

    With the size of the building and the multitude of places we are not sure if your system would work for us. The company that came to us wanted to hang expensive ductless systems inside the shop that are internal use at a cost of well over $30,000

    For us that is more than over priced but setting up something for all of these different zones and some of the areas do not have any access to outside walls for the units I have reviewed so far would not be feasible.

    Can you provide us with an option that would give us the best bang for our buck. A lot of this type of work can require exhaustive permitting so we are trying to reduce cots the best we can and find the best system for our situation.

    1. That is a very large space that would require significant investment to provide effective heating and cooling. The fact that not all areas have access to outside walls for easy ductless installation further complicates the issue. For a space that large and complex, it is very hard for us to provide sound advice without being there. The best advice we could give would be to get a second and maybe a third opinion on the cost to heat and cool the area.

  2. I have an insulated 2400sf shop with 15ft walls. 2200sf is open and there is a 10x20sf office area that is separate but I am not worried as much about it as it is easier to do something for. There are no windows, just some insulated garage doors 12×12 and a 36″ walk in door. But they are closed the vast majority of the time. Was thinking of two of your DIY on each side of the shop(40×60′), and I am worried more about cooling than heat right now for better use in the summer. I have some great wall fans which help move air, but if I could cool it some, it would make summer work that much better. Can you make a suggestion on what you would think would be a good solution(s).



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