MrCool, Is It Really Actually DIY?

  • December 15, 2014
  • By MR COOL

People send me all sorts of questions via the Internets. One big question that keeps coming up is about the MrCool DIY. DIY stands for do-it-yourself. My first idea was to call it the MrCool Easy-To-Install-At-Home-By-Yourself-Or-Maybe-With-A-Friend, but the marketing department shot down that idea. Apparently, the MrCool ETIAHBYOMWAF is not as catchy as MrCool DIY.

Sorry, I got distracted there. The question is this: “Is the MrCool DIY really easy to install?”

The answer is: YES.

The MrCool DIY is our most unique ductless mini-split heat pump, because our engineers, and me, designed it to be easy for the regular person to install all by themselves. There are a minimum of fiddly parts to worry about, precharged linesets to simplify the coolant connections, and, of course, it’s light for easy handling.

With the MrCool DIY, you really can do it yourself.

I know you’re skeptical. You’re probably thinking, “Gosh, I sometimes screw up microwave popcorn, can I really do this installation myself?” Rest easy, my radioactive friend, because anyone can install the MrCool DIY.

During the design stage, we hired 100 idiots to moron-proof the MrCool DIY. Aside from the one unfortunate fatality, they did great. 99 MrCool DIY ductless mini-split heat pumps were installed in only a few hours. How did we find 100 actual idiots for that test?

Craigslist, duh.

23 thoughts on “MrCool, Is It Really Actually DIY?”

  1. MrCool doesn’t seem to have a way for you to contact them. I’m looking for an authorized installer for the Advantage system that I can purchase from a home repair store but they send the ac people who want to replace my traditional system for lots more. Why can’t I contact MrCool directly? Can I trust a product where I can’t find support? Should I pay thousands for a unit and then hope I can get someone to install because they have pity on us?

  2. I don’t have room on an external wall to install a mini split DIY unit. Does it have to be installed where the wires etc can go directly outside? How much distance is needed from other walls?

    1. The lines and wiring do not have to immediately go outside. Air handlers can be installed on internals walls. The line sets available for the DIY are 16′ and 25′. Coupler kits are also available to connect lines together for additional length.

  3. Must the compressor for a dual mimisplit have 72” clear to the front? Is there any wiggle room (absolute minimum allowance? Also, can the line sets be angled 45 degrees upon exiting the exterior on its way to the compressor?

    1. The usual requirement for a multi-zone condenser is 79 inches of clearance in front of the unit. The unit would activate and function if you installed it with less clearance, but that could negatively impact long term performance. A 45 degree angle would not generally be recommended.

  4. Dear Mr Cool Bear,
    Your 9000 BTU split mini is looking very attractive for my off-grid tiny house. I’m having trouble finding any interior wall space, however — 28.43″ x 11.42″ x 7.36″, plus air gaps, is a relatively big paw print in the tiny house world! Can the indoor blower be installed on the ceiling? I would not be using the dehumidifier at all (this is a very dry summer climate). Just cooling. Condenser outside is no problem as far as I can see. Thanks a grrrrr.

    1. Unfortunately, you can’t install the MRCOOL DIY air handler on the ceiling. We do have ceiling cassettes that would work. They’re not do-it-yourself, but they would fit your installation.

  5. Before I start, I now realize you must read everything VERY carefully…owners manual, web sites,etc, and I was trying to get as much done before the machine arrived as possible to shorten the setup time…by the time I ordered this we already were seeing temps forecast in the 105+ range. So that said, I did find it disappointing that there were so many things that seemed like they should be included (or stated) but weren’t. Such as, it seems to me in retrospect, that there should be clear notes that there are several tasks that should be done PRIOR to the arrival of your machine…like the installation of the A/C shutoff switch….yes I did find the comment finally, but too late. Maybe a special list of just such things? In the long run, between a few friends and YouTube I did indeed do the entire project DIY, but there was a lot of swearing along the way. Another item, I found it interesting (disappointing) that the mounting template isn’t even close to matching up with standard stud spacing, at least in California. Because I didn’t trust the skimpy little wall anchors you included, I did some more major work…cutting into the drywall and adding 2″ X 4″ supports. Happily I was able to hide all behind the machine. On YouTube, some videos (maybe NOT from anyone corporate) show people pulling various tools, seemingly, out of the shipping box (like twice I saw the 3″ hole saw). Anyway, just my thoughts, and as I said I am happy with it!

    1. Electrical work should be performed by a qualified electrician. You can install the DIY without the assistance of an HVAC professional, though!

  6. My DIY unit installed easy and has worked great for nearly 4 years. Now the inside units freezing over though. We’ve checked outside no condenser obstruction. Inside, the removeable filter is clean. My husband wonders if it’s leaking/needs more refrigerant. I’ve left you guys a message on your warranty line – what do I do? Call a normal HVAC company? It’s still under warranty. Please help!

    1. It could be low refrigerant. Getting a local company to evaluate the unit would be a good next step.

  7. Presently have a 3.5 to 4 ton standard unit installed r22.
    The old line set is approx 75 feet long with a vertical run of 24 feet.
    I Want to use my existing line set..
    My question is can I use it with my present lenght of runs and vertical rise?

    1. That would depend on the new unit that you’re installing. That line set would most likely not be compatible with our DIY mini-split system.

  8. Question I just purchased a Mr Cool for my sunroom the only problem is I have only one wall to mount the unit all the rest is glass. Can I go straight down in the wall behind the unit or can I bring the lines out one side and mount to the wall itself and exiting through the floor to mount the lines under deck to compressor.

    1. There are knockouts in the air handler’s casing that allow you to route the line set to the right of the unit (when you are facing the front of the unit).

  9. Query. What is the decibel rating on MrCool mini split inverter heat pump, 4 ton 48,000 BTU for quad head zones?
    On Home Depot’s site it says 65 dBA.
    Somewhere in MrCool I noted 61 dBA.
    My city zoning limits it to 61 dBA in side yard area.
    So if 65 dBA, I will need to skip consideration fo MrCool.
    If 61 dBA, can you please provide link to technical specs confirming this?

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