Why I, MrCool, Am the Best

  • December 15, 2014
  • By MR COOL

In case you don’t know, I’m Magnus Cool, owner, founder, and fearless leader of MrCool.com. I want to tell you why my company, MrCool, manufactures the best ductless mini-split heat pumps on the market.

I don’t want to go on too long, so I just made you a quick list.

  • MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps have both heating AND cooling capabilities.
  • They are built for energy efficiency, saving you money.
  • They are eco-safe thanks to R-410A refrigerant.
  • All mini-split units are packed with cool features like MrCool smart controller, sleep mode, low ambient cooling, multiple system protections, and more.
  • MrCool manufactures the only true do-it-yourself ductless mini-split with amateur installers in mind, thanks to its pre-charged refrigerant lines.
  • The MrCool min-split line has a unit for all your home’s needs, from single zone to multi-zone heating and cooling.

For more information about MrCool ductless mini-splits and all of their “cool” features, be sure to check out our video gallery here.

44 thoughts on “Why I, MrCool, Am the Best”

  1. My name is George Di Flora i purchased a 4 ton unit from Ingream heating and cooling almost 12 months ago and I have had nothing but trouble with it, ingreams will not return my calls I have spent thousands of dollars and hsve gone through 4 geo hvac cominey trying to get someone to make this unit run , can you send a repair person that can trouble shout this unit. I am in South East ohio my number is 5134052565

      1. Yes hello I install two of your products they are both split systems 2ton 2.5 ton both of them I have to go back to I got a high pressure switch lockout and both of them how to do a reset and it’s been called a couple times
        Why am I get that high pressure switch fault I have installed to hear a ductless systems no problem at all there !
        Williams HVAC

  2. I’ve installed to your products 2 ton and 2 1/2 ton both were split systems I was just change out always got to go back because I got
    High pressure switch for what’s going on with that

    Williams HVAC INC

  3. It would be great if Mr Cool would come up with a 4 and 5 zone ceiling cassette unit. I love that its here in USA.

  4. I bought a diy 36000 btu mini split about 3 years ago, worked great until I got a F0 code 2weeks ago sent a email twice with no response. Called and left a message finally got a call back and when I answered no one on the other end. Tried to call back all I got was user busy this happened twice. All I can say is your customer service sucks. I will never buy any of your products in the future and will give your company bad reviews wherever I can. Your welcome.

    1. We apologize for this. Our phone lines were acting faulty last week, so that may be the reason that the calls dropped if you were contacted in the last week. I can have someone reach out to you via email.

  5. Mr. Cool,
    Seeking your help and advice.
    We are a small 200 year old single room church 30×40 with11’6” ceiling and 8 windows and 3 doors. There is no insulation in the walls, floor or ceiling. The church has been rewired.
    What type of system should we be looking at?
    Thank you.
    Dean Breest

    1. Ductless mini-splits generally work well in historic buildings, since those buildings were not designed with ductwork in mind. We would recommend you take a look at a multi-zone ductless heat pump system.

  6. Hi, I am building a 21ft x 21ft sunroom in Atlanta Georgia. Vaulted ceiling, Lots of windows on three of the walls and a couple of skylight. All will be will insulated and double pane windows have low E glass.
    I am looking at your 12,000btu mini split but wondering if I should go 18,000btu.
    Please advise if you can.
    Much appreciated!

    1. Based on square footage, a 12k might be a good fit for this space, especially since your room and windows will be well-insulated. A 12k BTU system will typically cover around 500 square feet. One thing to consider, though, is that it can get extremely warm in Atlanta, as I’m sure you’re aware. Since climate can affect the size you need, it might be a good idea to size up to an 18k BTU mini-split, which can typically cover spaces around 750 square feet.

  7. I have a 1.5 year old 12,000 btu Mr Cool mini-split. According to my HVAC repair person the blower motor has to be replaced. While the unit still heats without the blower it does not come close to heating my room addition. I’m having to supplement with 2 electric heaters. Unfortunately, two weeks of calls and emails to Mr. Cool support have gone unanswered. I’ve found a replacement motor through a third party supplier. I thought maybe leaving a negative comment here may get me some action and a response. I’ll give it another day or two then I plan to share my story with every online source available.

  8. I bought and installed a Mrcool 20seer unit from Ingrams that worked well for about 4 months. Then it died just after Christmas while it was 20 degrees here of course. Called and HVAC tech to check it out and he found a cracked pipe in the outside unit that leaked all the Freon out. The tech soldered the unit, recharged it and charged me 600 bucks for the call. This time it’ worked for about an hour and hasn’t worked since. It just blows cool air at a low fan. Ingrams won’t return my calls and neither has your tech department. Not impressed with you, the unit, or Ingrams.

  9. I have a 18k diy in my garage. The outside unit will randomly defrosting the outside cool. About every three or four day. So I have to put it in air conditioner mode to defrost it. Otherwise it’s a chunk of ice outside. This unit was installed October of 2020. And I have had this problem since it was new. Especially when it’s 30 degrees and high humidity. Otherwise unit works great

  10. Hi Magnus, my name is David Ruozi, Sr., I live in Marana, AZ., a good testing hell hole for your units. I recently purchased and installed a 27K dual zone DIY mini split system, with 18K & 9K air handlers, one for my shop and one for my mancave, the system works great, I’m very impressed with it so far. I have a minor issue with the 9K air handler, seems the fan is hitting or rubbing on something inside and to the left side of the air handler, I’ve notified your customer service team and Techs, and they are on it, I asked for and they are going to send me another 9K air handler, they told me I could disconnect the pre-charged line set from the air handler and reconnect it to the new air handler without losing it’s charge as long as I shut off the main discharge from the pump and the manifold line the 9K line set is connected to, that would be great if I could reuse the line set, however I remember reading that these pre-charged line sets use a compression seal and once they are first tightened down they cannot be reused, is this correct Magnus?, if so they’ll also have to send me a 16′ pre-charged line set with the 9K air handler. I have a recommendation, make a line set that you “can” reuse, supply new compression seals with it that can be taken out and replaced by anyone. I also would like to see you and your company develop retro fit whole home dc inverter pump systems to replace the York 4 ton ac pump gas/pac system I have now, it cost us a fortune to run in the hear we have here, I’ll let you try it out on my home for free, ha-ha, think about it though, you’d sell a lot of them, the dc inverter pumps save lots of energy cost, my mini split system is already saving us $$, thank you Magnus, keep up the good work.
    David, Sr.

    1. If you’re proceeding with the guidance of tech support, you should be fine. Thank you for your suggestion! And you might like to find out that we do have a central DC inverter heat pump split system! It’s called the Universal! Check out more information on it at https://mrcooluniversal.com/.

      1. HI MRCOOL, your 27K BTU dual mini split system is working great, to follow up on your reply to my earlier message, another great use for your DC inverter heat pumps is in the RV market for roof mounted RV AC units. The ones used now use way to much electrical power and cost a small fortune to run, if you get into this market with your DC inverter technology I’ll be glad to be the first to try them out on our RV which has two AC units, thank you.

  11. Hello
    I purchased a 36000 ,4 zone . My 18000 indoor unit makes a noise , but not all the time . I have called and did email , but no reply . I call every day for a week so far . I guess I will have to file a complaint with the BBB . This is a very poor way to do business . If I have would known this is the way you do business , I would not have purchased from you .
    I do feel the fan motor is the problem , but not sure . I just installed this in Feb 22 2022 .

  12. G’day…
    We purchased your 18K DIY last year and so far are greatly pleased with the unit. The question I have is that when the louvers move up and down I can hear a noticeable “ratcheting” sound as from the gearing mechanism. I don’t remember it making any sound when first installed. Should I apply some lubricant to the ends of the louvers or is this normal?


    1. While it should not be a concern in regards to performance, if you find that applying a lubricant assists stops the sound, then it should be fine.

  13. I purchased a Mcool unit thru Ingram’s in Feb 02 with the intent of and install in April when it warms up. Very professional knowledgeable sales professional . Gary Scott. Unpacked boxes to get a look at components. Shipped UPS. All good except one fitting on line set was a little sloppy not a deal breaker. In checking out reviews before purchasing seems that a lot of pride in Company and staff. I emailed the problem with pictures. Within half and hour was contacted informed a ticket was sent to sales. He called me all taken care of would be receive a new 25′ line set(255.00) free of charge and keep the other line set. And thank you for your business. Gary Scott, and all the are excellent. Carl

  14. hi,

    we are considering the 12000 btu, 115 volt unit for use in an RV with lithium ion batteries.
    we can calculate the wattage of course, w = a x v, but would appreciate some kind of real world numbers. but that I mean, from a cold start, should we expect the unit to draw 20 amps at 2300 watts?

    what, please, and I understand that this all depends on the environment, but what kind of “normal” range might we see when the unit is in use?

    we are in north central florida, so while it is still florida and 80s temps are normal, we are not down south, either.

    many thanks.


  15. Hi,
    I am in process of building an RV garage here in the Phoenix, AZ area and looking to install a couple of mini-splits. I have had a couple of a/c companies come out and give quotes for 2 24k BTU units saying that that would be more than enough cooling for an RV garage. Looking at an a/c BTU calculator it shows that I would need larger units, should I listen to the professionals or the calculator?
    The garage is 1803 sq/ft with 14.5 foot high ceilings. There are 2 6’x6′ windows that face north and of course an RV garage door(13’x16′) that faces to the west as well as an 8’x12′ pass through garage door that faces east, both garage doors will be insulated. Garage will be insulated with spray foam insulation.

    1. The professionals most likely performed a Manual J load calculation, which takes all factors that can affect the size of the unit you need into account. We would recommend two 24k units, as well. These units typically cover around 1,000 square feet in a temperate environment, so it seems like they would work well when you consider the other factors that you listed. Check out https://mrcooldiy.com/ for more information!

  16. Purchased a DIY 24,000 BTU 20 seer ductless mini split with wireless enabled smart controller. Unit worked great for the summer after initial install. Early fall worked well as a heat pump until the snow arrived. This spring the unit would not heat or cool. Professional HVAC company investigated the issue. Found major pipe failure inside the compressor unit. Obvious factory defect in piping or assembly.

    I’ve made no less than 15 calls to all the extensions at Mr. Cool. Does anyone answer the phone in customer service or do all incoming calls dump to voicemail to be lost forever? CAN SOMEONE PICK UP THE PHONE?

    1. I just found out the there was sever storm in the Mr Cool headquarters area back in December of 2021. While I do apologize for not knowing about the tragic weather incident.

      If you’d be willing to add something to the voicemail message it might identify why there is no customer support or minimal customer support.

    2. We apologize for this. Would you mind sending a reliable contact number and your name so that I can relay it to the service team? This information will not be made public.

  17. We’re having the same issues as so many who’ve commented. No one returns calls. Our unit worked great when new last July. It couldn’t keep up in January but it was pretty cold. We opted to turn it off for the winter. Then, in late April, it won’t heat. No one returns calls, nor emails. Techs up here aren’t sure how to service our unit without voiding the warranty. We’re discouraged and, to say the least, growing more frustrated with each day that passes. Please help.

    1. We apologize for this. Would you mind sending a reliable contact number and your name so that I can relay it to the service team? This information will not be made public.

  18. I have tried calling several times across several days but have not been able to reach anyone. After waiting in queue, it forces me to leave a voicemail. Can you please advise on some way to get in contact for tech support or to submit a warranty claim?

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