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Why I, MrCool, Am the Best

In case you don’t know, I’m Magnus Cool, owner, founder, and fearless leader of MrCool.com, MrCool International Enterprises, MrCool Industries of America, and a lot of other things with the name ‘MrCool’ in them. I could talk all day about my myriad life accomplishments such as my extravagant stamp collection, my ninja skills, or my inventive technological genius.

But I won’t.

What I will tell you about is why my company, MrCool, manufactures the best danged ductless mini-split heat pumps on the market. They’re really ‘cool’.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist that one.

I don’t want to go on too long, so I just made you an easy-to-read list.

  • MrCool ductless mini-split heat pumps will make you cool. Not like Travolta-grade cool, but physically cool.
  • They can make you warm too.
  • They are built for energy efficiency. What does that mean? It’s science-talk for saving money.
  • They are eco-safe thanks to R-410A refrigerant. I don’t exactly know what R-410A refrigerant is, but my engineers assured me it wouldn’t turn anyone into a frothing mutant beast.
  • All my heat pumps are packed with cool features like sleep mode, low ambient cooling, multiple system protections, and an anti-super spider gravity field.
  • MrCool brand heat pumps are guaranteed to remain docile and motionless. When the robot aliens arrive with their machine-control rays, my heat pumps will not come to life and attack you. Watch out for your toaster though.

And that’s mostly it. There’s other stuff, but I have to get to a round of golf in 20 minutes.

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