More Time, More Comfort

  • May 24, 2022
  • By MR COOL

If you love the convenience and the control that the MRCOOL Mini-Stat offers over your comfort, but it’s a pain to replace the batteries, you’ll love the news we have for you! 

The Wireless Mini-Stat has a firmware update which helps enhance its battery life. To make sure you’re not missing out on this update, follow the steps below.

  • Update your MRCOOL Smart HVAC app. 
    • Do this through the Apple App store or the Google Play Store. If you have automatic updates on, ensure that your app has been updated. The most recent update will be update 5.2.8 for Android items, and update 4.0.0 for Apple products. 
  • Add your Mini-Stat to your account on the app. 
    • When you’re on the app’s home screen, click either the “Add Device” button or the plus sign in the top right corner. You’ll be taken to a list of your devices, where you’ll see the Mini-Stat. Tap on the Mini-Stat, then follow the steps presented to you. You’ll power on the Mini-Stat, power Bluetooth capabilities on, and click the Bluetooth signal within the app to connect your phone and the thermostat. Give your Mini-Stat a name once it’s connected!
  • Update your Mini-Stat.
    • Once your Mini-Stat has been added to your account, click on its icon, and you will be alerted that it has a firmware update. This is the fabled update that will keep you in control of your comfort for much longer than before! Don’t turn off your phone while the update is in progress. Your Mini-Stat may also display a “00” reading. This is completely normal, and it will disappear once the update is complete. 

Once the Mini-Stat has finished its update, feel free to enjoy all the comfort you can, completely unimpeded by short battery life! Check out a step-by-step video guide at

10 thoughts on “More Time, More Comfort”

  1. I have a problem with my mini-stat. Once i set it up, set the temp and put it on the wall, the next time i want to change anything, all i can do is change temp. Power button and menu button wont do anything so therefore i can’t activate bluetooth to get back into with my phone. And the lock is not on

    1. Please give us a call at 270-366-0457. You may want to try to power it completely off, remove the batteries, and replace the batteries and turn it back on so as to reset it.

  2. Hello my name is John I’m 65 years old. Our home is 2200 square feet with 3 bathrooms and a kitchen and a living room that is 25 ft long by 18 ft wide. My question is should I install one large unit to do the whole house or three individual units for the living room and the two small bedrooms.
    Thank you.

    1. It may depend on what you specifically want. If you’re wanting a central system, you might be interested in a 5 ton Universal central heat pump split system, depending on factors like climate, insulation, sun exposure, and other variables. For more information on the Universal, check out If you are interested in mini-split systems, then you may want to consider a multi-zone system, depending on the square footage of the other rooms. You can find a nifty configurator to see what system would work best for you at If you were to go with a mini-split system, you would likely need more than one system.

  3. Me and my son bought a mini unit split AC 4 ac in total with 36 head fan, one of the AC is not working vat all is not responding to the control or to the telephone chip, dealings with email and phone call with Home Depot who represents them on my state NYC and Mur Cool customer service, and an advice you hascto be more than patient to deal with the watering time when you call, so far not answer, no solution for my problem, call back home Depot this morning 10:30, they promised to call the company and get vba k to me 12:49 now not signs from home depot neather

    1. We apologize greatly for your experience. Would you mind sending your name and number so that I can relay it to the service team manager? This information will not be made public.

  4. How do we remove the mini-stat from the smart HVAC app if it’s not working?

    My mini stat broke down awhile ago and i’ve since relied only on the smart controller. So i want to remove the mini-stat from my Smart HVAC app but whenever i do so, the app demands i turn the mini-stat bluetooth on. The problem is it’s broken, so i can’t turn on. Is there a way to forcibly remove the mini-stat from the app? or just reset the app so i can start over with the smart controller?


  5. Will you be supporting Apple’s native HomeKit integration instead of just Amazon Alexa and Google Home? (I know you have an iOS app but this is not Homekit.). Like millions of other homes we only use Apple Home to control things rather than dozens of different vendor apps.
    Also, most home automation development is now being done with the ‘Matter’ standards. Could you tell us if you intend for your products to be Matter compliant?

    Thank you!

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